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Pop Matters:
Like his occasional touring partner and now bandmate in Gob Iron, Jay Farrar, Anders Parker is cursed with being always respected but forever uncool. The un-ironic, workingman’s rock of Farrar’s Son Volt and Parker’s Varnaline has long garnered critical praise and devout, plaid-flannelled followings, but never the white-hot adoration of hipsters and tastemakers. And damn if that isn’t a great curse to have. Parker’s third solo venture will almost certainly fly under most radars when it comes time to dole out the awards, but the self-titled disc’s solid, unassuming craftsmanship stands to age like fine whiskey, or some other yummy adult treat....

Let’s Frolic, the keenly-anticipated fourth album from Canadian roots rock heroes Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, is the sound of a band in this for all the right reasons. Tom Wilson, Colin Linden and Stephen Fearing have been together as BARK for a full decade now, but their sense of mutual respect, camaraderie, and love of each other’s musical company has deepened, not weakened. As Fearing explains, “We can all get very worried and freaked out about our own solo careers, so why get into another career situation where you have to do that again? We take the music we make very seriously, but the process of making it has to be enjoyable.”

That approach is clearly audible on Let’s Frolic, a typically freewheeling collection of compelling songs that defy easy genre pigeonholing. Here’s an album that contains hardcore country ballads (“The Fool Who Can’t Forget,” Stephen’s heart-strings tugging duet with U.S. country star Pam Tillis), Southern soul (“I Give It Up Everyday”), raucous rockers (“Buried In Your Heart,” “That’s What I Like”), infectious life-affirming anthems (“Let’s Frolic,” “Life Is Golden”), atmospheric epics (“Under The Rain”), and gentle blues, soul and folk-inflected tunes (“Crown Of Thorns,” “Lovin’ Cup,” and “Heaven For A Lonely Man,” respectively).

Blaze Foley
If I could only fly

"If I Could Only Fly" attempts to capture the essence of the legend by paying homage to Blaze through his compositions recorded by the man himself and many of his friends, including Townes Van Zandt, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Kimmie Rhodes, The Texana Dames, Jubal Clark, Cody Hubach, Julieann Banks, David Waddell, Calvin Russell, and many more.

The 3 album plus bonus DVD box-set includes

- Over 40 tracks written and performed by Blaze Foley and many respected artists in the American Country & Folk industry along with some of best local musicians in the Austin music scene.

- Deluxe presentation including a 56 page booklet jam packed with Blaze’s life story, lyrics, info on the participating artists, notes written by Blaze’s friends and much more.

- Exclusive live performances by Blaze, Townes Van Zandt and Calvin Russell with music videos by Texana Dames and Tom Smith.

David Grisman Quintet
Dawg's Groove

Washington Post:
... Grisman's opening composition, "Limestones," makes punning reference to Django Reinhardt's "Limehouse Blues" and Miles Davis's "Milestones" and manages to combine those different kinds of jazz into a terrific performance pushed along by Marsh's rumbling tom-toms and topped off by dazzling solos from Grisman and Eakle. The disc ends with "Blues for Vassar," Grisman's tribute to bluegrass fiddler Vassar Clements. In between are songs flavored by borrowings from French cabaret, Brazilian samba, Beatlesque pop and Caribbean salsa, all proving that Bela Fleck is not the only ex-bluegrasser giving jazz musicians a run for their money. ...

Grateful Dead
Electric Kool-Aid Talk Show

The groundbreaking late night talk program The Tomorrow Show (boasting 3 Emmy® nominations) brings together some key figures and musical icons of the flower power generation in one amazing DVD: The Tomorrow Show – Tom Snyder’s Electric Kool-Aid Talk Show. Includes captivating interviews with Tom Snyder and:

The Grateful Dead • Dr. Timothy Leary • Ken Kesey (author of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest") • Tom Wolfe (author of "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test")

Also includes four live performances by The Grateful Dead - for the first time ever on DVD: On The Road Again; Cassidy; Dire Wolf; Deep Elem Blues.

