American Roots Music

(Non commercial radio)
"Radio Unerhört" (it' a pun) means:
1 a) Radio never listen to
1 b) Radio never heart of
2 a) Radio unbelievable
2 b) Radio cheeky
See also the Radio RUM 90,1 MHz  (American Roots Music)
Start: July 12, 1997 10.00-12.00 p.m.
Music Director:
Hans Settler

Playlists July - December 1998

Playlist January - today 1999

Playlist 07-12-1997
10.00 - 12.00 p.m.
Title: "American Roots Music"
    Album Title                 Title                           Artist(s)               Label           Year
 1. Commenorativo               A song for you                  Peter Holsapple         Cyclope         1993
 2. Trace                       Windfall                        Son Volt                WB              1995
 3. Crow Pot Pie                I can tell your love is waning  Slobberbone             doolittle       1996
 4. And other crimes...         Got it made                     Go To Blazes            Glitterhouse    1995
 5. How bees fly                Apothecary                      Hazeldine               Glitterhouse    1997
 6. Tonight's the night         Roll another number for the roadNeil Young              Reprise         1975
 7. Rig Rock Deluxe             Truck Stop Girl                 Kelly Willis            Diesel          1996
 8. Waitin' for Columbus        Willin'                         Little Feat             WB              1978
 9. Faithless Street            Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart     Whiskeytown             Mood Food       1995
10. Whiskeytown                 Theme for a trucker             Whiskeytown             Bloodshot       1997
11. A.M.                        Pick up the change              Wilco                   WEA             1995
12. Being there                 Someone else's song             Wilco                   Reprise         1996
13. Trace                       Drown                           Son Volt                WB              1995
14. Straightaways               Creosote                        Son Volt                WB              1997
15. Commemorativo               Return to the grievious angels  Burns/Williams          Cyclope         1993
16. Sweetheart of the rodeo     Hickory Wind                    Byrds                   Columbia        1997
17. Lost Highway                Lost Highway                    Hank Williams           PolyGram        1986
18. At my window                At my window                    Townes van Zandt        Demon           1992
19. West Texas Heaven           I'm gonna fly                   Kimmie Rhodes           Justice         1996
20. Dog Days                    Mountain Girl                   Blue Mountain           Roadrunner      1995
21. Luxury Liner                Fire in the valley              Farmer not so John      Glitterhouse    1997
22. Stayin' in the doghouse     Questioningly                   Vidalias                Upstart         1997
23. Blue Earth                  Two Angels                      The Jayhawks            TwinTone        1989
24. First Hits                  Ripple                          Grateful Dead           Duchesse        1991
Playlist 07-13-1997
00.00 - 02.00 a.m.
Title "Midnight Dancin' (Rumtanzen mit American Roots Music)"
 1. A.M.                        Box Full of Letter              Wilco                   WEA             1995
 2. "Falling from Grace" ST     Sweet Suzanne                   Buzzin' Cousins         Mercury         1992
 3. "Falling from Grace" ST     Whiskey Burnin'                 Larry Crane             Mercury         1992
 4. Dog Days                    Blue Canoe                      Blue Mountain           Atlantic        1995
 5. Crow Pot Pie                16 Days                         Slobberbone             doolittle       1996
 6. Faithless Street            Drank like a river              Whiskeytown             Mood Food       1996
 7. Straightaways               Caryatid Easy                   Son Volt                WB              1997
 8. Straightaways               Back into the world             Son Volt                WB              1997
 9. Being there                 Outta mind (outta sight)        Wilco                   Reprise         1996
10.Trace                        Out of the picture              Son Volt                WB              1995
11.Hollywood Townhall           Two Angels                      The Jayhawks            American Rec.   1992
12.Guardian Angel               Bitters Past                    The Haynes Boys         Slab            1996
13.At my window                 Snowin' on Raton                Townes van Zandt        Edsel           1992
14.A night of reckoning         When we're gone, long gone      Dead Reckoners          Dead Reckoning  1997
15.I feel alright               I feel alright                  Steve Earle             WB              1996
16.I feel alright               You're still standing there     Steve Earle             WB              1996
17.Must've been high            Must've been high               Supersuckers            Sub Pop         1997
18.Must've been high            Non-Addictive Marijuana         Supersuckers            Sub Pop         1997
19.Waiting around for the crash Lost as me                      Go To Blazes            Glitterhouse    1996
20.Stayin' in the doghouse      Thunder and rain                Vidalias                Upstart         1997
21.Nashville:The other side...  Open Flame                      Tim Carroll             Bloodshot       1996
22.dito                         Cocktail Napkin                 Duane Jarvis            bloodshot       1996
