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UpdatedOctober 2005  


ButterflyCountry Festival
Sportpark De Meerdijk, Emmen, The Netherlands
Sunday July 10th 2005
by Johanna J. Bodde



Malcolm Holcombe's music has been described as"insurgent country," a colorful if not completely satisfactory handle.His signature vocal growl and aggressive country blues guitar style doevoke the image of the outlaw troubadour, but "insurgent" has a hardring to it and Holcombe's work is anything but hardened. I Never HeardYou Knockin', his newest release, has a tender underbelly wrapped up inits tough skin.


(Clayhead,2005) Review by David Cowling 

Fromthe wild country of Chicago a collection of drinking songs that’ll getyou up out of your seat and keep you company on the morning after. Democracyis not always the best form of government and often not the best way torun a band.  However, here we have a cogent argument forproportionalrepresentation - three main songwriters, three complementary butdistinct styles and an ability to collaborate. ‘Maple Bun’ swings inold-fashioned country style, rocking like the Violent Femmes and worksthrough the Gourds indie-jugband shtick.  It would be easy enoughto beblown away by the high energy deconstructions of the various rootsgenres and the splashes of world music that spatter throughout andskate over the gentle lyrical patches like ‘afternoon’ that are likethe flashes of insight you get between realising how drunk you are,hyper-aware of your surroundings before it all goes to shit, and you doas they do on the next track ‘drinking from a dog dish sugar’.Saying alcohol plays a central role in these songs is like saying waterflows downhill. Alongside this predilection though is invention and funand good musicianship - the songs of Bob Kuhn are usually those thatdeal with more weighty concerns: ‘john Wesley hardin’ uses banjo andpiano to create a brooding atmosphere that succeeds brilliantly to givea substantial feeling to the heart of the record. At their mostauthentic as on ‘Long Decline’ they resemble Uncle Tupelo in theirability to assimilate traditional forms. ‘Henry Clay’ is anotherexample of this, the subject matter though less sombre, or sober,seeing as it is about a (drunken) mule and a leaking barrel of whiskey.The subject matter (alcohol not mules) is prominent again on ‘likkerpilla,’ a song that is as careful with itself as a man with aparticularly heavy hangover not wanting to move in case the worldbreaks. As they say ‘with liquor life tastes so good,’ coupleit with this record and your life will seem like one long party.

... ‘Get Gone’ is one of the greatest ‘glad to see the back of you’songswith its chugging rhythm and determined refrain of “Get gone/shut yourfucking mouth/be gone/you keep your whereabouts unknown”. Best of allthough is ‘Sure Uncertain’, containing all the qualities of theJayhawks at their best, mixing pop, rock and country, verses rollingalong towards gloriously uplifting choruses full of wailing harmonicaand fervently plucked banjo. Love it!!...

ChristopherStevens, Whisperin & Hollerin (UK)

A Brisbaneseven-piece with a healthy dose of alt- and trad country influences, Halfwayplay music like they were raised in the red dirt of Southwest U.S., notQueensland. From Gram Parsons to early Wilco to the modern desertcountry of Calexico, Halfway’s influences are all acertainkind of fond, Yankee musical nostalgia. Tightly played, instrumentallylayered but languid-feeling, this is nice record: calm yet searching,soulful and polished. The silky pedal steel and bluegrass-influencedbanjo is lovely, and if you’re a sucker for the evocative strains of asimple blues harp, you’ll appreciate its contributions here. Patriotsand sticklers alike might baulk at the cultural transplants that goalong with the music (good luck finding a “five and dime” in theSunshine state), but there’s real heart here.

Halfwaywith Gina Villalobos

From: Music-Eagle . “Magazinefor the Friends of Country and Western Music” Published in Hamburg ,Germany Oktober-Dezember 2004

From Texas toMontana
Bluebird Café Berlin Records CD 04-0015

JOHN SHREVEis an American who lives in Berlin . For many years he  studiedandtaught at several universities in the USA and Europe . He has beenliving and working in and around Berlin since the late seventies.