And interviews with band members Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman. NTSC, Region 0.
High Rolling Loners
High Rolling Loners EP

Miles of Music:
If there is a downside to the High Rolling Loners debut EP it is that it`s too short. The San Diego-based roots band captures a mix of AM-era Wilco and Robert Earl Keen or, at times, a twangy-Steve Miller Band, with a heavy dose of southern rock. Whether they are burning it up with full-throttle country rock, or tear-in-your-beer laments, the High Rolling Loners debut blows hot and hard like a Southern California wind. -- Jeff Weiss, Miles of Music (self-released)

The Holmes Brothers
State of Grace

Miles of Music:
 Produced by Simple Truths helmsman Craig Street, State of Grace is the best record yet of The Holmes Brothers astonishingly fresh blend of American roots sounds. Fans of their revelatory interpretations of classic songs will thrill to not only `(Whats So Funny Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?,` but also a hushed and heavenly `I Want You To Want Me` and their heated Cajun workout on `Bad Moon Rising.` The record also features songs by Lyle Lovett, Hank Williams and George Jones, along with several soulful Holmes Brothers originals. Accompanying the band are an all-star cast of singers and instrumentalists, including Rosanne Cash, Joan Osborne, Levon Helm, Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan), John Leventhal and Catherine Russell. (Alligator)

The Honeydogs

Not Lame:
Late 2006 release from The Honeydogs whose last two albums were a massive success and top-rated album for a *lot* of Not Lamers. Like "Yankee Foxtrot Hotel"(Wilco) written with early McCartney/Badfinger steroid-ridden melodies. But, of course, music this good is much harder to describe. the band again teamed up with long time friend, collaborator and producer, John Fields, recording a marathon 5 day session in Minneapolis in fall of 2005. Guitarist Brian Halverson describes the session as "more raw and organic than the last few records. The amygdalae are almond-shaped groups of neurons in the brain which regulate emotions, specifically fear. All of Levy`s songs on Amygdala explore fear, obsession, addiction, and the idea that emotional experience forms human memory. ...

Josh Ritter
Live at The Record Exchange EP

Miles of Music:
This Live EP features 6 songs recorded at The Record Exchange (in Boise, Idaho). It Includes 2 songs that are previously unreleased, Bandits (a Ritter original) and a John Prine cover -- Daddy`s Little Pumpkin. Track Listing: Peter Killed The Dragon / Girl In The War/ Good Man / Bandits / Daddy`s Little Pumpkin/ Wolves. (V2)

Ramsay Midwood
Popular Delusions & the Madness of Cows

Miles of Music:
Ramsay Midwood`s music is lo-fi, bluesy, and pure. Midwood`s haunting presence summons an in-tune Tom Waits without the clang, or a more energetic Leon Redbone. The all-star band, including Randy Weeks, drummer Don Heffington (who also serves as producer), Kip Boardman, Phil Parlapiano, and Greg Liesz provide an earthy and honest foundation for Midwood`s stream-of-consciousness tales. Honest, weird and true, Midwood view of Americana sounds like no one else, but is also firmly rooted in the history of American folk music. -- Jeff Weiss, Miles of Music (Farmwire Music)

Ron Sexsmith
Time Being
"Time Being happily reunites the revered songsmith with Mitchell Froom (who produced Sexsmith`s best albums), the really exciting news is that our man actually takes some vocal risks and sounds like he`s having fun doing it! On the stark, folksy Cold Hearted Wind, Sexsmith channels the ghost of Johnny Cash, quavering vibrato and all, while I Think We`re Lost finds him doing his best Joe Pernice. And though he doesn`t quite muster the Tom Waits rattle he aspires to on The Grim Trucker, album-closer And Now The Day Is Done features a beautiful, open balladeer croon. Froom`s production is surprisingly restrained, favouring Byrdsian jangle and soulful folk arrangements over elaborate loops, and having Elvis Costello sidemen (drummer Pete Thomas and bassist Davey Faragher) as a rhythm section means that, even at their most melancholy, Sexsmith`s tunes have a driving pulse." -- Sarah Liss, (Ironworks Music)
Dazzling bluegrass from Nashville! "Last Train Home" bandmates Eric Brace, Martin Lynds and J. Carson Gray with Dobro legend Mike Auldridge and mandolin ace Jimmy Gaudreau, with guest Jen Gunderman on piano and accordion. Songs from the Louvin Bros., Norman Blake, Jim Croce, Eric Andersen and more.