23.Jackpot                      This Big City                   Derailers               Watermelon      1996
24.BR5-49                       Cherokee Boogie                 BR5-49                  Arista          1996
Playlist 08.02.1997
10.00 - 12.00 p.m.
Title "American Roots Music"
01.Pat Garret & Billy the Kid    Main Theme                    Bob Dylan                Columbia           1973
02.Trace                         Tear stained eye              Son Volt                 WB                 1996
03.Insurgent Country Vol. II     Get down                      Bottle Rockets           Bloodshot          1995
04.A.M.                          Passenger Side                Wilco                    Sire Records       1995
05.Being there                   Far, far away                 Wilco                    Reprise Records    1996
06.Gravity of the situation      Vic Chesnutt
07.How bees fly                  Tarmac                        Hazeldine                Glitterhouse       1997
08.New Tracks "Rolling Stone"    Sand                          OP 8
09.Straight Outta Boone County   Dark as the dungeon           Slobberbone              Bloodshot          1997
10.Faithless Street              Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart   Whiskeytown              Mood Food          1996
11.Tucson                        Tucson                        Shakin' Apostles         EastSideDigital    1995
12.The Shivers                   Heart of Texas Blues          The Shivers              Glitterhouse       1995
13.Dog days                      Blue Canoe                    Blue Mountain            Attic              1995
14.Tangled up in Blue            Jerry Garcia Band
15.Old ways                      The Wayward Wind              Neil Young               Geffen             1985
16.High on the Hog               Ramble Jungle                 The Band                 EMI Canada         1996
17.Any time...anywhere           Every Time                    Go To Blazes             East Side Digital  1994
18.Kitty                         Brother Shiloh Collins        Dashboard Saviors        Blue Rose          1992
19.Picnic                        Came Lo Mein                  Robert Earl Keen         Arista             1997
20.At my window                  Snowin' on Raton              Townes van Zandt         Edsel              1987
21.Jackpot                       100% Pure Fool                Derailers                Watermelon         1996
22.Everybody's Rockin'           Mystery Train                 Neil Young               Geffen             1983
23.Conmemorativo                 A song for you                Peter Holsapple          Cyclope            1993
24.Pat Garret & Billy the Kid    Main Theme                    Bob Dylan                Columbia           1973
Playlist 08-15-97
08:15-10:15 p.m.
Title: Townes van Zandt Special
01.Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid   Main Theme                    Bob Dylan
02.Rear View Mirror              For the sake of the song      Townes van Zandt          Sundown Records    1993
03.Townes van Zandt              Waitin' around to die         Townes van Zandt          Tomato Records     1989
04.At my window                  Still looking for you         Townes van Zandt          Edsel Records      1987
05.At my window                  At my window                  Townes van Zandt          Edsel Records      1987
06.At my window                  Snowin' on Raton              Townes van Zandt          Edsel Records      1987
07.Documentary                   Interview Pancho & Lefty      Townes van Zandt          Normal             1997
08.The late great TvZ            Pancho and Lefty              Townes van Zandt          Tomato Records     1989
09.Road Songs                    Short haired woman Blues      Townes van Zandt          Chlodwig           1993
10.High, low and in between      To live's to fly              Townes van Zandt          Tomato             1989
11.Highway Kind                  Lost Highway                  Townes van Zandt          Normal             1997
12.Highway Kind                  My proud mountain             Townes van Zandt          Mormal             1997
13.West Texas Heaven             I'll fly away                 Kimmie Rhodes with Townes Justice            1996
14.Documentary                   I'll be here in the morning   Barb Donevan  with Townes Normal             1997
15.No deeper Blue                Katie Belle Blue              Townes van Zandt          Veracity Roadsongs 1995
16.No deeper Blue                A song for                    Townes van Zandt          Veracity Roadsongs 1995
17.Pat Garret & Billy the Kid    Main Theme                    Bob Dylan                 Columbia           1973
Playlist 09-12-97
08:15-10:15 p.m.
Title: Townes van Zandt Special (repeat)
Playlist 10-07-97
08:15-10:15 p.m.
 1. Strangers Almanac             Inn Town                      Whiskeytown               Outpost           1997
 2. Strangers Almanac             Sixteen Days                  Whiskeytown               Outpost           1997
 3. Strangers Almanac             House on the hill             Whiskeytown               Outpost           1997
 4. Strangers Almanac             Dancing with the women        Whiskeytown               Outpost           1997
 5. Back to my senses             Brother                       Nadine                    Glitterhouse      1997
 6. Seen a ghost                  Those things are hers         Honeydogs                 Mercury           1997
 7. Down by the old mainstream    Radio King                    Golden Smog               Ryko              1995
