Hard Luck Story

From the Alt-Country Tab page hosted by Warren Owen at http://www.altcountry.freeserve.co.uk (Thanks Warren !)

Standard Tuning
Tabbed by dw

Well I was thinkin' that I shoulda
But I didn't ever leave you but
C                            G
Baby I'm leavin' tonight
G                                                                                                  D
There's a trucker drinkin' coffee in the station who can give me a ride
Well I was thinking 'bout a headin' down to Mobile Alabama
             C                                        G
And that was just last Saturday night
            D                                      C                                         G
Well I can leave you if I wanna little baby and I'm a gonna tonight

'Cuz I gotta bucket full of tears and a hard luck story
C                                     G
There's a bad moon risin' behind
And I swore to your Daddy that I loved you
But I changed my mind
I'm a fast-talkin', Hell raisin', son-of-a-bitch
C                                           G
I'm a sinner and I know how to fight
D                                                  C                                      G
And I can leave you if I want a little baby and I'm a gonna tonight



Well I was sittin' I was drinkin' on a barstool thinkin'
How true love becomes a lie
And I never shoulda left you
But I had to and I bet you there's a man there with you tonight
And I swore to your daddy that I missed you but I didn't
If I came back it wouldn't be right
Cuz I can leave you if I want a little baby and I'm gonna tonight