   1. See What Love Can Do
   2. My Baby's Gone
   3. Close the Door Lightly
   4. Last Train From Poor Valley
   5. Bonaparte's Retreat
   6. Nevertheless
   7. Are You Missing Me
   8. Maybe Tomorrow
   9. Dear One
  10. Carolina Star
  11. Are You Wasting My Time
  12. Guess My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own
  13. I Wish You Knew
  14. Going Up Home to Live in Green Pastures

Country Rock Is Neither

Miles of Music:
Floor wax, dessert topping, country, rock? None of the previous? LA`s Snakehandlers have made a statement. A Manifesto. Marching orders. This six song EP features four originals and two carefully chosen covers. In this six songs, Bryson Jones, Easy Pickens, Brian Forsythe, Reeve Downes, and Dave Raven have flat out said that are both country and rock (but probably not either floor wax or dessert topping) with originals Music Made A Man Out Of Me and Jackson County Methamphetamine Blues but also literate punks (cover of Jim Carroll`s People Who Died", cosmic cowboys (cover of the Parsons/Hillman track Sin City) and gentleman that are willing to look establishment in the eyes and tell them what they think (Music Redux). The band also included a square fold-out insert in the sleeve to try to emulate the feel of liner notes from days gone past. In six songs, The Snakehandlers have provided their raison d`etre. And it kicks ass. -- Jeff Weiss, Miles of Music (self-released)

Sugar Mountain
In the raw

Miles of Music:
This five-piece hailing from Pontevedra, Spain, will blow you away with their spot-on Faces and Stones influenced rock `n` roll. The album, entitled In The Raw, is chock-full of Keith Richards-inspired riffs, swampy slide guitar, soulful Hammond B3 and of course, plenty of cowbell. Produced by Eric "Roscoe" Ambel (Steve Earle, The Yayhoos, Del Lords), this disc is a greasy slab of rock `n` roll heaven. The CD features a video documentary on the making of In The Raw as well as a bonus track of the band performing the Kinks song Picture Book. (Brewery Records)

Miles of Music:
Lubbock-based Thrift Store Cowboys capture the shimmering, country-influenced soundtrack sound of the Southwest. Produced by Craig Schumacher at Wavelab Studios in Tucson,TSC`s 2006 release is a beautifully intoxicating mix. A gypsy-like violin, haunting pedal steel and the occasional toy piano provide texture for this dark, thoughtful and very talented band. It`s December release will preclude it from making year-end best of lists, which is a shame, as it`s quality exceeds nearly every small label album of the year. -- Jeff Weiss, Miles of Music (self-released)

Utah Carol
Rodeo Queen

Miles of Music:
Utah Carol`s Grant Birkenbeuel and JinJa Davis create ethereal soundscape songs that are simultaneously enchanting and creepy. The duo`s soft and seductive harmonies create a dreamscape world -- children`s stories for adults -- that initially provide comfort like the scent of baking bread in mom`s kitchen. After you get past the pretty surface themes of heartache, sabotage, obsession and hope waft out. This mix of the hypnotic aspects of shoegaze pop, the sensuality of whispering Don Gibson, and the small-town-life-is-ok-until-you-look-closer aspect of David Lynch film making gives Utah Carol its unique, engaging and, sometimes, creepy appeal. -- Jeff Weiss, Miles of Music (Stomping Ground)

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