 8. Loose                         When we sing together         Victoria Williams         Mammoth           1994
 9. A Benefit for Victoria Will.  Lights                        The Jayhawks              Chaos/Columbia    1993
10. Old Paint                     Gravity                       Freakwater                City Slang        1995
11. Picnic                        Then Came Lo Mein             Robert Earl Keen          Arista            1997
12. Drag                          Smoke Ringe                   K.D. Lang                 WB                1997
13. 24 Hours A Day                Smokin' 100' alone            Bottle Rockets            Atlantic          1997
14. By this used CD               Sauget Wind                   Uncle Tupelo              Dutch East India  1993
15. Trace                         Out of the picture            Son Volt                  WB                1996
16. Must've been high             Roamin' 'round                Supersuckers              Sub Pop           1997
17. The Setters                   Let's take some drugs ...     Setters
18. The way I should              Wasteland of the free         Iris DeMent               WB                1996
19. Aniversary                    Everett                       Wagon                     Glitterhouse
20. Slack Key Blues               Wagon                         Wagon                     Glitterhouse
21. Euphonium                     Baba O'Riley                  The Picketts              Rounder           1996
22. The crying tree               Shadow of you                 Black Oranges             ESD               1994
23. Feeling Minnesota             Save with me                  Joe Henry                 Atlantic          1996
24. How bees fly                  Bastard Son of Medora         Hazeldine                 Glitterhouse      1996
25. Interview Hazeldine           Hazeldine                     Hazeldine                 Radio RUM         1997
26. 6 Song-Tape                   Pocket                        Hazeldine                                   1997
27. Haynes Boys                   Jackie                        Haynes Boys               Slab              1996
28. Step right up                 24 hours a day                Todd Snider               Margaritesville   1996
29. I don't think of her          Bob Neuwirth
30. Revival                       Barroom Girls                 Gillian Welch             ALM               1996
31. Kelly Willis                  World without you             Kelly Willis              MCA               1993
Playlist 10-14-97 (repeat playlist 10-07-97)
12:00 - 14:00 a.m
Playlist 10-21-97
08:15 - 10:15 p.m
Accoustic Special:
 1.Jerry Garcia/Dave Grisman       Arabia                          David Grisman/Jerry Garcia          Acoustic Disc   1991
 2.Tone Poems                      Dawg after dark                 David Grisman/Tony Rice             Acoustic Disc
 3.Tales from the acoustic planet  The Great Circle Route          Bela Fleck & the Flecktones         WB              1994
 4.Tales from the acoustic planet  Backwoods Galaxy                Bela Fleck & the Flecktones         WB              1994
 5.Sneakin' around                 Sneakin' around                 Chet Atkins/Jerry Reed              Columbia        1992
 6.Mark Knopfler/Chet Atkins       Tears                           Chet Atkins/Mark Knopfler
 7.Mark Knopfler/Chet Atkins       Tahitian Skies                  Chet Atkins/Mark Knopfler
 8.Acoustic Traveller              Homecoming                      John McEuen                         Vanguard Records
 9.The great Dobro Sessions        Birdland                        Jerry Douglas                       Sugar Hill
10.Slide Rule                      A new day medley                Jerry Douglas                       Sugar Hill
11.Glamour & Grits                 Watson Allman                   Sam Bush                            Sugar Hill
12.Like minds                      Garlic & Sapphires              Psychograss                         Sugar Hill
13."New Country" Compilation       Gimme a Holler                  Bill Frisell                        Connell Com.    1997
14.Retrograde                      Fresca                          The Friends of Dean Martinez        Sub Pop Records 1997
15.Friends of Dean Martinez        The shadow of your smile        The Friends of Dean Martinez        Sub Pop Records 1996
16.Feelin' Bad Blues               Ry Cooder
17.Cancion Mixteca                 Ry Cooder
18.Theme "Pat Garret & Billy..."   Bob Dylan
19.David Grisman Quintet           Fish Scale                      David Grisman Quintett
20.David Grisman Quintet           Richochet                       David Grisman Quintett
Playlist 11-18-97
08:15-10:15 p.m.
01. Temptation Road                Temptation Road                 Sin City Boys                       SCB Records      1997
02. Temptation Road                I ain't goin' country           Sin City Boys                       SCB Records      1997
03. Bested                         Bested                          Big Back Forty                      Polydor          1997
04. Bested                         Been so gone                    Big Back Forty                      Polydor          1997
05. Haynes Boys                    Hell on earth                   Haynes Boys                         Slab             1996
06. Haynes Boys                    The lonesomes                   Haynes Boys                         Slab             1996
07. No kinder room                 No kinder room                  Wagon                               Hightone         1996