Westernmusic is his field. This CD is a trip through time and space in the oldWest. It is described with all its hard and beautiful sides inwonderful songs and stories. John Shreve doesn't write his own songs,at least there are none represented on this CD. He chose and arranged24 titles, so the CD is chock-full. With a love for detail, he has puttogether various traditionals and titles by such well-known Westernsongwriters as Andy Wilkinson or Ian Tyson. With the help of diverseBerlin musicians, not all of whom are from the country music field, hehas done a wonderful job on these songs. We hear guitar, bass, banjo,fiddle, harmonica, mandolin, dobro or even cello and accordion. Onlyvery seldom can a percussion instrument be heard.

Youwon't find drums or electric instruments. The arrangements are sparse,so that the individual titles have the sound of wide-open spaces andsolitude. And John Shreve's soft and gentle voice from the loudspeakersfits perfectly. John Shreve has also added a few brief Western poems.

Idon't want to point out any particular song because all of them arewithout exception well-done and taken together they present a wonderfulgeneral impression.

Withthis CD, John Shreve is entirely in the tradition of Michael MartinMurphy or Don Edwards. Anyone who enjoys those two will love this CD.Rarely has a CD from Germany sounded so American.

More or less as an encore there is alsothe song Walking after Midnight sung by Kay Shreve, JohnShreve's mother.

Rolf Baerenwald

Concert Review

June9th, 2005
byJohanna J. Bodde

DASHBOARD ANGEL is the new album from
Don MIchael Sampson featuring a powerful
collection of songs and some great musicians.
This fiercely independent and reclusive
songwriter/poet believes each album is a
continuing series of " musical novels."

DASHBOARD ANGEL is his ninth project.
Throughout his musical career this self-proclaimed
"anti-music business artist" has shied away from
the spotlight and in so doing has retained total
creative control over all his albums --- by writing
all the songs, producing each project, and doing
all the artwork and graphics.

DASHBOARD ANGEL --- from the opening track
"Rock and Roll Band" to the soft solo closing
acoustic track "Endless Song," he demonstrates
that he is without a doubt one of America's premier
song poets.

My very best, Jean Cramer/Red Horse Productions

Similarly impressive is this new CD of top-notchcountry-influenced rock from this Californiabased singer/songwriter.

"If you stretch yourimagination far enough, you'll be able to regardDon Michael Sampson as a country artist. But his husky, whispered stylehas more in common with musical renegades such as John Prine, LeeClayton and Townes Van Zandt." ( B.J. Cole - New Hi-Fi Sound/UK)

“FolkTroubadour Don Michael Sampson has been described by variousreviewers as having a poet’s eye, soul, and spirit. Here he paystribute to some of the poets, both lyric and visual, who have inspiredhim: Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Gauguin and VincentVan Gogh among them. Like most of Sampson’s work, it’s full of subtlemelodies, sparse guitar, and intimate story songs.” (Travis Drageset -All Music

Don Michael Sampson - Vocals,
AcousticGuitar, Electric Guitar,
Warren Haynes - Electric Guitar
Ben Keith - Pedal Steel Guitar,
Barry “Byrd’ Burton - ElectricGuitar
Frank Reckard - Electric Guitar
Chad Cromwell - Drums
Don Heffington - Drums
Clyde Brooks - Drums
Larry Knechtal - Piano
Michael Rhodes - Bass Guitar
Roly Salley - Bass Guitar
DonnaMcElroy - Vocals
ClydeneJackson - Vocals
JoyceWilson - Vocals
VickieHampton - Vocals
KimFleming - Vocals

Roots Of Heaven IV Festival
May1st, 2005
The Story
by Johanna J. Bodde

Included reviews:

SXSW 2005
Music Festival Report
now posted!


More Pics !!!

Blue Highways
Utrecht, NL
April 23, 2005

The Story
by Johanna J. Bodde

Included reviews:
Bernie Leadon
Caroline Herring
Son Volt
Tom Russell

Kelly Willis
Chuck Prophet

Louis Ledford
- Reverie -
Review by Marianne Ebertowski

John Doe
- Forever hasn't happend yet -
Review by Marianne Ebertowski

-Back to me -
Review by MarianneEbertowski

-Wicked Twisted Road -
Review by MarianneEbertowski


-I'm Wide Awake It's Morning/
DigitalAsh in a Digital Urn -
Review by MarianneEbertowski

Steve Coffey & The Lokels

32 Below Sessions

" Steve Coffey andhis critically acclaimed band “The Lokels” have raisedthe ‘prairie roots’ bar with “32 Below Sessions”, A follow-up to 2002’sEast of East Coulee.

