Subject:   Tis Done
Date:      Fri, 3 Dec 1999 17:00:23 -0600
From:      "Whitey Ray Huitt" <>
To:        "Hans Settler" <

v gates old horse, and I hope this little note finds you well, fat, and
happy.  I finally finished the album, ("Down Home"), and I will be sending a
promo copy to you tomorrow.  It is in my opinion, the best thing I have done
to date.  On the last CD, the engineers mixed and mastered it while I was on
the road.  I didn't get to color the music my way.  This time, I produced,
arranged, mixed and mastered.  This is also the truest picture of the way I
really play.  Sue at Local Flavor has written the liner notes (included), so
you can get her feelings on this one.  OK Hans, I'll hop on out of here for
now.  Let me hear from you.
Dein fruend, Whitey Ray

Liner notes:

Grab a seat on a South Austin front porch and let a master storyteller,
a precision picker and veteran performer spin his tales of love and
sorrow, of hard lessons and bright days.

Whitey Ray Huitt is a natural. Practically born to the guitar, he grew
up on Texas Music, especially that of his dad, Ace Huitt, whos band
entertained Texans in the 40s. Whitey Ray formed his first band in the
late fifties, playing what he now calls "Comic Rock and Roll".  He sang at
all the early folk venues from 61 thru the 70s. Then, with his band,
the "Sons of the Black Sheep", doing the  country  outlaw music thing.
Now, thankfully, hes back to doing Whitey Ray Huitt.

In 97, he stunned  audiences at the Austin Acoustic Music Festival, where
he met Klaus Patzak, a German songwriter who immediately invited him to
come to Bavaria.  It was for that tour that WR released his first CD,
"Austex Blues", which has been spinning around Europe ever since.

This, his second release is pure and  true  to his performance style.
Brilliant visual lyrics delivered with honest vocals tell of fond memories
and hard times.  These songs flow so well that you might find yourself
finishing a line or two yourself...only very natural songwriting does this.
Its like that with Whitey Ray Huitt...and...I know where you can get it.

Sue Donahoe
Local Flavor

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