Whitey Ray Huitt
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Whitey Ray, Texas Songwriter and performer extraordinare, is a true son of 
South Texas. Hailing from Eagle Pass and South San Antonio, he has been in the music business for over forty years. His father’s band, "Ace" Huitt and the Briar Hoppers, gave Whitey Ray his first love of music, and Texas music in particular.

Having appeared with legends like Lightnin’ Hopkins, Manse Lipscomb, and Gatemouth Brown as well as with Merle Travis, B.W. Stevenson, and Michael Murphy, Whitey runs the gamut from blues to mountain finger picking to classical styles. He thrilled fans at the Armadillo World Headquarters and Soap Creek Saloon, and is an important member in the group that included old running buddies Townes Van Zant, Guy Clark, Steven Fromholz, Blaze Foley and Jubal Clark.

His  CD "Austex Blues 75/95" features Floyd Domino and Spencer Perskin among others.

"Whitey Ray stands out among Texas songwriters for his finesse and anecdotal charm, his engaging and heartfelt style of performance will make you beg for more." - Spencer Perskin
Whitey Ray Huitt 1960
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Whitey Ray Huitt and Calvin Russell photo
Whitey Ray Huitt and Townes Van Zandt photo
Whitey Ray and Calvin Russell
Whitey Ray and Townes Van Zandt
Whitey Ray Huitt and Willie Nelson photo
Whitey Ray Huitt and Jubal Clark gang
Whitey Ray and Willie Nelson
Whitey Ray, Jubal Clark and gang
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Austex Blues - Live from Threadgill's World Headquarters

Austex Blues 75 

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