The band once againvisits a‘live off the floor’ approach toCoffey’s lyrically charged driving songs and Honky-Tonk Balladry. Manya comparison has been made over the last few years in regards to theLokels sound, From “Woody Guthrie meets punk rock”; to “Prairie Gourds”

The truth is theirmusic continues as a uniquely western Canadian sound that holdscategorization at bay."

(Spirit RiverDistribution)



" ... Communist Country,released in October 2004,
infuses Old No. Eight's country rock roots with a thick,
dirty edge, framing the band's lyrical passion for justice with
a wildly original rock and roll sound. On tracks like
"War Profiteer" and "My American Dream," wailing guitars
wrestle with the intensity of the lyrics.
On "War On Drugs," a piano walks the line between
straight and stoned while the rhythm section crashes down
around it. The quiet and chilling "Somewhere Down The Line"
follows a flawed class system to its inevitable end..."

Old No Eight
Communist Country

"... TakeYour Tickets" is a story song. It tells
the truestory of thousands of men and women sent to fight
a war theydo not understand; a war in which they have no stake;
a warthat, no matter how succesful, they cannot possibly win.
It tellsthe true story of a government controlled by industry,
led by menwho act only in the interests of their own wealth.
It tellsthe true story of a nation forced to live in fear, with
littlehope and big shoulders..."

Official Website:

Kelly Pardekooper

Leisure Time Records(USA)
TrocaderoRecords (Europe)
Review by MarianneEbertowski

... HOTWALKERcombines original Tom Russell songs, narrative, letters fromBukowski written to Russell, and more to form a unique literary/musicalcreation. It is a compelling look at a period in American history andculture. This is Tom Russell's second foray into photographing a pieceof America's past, the first being the critically acclaimed THE MANFROM GOD KNOWS WHERE album. Packaging includes the artwork of originalTom Russell paintings...

TheBlind Robins
The Origin of the Wasteland
2004 Rolling Blackout Records

... Musically BlindRobins command a wide range of genres; from almost cowpunk-ish rockerslike "That Goddamn Herbert Hoover" and "Richard Burton" (echos of LongRyders and Sadies), straight forward CCR-like r'n'r ("Buy Sell Pawn"),Hank/Cash-ish C&W ("Matthew Hopkins Blues") to dark slow balladslike "Landscape" and "The Ruthless Phase"...
More at

Valentine Roadkill
Blue Heart Records

Ronny Elliottpossesses an old soul - a trait he expresses well through his heartworndelivery and earthy songs. Valentine Roadkill finds Elliott at his mostreserved musically and perhaps his most thoughtful lyrically, playingthe folksy storyteller over the rootsy rocker. MOJO aptly describes Elliott's styleas "craggy but literary country blues like Jerry Lee Lewis if he were abeat poet or Townes Van Zandtif he had a Phd." With tracks that may be shaded a touch darker thanhis prior releases ...
More at

Rock`N` Roll Pony

Rock'N' Roll Pony is amazing. With solid, sing-a-long hooks and sharplyrical insight, this self-penned, self-produced set stands up equallyagainst the disc's sole cover - a very worthy version of the WorldParty tune "Put The Message In The Box". It comes off extremely well,adding a rootsy edge and world-weary despair to an already amazingsong. Gina Villalobos is blessed with a resonant voice that isheartbreakingly fraught with emotion on the brink. The Nashville Scenesays "Villalobos combines the rootsy Americana of Lucinda Williams withthe straight up rock of the Stones circa 1970, wrestling with RyanAdams." (Kick Music)