08. No kinder room                 Too long here                   Wagon                               Higtone          1996
09. Feast of hearts                Battered and bruised            Chuck Prophet                       China            1995
10. Homemade Blood                 Till you came along             Chuck Prophet                       Cook             1997
11. Feast of hearts                How many angels                 Chuck Prophet                       China            1995
12. Four Things                    Crawl                           Visible Shivers                     Visible Shivers  1994
13. Another Room                   Mustang Car                     Tom Stevens                         Maia Records     1995
14. Interstate-90                  Interstate-90                   Al's Fast Freight                   Maia Records     1997
15. Shaken not stirred             Doesn't mean a thing            Mike Grier                          Blue Rose        1997
16. Shaken not stirred             King of the rain                Mike Grier                          Blue Rose        1997
17. Diamond Blur                   Wandering heart                 Rainravens                          Blue Rose        1997
18. El Corazon                     Ft. Worth Blues                 Steve Earle                         WB               1997
19. El Corazon                     N.Y.C.                          Steve Earle                         WB               1997
20. I feel alright                 Here I am                       Steve Earle                         WB               1996
21. Spoke                          Sanchez                         Calexico                            Quarterstick     1997
22. Spoke                          Spokes                          Calexico                            Quarterstick     1997
23. Back to my senses              Back to my senses               Nadine                              Glitterhouse     1997
24. Strange Almanac                Somebody remembers the rose     Whiskeytown                         Outpost          1997
25. Faithless Street               Oklahoma                        Whiskeytown                         MoodFood         1996
26. Sound of lies                  Big Star                        Jayhawks                            American Record. 1997
27. Hollywood Townhall             Nevada, California              Jayhawks                            American Record. 1994
28. Down the old mainstream        She don't have to see you       Golden Smog                         Rycodisc         1995
29. Being there                    Hotel Arizona                   Wilco                               Reprise          1996
30. Anodyne                        Give back the key to my heart   Uncle Tupelo                        Sire/Reprise     1993
31. Almost a decade                There she goes again            Go To Blazes                        Glitterhouse     1997
Next Playlist 12-16-97
08:15-10:15 p.m.
Women's Special:
1. Bees to the honey        Morning Star            Carolyn Wennblom
2. How bees fly             Hazeldine               Hazeldine
3. Sol Power                Run, Run, Run           Tony Price
4. An evening in Austin     Pacheco                 Kate Wolf
5. this moment in Toronto   Summer of drugs         Victoria Williams
6. 200 more miles           Misguided Angel         Cowboy Junkies
7. Sweet old world          Hot Blood               Lucinda Williams
8. Wrecking Ball            Every grain of sand     Emmylou Harris
9. Revival                  Only one and only       Gillian Welch
10.West Texas Heaven        Hard promises to keep   Kimmie Rhodes
11.About Townes             Jonell Mosser           A song for
12.Other Voices/Other Rooms Tecumseh Valley         Nancy Griffith
13.Cover Girl               Cool Remove             Shawn Colvin
14.Feels like home          After the gold rush     Linda Ronstadt
15.The way I should         The way I should        Iris DeMent
16.Dancing under water      Your Goddamn Mouth      Freakwater
17.The Shivers              Gentle                  The Shivers
18.American Songbook        Flinty kind of woman    Dar Williams
19.Drag                     The Joker               K.D. Lang
20.Rig Rock Deluxe          Truckstop Girl          Kelly Willis
and now the machos:
21.Live from Neon Park      Willin'                 Little Feat
22.Spirit of adventure      Creed of the North      Wild Frontier
23.things fall apart        Call my name            Lonesome Bob
24.The end of violence      Theme for a trucker     Whiskeytown
Playlist 01-10-98
08.15 - 10.15 p.m.
It's a mixture with Psychodelic Country, Cowpunk, CowJazz
and some other obscure Country Songs:
 1.Bob Dylan "Main Theme" Pat Garett & Billy the Kid"
 2.Waco Brother "Revolution Blues"
 3.Backsliders "Hey Sheriff"
 4.Bongwater "Kisses sweeter than wine"
 5.Fugs "Belle Of Avenue A
 6.Fugs "Yodelling Yipie"
 7.Cordelia's Dad "San Francisco"
 8.Schramms "Pet Sounds"
 9.OP 8 "Sands"
10.Geraldine Fibbers "Trashman In Furs"
11.Geraldine Fibbers "Folks like me"
12.Golden Smog "Signed DC (live WNEW Studios, 14.4.96)
13.Killer Shrews "Hank Williams must die"
14.Kramer & Dogbowl "Gunsmoke"
15.Little Feat "Don't bogart the joint my friend"
16.Steve Earle & the Supersuckers "Before they make me run"
17.Supersuckers "Non-Addictive Marijuana"
18.Supersuckers "Creepy jackalope Eye"
19.Moby Grape " It's a beautiful day"
20.Youngbloods " Hippie from Olema"
21.Slobberbone "Barrel Chested"
22.Eugene Chadbourne "Medley"
23.Golden Smog "Signed DC"
24.Killer Shrews "Hank Williams must die"
25.Kramer & Dogbowl "Gunsmoke"
26.Bob Dylan "Main Theme Pat Garret & Billy the Kid"

