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Bar lights
Don't be sad
Don't wanna know why
Easy hearts
Jacksonville Skyline
Mirror mirror
Theme for a trucker
Ballad of Carol Lynn
Jacksonville Skyline

Angels are messengers from god
Dancing with the women at the bar
Excuxe me while I break my own 
heart tonight
Houses on the hill
Inn town
Mining Town
Tennessee Square
Turn around
What may seem like love
Yesterday's news
Pawn shop ain't no place for a wedding ring
Drank like a river
Factory Girl
Hard Luck Story
If we can't have you
Not home anymore
Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart
Deperate ain't lonely
Factory Girl
Too drunk to dream
Lo Fi Tennessee Mountain Angel

Lyrics only
Midway Park
Everything I do
Waiting to Derail
I hope it rains at my funeral
Nervous Breakdown
Macon, Georgia, County Line
Top Dollar
Empty Baseball Park
Here's to the rest of the world
Blank Generation
Silver Wings
Wither, I'm a flower
Theme for a trucker
Born yesterday
Call me on your way back home
Captain Smith
Damn Sam
Funny how I'm losing you
Give me another chance
Hey there Missus Lovely
I still miss someone
If he cant have you
It wasn't
My heart is broken
Nighttime gals
Oh Cinderella
Oh my sweet Valentine
Onslow County
Statuettes with wounds
The battle and the war
The rain won't help you when it's over
Ticket time

Ryan Adams Solo:
Heartbreaker Lyrics
Monday Night
Come pick me up
Oh my sweet Carolina
Why do they leave

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