David Rodriguez
TheRockzillaworld Interview
ReviewbyMarianne Ebertowski

InsurgentCountry Top Twenty 2004

01 Loretta Lynn: VanLear Rose; Interscore
02 LilaDowns - Una Sangre One Blood
03 DaveMcCann & The Ten Toed Frogs - Country Medicine (Self Released)
04 Grey DeLisle - The Graceful Ghost (Sugar Hill)
05 CharlieMusselwhite - Sanctuary
06 DaveAlvin - Ashgrove
07 TomRussell- Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs
08 TheSadies - Favourite Colours
09 V.A. -A Tribute To The Songs Of Alejandro Escovedo (OR)
10 BuddyMiller - House Of Prayer (Blue Rose)
11 SteveEarle - The Revolution Starts Now
12 JimLauderdale - Headed For The Hills (Dualtone)
13 TheRedlands Palamino Co - By The Time You Hear This (Laughing Outlaw)
14 TonyJoe White - The Heroines
15 ElizaGilkyson - Land of Milk and Honey ( Red House Recordings)
16 PattiSmith - Trampin'
17Nashville Bluegrass Band - Twenty Year Blues (Sugar Hill)
18 V.A. -Hard Headed Woman: A Celebration To Wanda Jackson (Bloodshot)
19 QueenEsther: Talkin' Fishbowl Blues, EL Records
20Tim Grimm - Names (Wind River)

Bestof Postcard2 2004

Bestof Lost Highway Germany 2004

Inthe World of Him
Review by MarianneEbertowski

Interviewwith John Townes van Zandt II
Interview by MarianneEbertowski

Talkin'Fishbowl Blues
Review by MarianneEbertowski

Lost ArtRecords

16 Previously Unreleased Songs
from the Legendary

Blaze Foley
Produced by GurfMorlix & John Casner

1. Introduction
2. Oval Room
3. My Reasons Why
5. Rainbows and Ridges
6. Wouldn't That Be Nice /
 7. ColdCold War
8. For Anything Less
9. Springtime in Uganda /
10. 20Years Introduction
11. Someday
12. Lovin' You /
13. Blaze Foley's113th Wet Dream
14. Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries
15.Ain't Got No Sweet Thing
16. Down Here Where I Am /
17. No GoodwillStores in Waikiki
18. Long Gone

acelebration of


1.CAROLYN MARK & Her Roommates
"Hot Dog"
"Sticks and Stones
"Funnel of Love"
4. ANNA FERMIN & the Trigger Gospel "The Box It CameIn"
"Right or Wrong"
6. NEKO CASE "Brown Eyed Handsome Man"
"Tears at the Grand Ol' Opry"
8. JESSE SYKES & the Sweet Hereafter
"Weary Blues from Waiting"
"This Gun Don't Care Who it Shoots"
"In the Middle of a Heartache"
"Rock Your Baby"
"Fujiyama Mama"
"One Day At A Time"
"Let's Have A Party"
"This Should Go On Forever"
"Cool Love"
18. BOTTLE ROCKETS w/ Sheri Hurst
"Let's Stop Kicking Our HeartsAround"
"If You Don't, SomebodyElse Will"
20. GINA LEE & The Brisket Boys
"Why I'm Walking"
" Both Sides of the Line"

Sultan of Slide
Josh Graves, the first virtuoso ofthe Dobro, looks back on his long career in bluegrass.

***There will be a benefit for Uncle Josh on December 11th, 2 PM at theGibson Showcase in Nashville. Several of the big names in Bluegrasshave already signed on and more to follow. Once a final list isestablished, that information will be made available. The benefit isbeing set up by Sam Jackson. More news on the event to come as ithappens. *** *** 9-27-04 HAPPY 77TH BIRTHDAY UNCLE JOSH !!! ******Uncle Josh's health is slowly improving. He is home from thehospital, being cared for by family and home health nurses. There arestill health issues to overcome so please continue to keep him and hisfamily in your prayers. Thank you for all of your support.****** If you'd like to send Josh get well wishes, please sign the GETWELL SOON card:

-The Songs of Stephen Foster -

Review by MarianneEbertowski

Jon Dee Graham

-the great battle -

Review by MarianneEbertowski

DriveBy Truckers
TheDirty South

Review by MarianneEbertowski

Two Cow Garage

 -The Wall Against Our Back -

Review by MarianneEbertowski

TheGourds - Blood of the Ram
RichardBuckner - Dents and Shelly
AmericanMusic Club -  Love Songs For Patriots
JohnnyDowd - Cemetery Shoes
MarkMcKay - Shimmer
BuddyMiller - Universal United House of Prayer
SteveEarle - The Revolution Starts ... Now!
UnbrokenCircle: Musical Heritage of the Carter Family
TheSilos - When The Telephone Rings
NelsAndrews - Sunday Shoes
TheDrive-by-Truckers - The Dirty South


Dave McCannand The Ten Toed Frogs

"A Canadian whodelivers honest Hillbilly Music
that'smore Country than much of the pasteurized
schlockcoming out of major-label music row

PerformingSongwriter Magazine - Nashville TN-USA

Julie Lee

-Stillhouse Road -
Reviewby Marianne Ebertowski

The Arlenes

-Going to California -
Reviewby Marianne Ebertowski

I see hawks in L.A.

-Grapevine -
Reviewby Marianne Ebertowski

Hit & Run Bluegrass

-Beauty Fades -
Reviewby Marianne Ebertowski

The Sadies
- FavouriteColours -
Review by Marianne Ebertowski

JustinRutledge and the Junction Forty
- No Never Alone -
Reviewby Marianne Ebertowski

Dave Alvin - Ashgrove

Review by MarianneEbertowski

Marah - 20,000Streets Under the Sky
Review by Marianne Ebertowski

a tribute to the songs of

1. Lucinda Williams “Pyramid of Tears”
2. Lenny Kaye “Sacramento & Polk”
3. Steve Earle & Reckless Kelly "Paradise"
4. Jon Langford & Sally Timms “Broken Bottle”
5. Calexico “Wave”
6. Jennifer Warnes “Pissed Off 2AM”
7. John Cale “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”
8. Los Lonely Boys “Castanets”
9. Cowboy Junkies “Don’t Need You”
10. Charlie Sexton “Dear Head On the Wall”
11. Jon Dee Graham “Helpless”
12. Howe Gelb “She Towers Above”
13. Ian McLagan and the Bump Band “Wedding Day”
14. Tres Chicas “Rhapsody”
15. Peter Case “The End”
16. Bob Neuwirth “Rosalie”
17. The Section Quartet “Crooked Frame”

1. Ian Hunter “One More Time”
2. Jayhawks “Last to Know”
3. Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra “Velvet Guitar”
4. Pete Escovedo and Sheila E. “The Ballad of the Sun and Moon”
5. The Chris Stamey Experience feat. Roman Candle “One True Love”
6. Son Volt “Sometimes”
7. Rosie Flores “Inside This Dance”
8. Charlie Musselwhite “Everybody Loves Me”
9. M. Ward with Vic Chesnutt & Howe Gelb “Way It Goes”
10. Javier Escovedo “The Rain Won’t Help”
11. Caitlin Cary “By Eleven”
12. Minus 5 “I Was Drunk”
13. The Dragons “Gravity”
14. Ruben Ramos “Thirteen Years”
15. Alejandro Escovedo “Break This Time”

Jim White Questions
Interviewby Frank,

'Steel Guitar Rodeo'
Bloodshot Records

... Whatever the case, Jonand his gang are back with another installment that will most assuredlyput a smile on your face and a beat in your feet. More classics like“Indian Love Call,” “Smoke Rings,” “Perry Mason Theme,” and the RaymondScott, hard as hell to play, you know it from Warner Brothers cartoons“Powerhouse,” a handful oforiginals, and, for those who just NEED the sound of a human voice, guestvocalists Neko Case, Sally Timms,Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), and Kelly Hogan. “Steel Guitar Rodeo” kicksup some dust, my friends...

An American Starlet
'Duchess of Hazzard'
Miles of Music:
An AmericanStarlet - Duchess Of Hazard
The Duchess Of Hazard offers An American Starlet in a state of a slow,rural grace balanced by regal sorrow. That's just where they have themost impact with their terrific, spacious, acoustic-based alt. country.Their sophomore effort clearly shows a band on the rise. With a cleanersound than their debut (Sweet Country Lullabys From An AmericanStarlet) along with even, open production, they continue to show anamazing command of space. Songwriter Ian Parks handles a fair amount ofthe singing, but it's the inclusion of vocalist Liz Green that reallyadds a haunting element with great harmonies - not to mention the duetsand her solo numbers, too. They fare well with material that suits thelate night honky-tonk (the pedal steel swept "Half A Heart"), or thebrooding urban nightclub (the Hammond organ and electric guitar-fueled"Queen Elizabeth"). Mostly, they craft the perfect soundtrack for thebrokenhearted and lovelorn. (self-released)

The Tennesse Boltsmokers
'Songs from the floor'

Miles ofMusic:
TennesseeBoltsmokers - Songs From The Floor
Fueled by the songwriting of Pawtuckets' Mark McKinney, the TennesseeBoltsmokers lineup includes accomplished bluegrass musicians Eric Lewis(Cheri Knight, Robin and Linda Williams, Hank III), Andy Ratliff(Claudia Russell, Professor Elixir's Southern Troubadours), and ToddCook (The Roland White Band). Their impressive debut is a livelycontemporary bluegrass / folk / Americana gathering, featuringmandolin, fiddle, dobro, guitar, bass and banjo mastery and some sweetvocal harmonies from McKinney, Ratliff and Lewis. (Madjack Records)

Greyde Lisle
'TheGraceful Ghost'
Sugar Hill Records

The Montreal Gazette
April 2004

Grey De Lisle's labeldebut, after three self-released efforts, reveals an utterlycaptivating singer-songwriter whose timeless songs are rooted in theearly country music of the Carter Family and the 19th century parloursongs of Stephen Foster. Themes of separation and death run throughseveral songs including The Maple Tree, a tragic tale of lost love,mistaken identity and suicide, and Black Haired Boy, a question andresponse duet that she sings with her husband, Murry Hammond's Old 97's.

In thetrue spirit of old-time country music, De Lisle's melodies seeminstantly familiar, whether they're original, or in the case of WalkingIn A Line, when they're borrowed from traditional sources. Her smallband, guitarist/vocalist Hammond, bassist Sheldon Gomberg andmulti-instrumentalist Marvin Etzioni, provide arrangements that are aseamless complement to De Lisle's haunting vocals.


MyBest of 2003

01 Hot Club of Cowtown - Continental Stomp

HotClub Review by Marianne Ebertowski

02Chris Knight - The Jealous Kind
03Calexico - Feast of wire

04The Band of Blacky Ranchette - Still lookin' good to me
05 Carla Bozulich - Red Headed Stranger
06The Jayhawks - Rainy Day Music

07Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Master and everyone
08Wayne Hancock - Swing Time
09 Lucinda Williams - World without tears

10Danny Barnes - Dirt on the angel
11Jay Farrar - Terroir Blues
Review byMarianne Ebertowski
12Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Bark

13Tim Grimm - Coyote's Dream
14Ryan Adams - Love is hell pt.1
15Gillian Welch - Soul Journey
Review byMarianne Ebertowski

16Ray Wylie Hubbard - Growl
17Richmond Fontaine - Post to wire
18The Allman Brother Band - Hittin' the note

19David Childers and the Modern Don Juans - Room #23
20 Drive by Truckers - Decoration Day

Best of Postcard2 2003

Best of Lost Highway Germany 2003
Tovisit Lost Highway Germany on the web, go to:

Carla Bozulich

I'm drownded in sorrow,I'm drownded in scorn.
I knew I'd end this waysince the day I was born.
I never learnt nothing'cept hunger and fear.
And the love that yougave me was lies to keep me near.

In afield of new grass you first lay me down.
I met you there dailyjust outside of town.
A fool I have lived anda fool I will die,
But you'll go to thedevil for making me cry.

'Outsideof Town', GeraldineFibbers

I looked tothe stars, tried all of the bars.
An' I've nearly gone up in smoke.
Now my hand's on the wheel, I've something that's real,
An' I feel like I'm goin' home.

'Hands on the Wheel' - Willie Nelson

Best of 2002

David Childers
Buy it !!!
Take Root Festival 2003
Assen, NL
Review & Pics
by Nobby Knape

Dirton the Angel is Danny Barnes'
latest and greatest musical offering.
Thealbum is a witty travelogue of
American roots music that spins elementsof
bluegrass, old time, jazz, rock, and country.

The rhythmtrack sessions at White CatStudio.From left,
 Rick Richards,
J&M,ChrisEthridge  and producer Jack

 1. Old Friend
 2.To See You Again
 3.Straight From The Heart
 4.Tear Stained Eye (Jay Farrar)
 5.I'm Only Sleeping (Lennon & McCartney)
 6.Gypsy Life
 7.I Built My Own Prison
 8.Big Shot
 9.Cowboy Angel
10.You Can Close Your Eyes (James Taylor)
11.How Much I've Lied (Gram Parsons)
12.Lonesome Empty And Blue
13.Still Thinkin' Bout You
14.Nowhere Else To Go
15.Many A Mile To Freedom (Winwood & Capaldi)
16.Gypsy Life

MaureenFinlon - lead and harmony vocals and acoustic guitar
JohnFinnigan - lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar,
6 & 12 stringRickenbackers

RickRichards - drums & percussion
ByronBerline - fiddle & mandolin
ChrisEthridge - bass
FrankReckard - electric guitar
RickPoss - lap steel, electric guitars
PeteKennedy - harmony vocal
MauraKennedy - harmony vocals
DonRichmond - 6 & 12 string acoustic lead & rhythm guitars,
classical guitar, banjo,
pedalsteel guitar, Weissemborn,
12-string Rickenbacker, fiddle, &mandolin

JackSaunders - harmony vocals, acoustic lead & rhythm guitars,
Resonatorguitars, bass
EmilyDugas - bodhran
Producedby Jack Saunders and Don Richmond

Pleasevisit the Silver Shoes Website

Terri Binion

byBert van Kessel

Lucero - That muchfurther West

Dave Alvin - Ashgrove
Marah - 20,000Streets Under the Sky
Sam Bush - King ofmy world
Loretta Lynn - VanLear Rose
Jasper Stone - Back40 Star
Paul Edelman andthe Jangling Sparrows -
North American &Susquehanna

Blue Highways&the Highway Blues
DougHoekstra - Waiting 49
DollarStore - Dollar Store 48
RetoBurrell - Roses fade Blue 47
GregBrown - Honey in the Lion's Head 46
TheFlatlanders - Wheels of Fortune 45
Various -European World of Bluegrass 2003 44
FlacoJimenez - Squeeze Box King 43
GrahamLindsey -  Famous Anonymous Wilderness 42
Buddy& Tina Wright Band - Live in Holland 41
BillyJoe Shaver - Try and try again 40
DaveOlney Interview 39
Claire Holley - Dandelion 38

TheSeatsniffers - Flavor Saver Live 37

Hot Club of Cowtown -Continental Club 35
TCTaylor - DancehallRevial

ThadCockrell - Warmth & Beauty
CindyBullens - Neverland
Interviewwith Dayna Kurtz
Califone- Quicksand/Cradlesnakes
BocephusKing - A children belive in heaven
Morethan a song - same
BenAtkins - Mabelle
Songs:Ohia- Magnolia Electric Co.
VirgilShaw - Still falling

GreyDe Lisle - Bootlegger vol.1
Carter- Wildwood Flower

John Stewart
Johnny Irion
M. Ward
Blue Highways 2003

Vic Chesnutt
MichaelWeston King
David Olney
ChipTaylor & Carrie Rodriguez
AmericanaMusic in Europe
Interviewwith Elena Skye
Interviewwith Mary Gauthier
MaryGauthier - Filth and fire
BlueHighways 2002

Reviews & Interviews

by Marianne Ebertowski

Don Michael Sampson

TurnItUpOrTurnItOff !

Updated !!!

David Munyon Interview

Interviewwith Alice Schneider (Alice Texas):

Roadtracks: Alice,first of all, please introduce yourself as
a person to our readers(where you come, where and how
you live, hobbies, musical faves,positive and negative qualities
of you). 

Alice: I am a native New Yorker, born andraised in the the city.
I live like a typical musician, broke andstruggling.  I bartended
for several years.  My hobbiesare reading, cooking and watching
Star Trek: Next Generation. Musical favorites are Lou Reed,
The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave andthe Bad Seeds, Johnny
Cash, Lucinda Williams, Emmy Lou Harris, JoanArmatrading,
Bukka White, Beck, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, The Doors. Thelist
goes on. I consider myself to be a thoughtful and givingindividual.
This can be both positive and negative.  More ...

Interviewwith Jesse will becoming soon...
Alejandro Escovedo
Dec16th, 2002
  Photo by Smidi & Indy

made by my compadre 'Waco' Nobby Knape
Go to theInterview
You can download part of it andthese are the issues:
Bluerose RecordsAE-VideoClips:
AlejandroEscoved & Band featurung Steve Wynn
December 16th, 2002
"Knockin' On Heaven's Door"
"Waiting For My Man"
"I Wanna Be Your Boy Friend"
"I Wanna Be Your Dog"
"All The Young Dudes"

Jonathan Pointer
by Marianne Ebertowski

Carrie Rodriguez

Photos by Bill Groll/Austin Americana
Austin Americana

Interview with Chip& Carrie by Marianne Ebertowski
Rockzilla Net

Interviewwith Sam (The Dark Horses)

Sam (The Dark Horses)
AmericanaMusic inEurope
by Marianne Ebertowski
Myother TOP 10's
Mary Gauthier
"Filth & Fire"
Munich Records

Review by Marianne Ebertowski
with MaryGauthier by Marianne Ebertowski


"If there'ssomething missing 
Or if you'rehiding from
Someone you longto have known
Then you'll walkthrough the fire..
alone ... "

with GurfMorlix, Peter Rowan and Slaid Cleaves
Produced by GurfMorlix

Kelly Kessler
"The salt of your skin"
Village Records

Kelly, Lawrence Peters, JaneBaxter Miller, 
Robbie Lynn Hunsinger, RobbieFulks, 
Lonesome Bob, Stacey Earley, JimEarley, 
Gerald Dowd, Brett Simons

Interview with Mike Heidorn
by John Schacht

RoadtracksInterview with Elena Skye

Rockzilla Interviewwith Elena Skye

Review:DBS - Utrecht, NL - 2002

TakeRoot Reviews
TakeRoot,Assen, NL - 2001 - The Reviews by Nobby Knape

The Coal Porters
TheChris Hillman Tribute Concerts
Feb, 2001 issue
10 bestalternative country websites
I'm on it!
"Get Country& Rhythm"
by FranzDobler
ExclusiveInterview with
Tom Jessen
Thebirth of a movement

Pacifica Home Page

LostHighwayGermany with about
100 members
A letter from Belgrad
regarding to Punk, Townes
Trulya fan
Blue HighwaysFestival on March 10th, 2001


Insurgent CountryHomepage Reviews
"InsurgentCountry Homepage"
Reviews by MarkusRill, Nobby Knape, Jeff Wall
Jan van Doorn andothers

RIP: John Hartford
John, I miss you!!!

Stephane Grapelli& DG

SteveEarle at the Old Town School
Woody Guthrie
Bob Dylan
Bruce Springsteen
Townes Van Zandt
Steve Earle

Keep on truckin'(Robert Crumb)
Guide to JamBands
Flyin' Shoes #3
Aquarterly journal of
songwriting &literature
The"Drunken Angel"
A lot ofbookmarks (Bluegrass)
Oldand in the way ???
Alt.Countrya long time ago
WhiteyRay Huitt
A TexasSongwriter
and performerextraordinare.
Newrelease: "Down Home"
Village Records Mailer(US)
by DavidGoodman

"...A pioneeringdocument of the 
Alternative CountryMovement...this
book is amust-have-must-have."
-Cheryl Cline,Twangin'
TheAlternative CountryMusic
TheAlt.Country Bible !!!

"Modern Twang isamajor 
-Peter Blackstock,No Depression

Rebecca Caraveo
(Cattie Ness & the Revenge)
Rockabillymusiciandoes it all
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SonVolt RadioRUM Interview with Jay Farrar
TwangfestOfficial TwangfestHome Page
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JerryGarcia, Townes van Zandt
Gram Parsons,Hank Williams,
Bill Monroe,Lowell George
TammyWynette, Rose Maddox,
WoodyGuthrie, Carter Family
Carl Perkins, Jimmie Rodgers, 
Roy Huskeyjr., Shel Silverstein,
Hoyt Axton,Doug Sahm, 
Rick Danko,John Hartford,
Fred Neil, John L. Hooker,
ChetAtkins, Mimi Farina, 
Dave vanRonk,Waylon Jenning,
Alan Lomax, Dave Carter, WarrenZevon,
June Carter, JohnnyCash

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