This will be stuff for another radioshow:
Commander Cody, Flying Burrito Brothers, Dillards, Kinkie Friedman,
New Riders of the Purple Sage, Ozark Mountain Dare Devils,
Quicksilver Messenger Service, Charlatans, Grateful Dead, Barefoot Jerry,
John Hartford, Country Joe McDonald, Sea Train, Area Code 615, Amazing
Rhythm Aces, Cat Mother
Playlist 01-13-98
08.15-10:15 p.m.
Best of RUM 90,10 MHz "American Roots Music" 1997

Pat Garret & Billy the Kid                Main Them                   Bob Dylan           Columbia     1973
Conmemorativo (Tribut to Gram Parsons)    A song for                  Peter Holsapple     Cyclope      1993
Trace                                     Windfall                    Son Volt            WB           1995
Interview Jay Farrar                                                  Copyright RUM 90,10 MHz          1997
Straightaways                             Caryated esay               Son Volt            WB           1997
How bees fly                              Tarmac                      Hazeldine           Glitterhouse 1997
Interview Hazeldine                                                   Copyright RUM 90,10 MHz          1997
Straight Outta Boone Country (Sampler)    I'm so lonesome without you Hazeldine           Bloodshot    1997
Strange Almanc                            House on the hill           Whiskeytown         Outpost      1997
The end of violence (Soundtrack)          Theme for a trucker         Whiskeytown         Outpost      1997
Rig Rock Deluxe (Sampler)                 Truck Stop Girl             Kelly Willis        Diesel       1996
Waitin' for Columbus                      Willin'                     Little Feat         WB           1978
Live from Neo Park                        Willin'                     Little Feat         BMG          1996
Tomorrow the green grass                  Blue                        Jayhawks            American     1994
Interview Reinhard Hollstein                                          Copyright RUM 90,10 MHz          1997
(Glitterhouse Records)
Butch                                     Trashman in Furs            Geraldine Fibbers   Virgin       1997
Butch                                     Folk like me                Geraldine Fibbers   Virgin       1997
A.M.                                      Pick up the change          Wilco               Sire         1995
Live in Austin 1984                       Are you ready for the c.    Neil Young          Real Live    1984
Shaken not stirred                        Doesnt't mean a thing       Mike Grier          Blue Rose    1997
Lipstick Lies & Gasoline                  Alkohol & Pills             Fred Eaglesmith     Razor & Tie  1997
Lost Highway                              Lost Highway                Hank Williams       PolyGram     1986
At my windows                             At my windows               Townes van Zandt    edsel        1997
Sweetheart of the Rodeo                   Hickory Wind                Byrds               Columbia     1997
Steve Eartle & the Supersuckers           Before they make me run     Steve Earle&Supers. sup pop      1997
Haynes Boys                               Bitters Past                Haynes Boys         Slab         1996
Crow Pot Pie                             Sober Song                  Slobberbone         doolittle    1996
The best of...                            Ripple                      Grateful Dead       Duchese      1991
Playlist 02-10-98
08:15-10.15 p.m.
Uncle Tupelo-, Son Volt-, Wilco-, Special:

Trace               Tear stained eye
Being there         Far, far away
No Depression       Flatness
No Depression       No depression
Still feel gone     Looking for a way out
Still feel gone     Postcard
Still feel gone     Watch me fall
Dutch east          Sauget wind
March 16-20         Black Eye
March 16-20         Moonshiner
commemorativo       Blue Eye
Anodyne             The long cut
Anodyne             High water
A.M.                Shoudn't be ashamed
A.M.                Passenger Side
Trace               Windfall
Trace               Drown
Being there         I got you at the end of the century
Being there         Someone else's song
Straightaways       Creosote

The O.H.R. Creek Dippers       Run with the ponies        The O.H.R.C.Dippers
Mischief                       Desert                     The Bandidos
West 40                        Lot's song                 Big Back Forty
Butch                          Folks like me              Geraldine Fibbers
Hog Wild & Pig Bitin' Mad      Hog Wild & Pig Bitin' Mad  The Deliberate Strangers
One Fell Swoop                 Lonely White House         One Fell Swoop
Playlist 03-07-98
08:15-10:15 p.m.

Kimmie Rhodes                          West Texas Heaven             West Texas Heaven       3:06   Track  1
Kimmie Rhodes                          Jackalopes,Moon & Angels      Bad times for me        3:50   Track 11
Kimmie Rhodes                          Jackalopes,Moon & Angels      Trying for my heart     5:33   Track 12
Buddy Miller                           Poison love                   Poison Love             2:47   Track  4
Bad Livers                             Hogs on the highway           The National Blues      4:17   Track  8
The Bottle Rockets                     24 hours a day                Turn for the worse      2:57   Track 13
Steve Earle                            El Corazon                    Forth Worth Blues       4:02   Track 12
Lonesome Bob                           things fall apart             Call my name            3:35   Track 12
Fred Eaglesmith                        Lipstick Lies & Gasoline      Water in the fuel       5:20   Track 13
Freakwater                             Springtime                    Lorraine                4:59   Track 10
Hazeldine                              How bees fly                  Allergic to love        4:15   Track  5
Geraldine Fibbers                      Butch                         Californy Tuffy         3:17   Track  1
Geraldine Fibbers                      Lost somewhere ...            Dragon Lady             4:48   Track  5
Velvet Underground                     the best of                   Pale Blue Eyes          5:39   Track 11
Go To Blazes                           and other crimes              Underneath the bottle   2:18   Track  9
Neil Young                             Live in Austin                Southern Pacific        7:58   Track  8
Disciples of Agriculture               This same fate                Other side              2:51   Track  3
Dan Israel and the Cultivators         Before we met                 Heading out for the sea 4:03   Track  5
The Original HRCD                      dito                          Valentine King          3:45   Track  6
Greg Brown                             slant 6 mind                  Spring & All            3:13   Track  4
Neil Casal                             fade away diamond time        Maybe California        4:36   Track  2
Jon Dee Graham                         escape from monster island    Mockingbird Smile       3:54   Track  6
Sin City Boys                          Temtation Road                I ain't going Country   2:48   Track  2
Visible Shivers                        four things                   flow                    4:07   Track  8
The Hollisters                         the land of ...               Sun will shine          3:04   Track  5
The Derailers                          Jackpot                       Where ya been           3:37   Track  4
Webb Wilder                            it came from Nashville        How long can she last   3:00   Track  1
BR5-49                                 Live from Robert's            Me 'N' Opie             3:48   Track  6

Playlist 04-07-98
08:15 - 10:15 p.m.

1. Peter Holsapple                A Tribut to Gram Parsons           A song for
2. Byrds                          Sweetheart of the Rodeo            All I have is memories
3. Byrds                          Sweetheart of the Rodeo            One hundred years from now
4. ISB                            Safe at home                       I must have been somebody else you've known
5. ISB                            Safe at home                       Do you know how it feels to be lonesome
6. ISB                            Safe at home                       Luxury Liner
7. Byrds                          Sweetheart of the Rodeo            You're still on my mind
8. Byrds                          Sweetheart of the Rodeo            Hickory Wind
9. FBB                            Farther along                      Sin City
10.FBB                            Sleepless Nights                   Honky Tonk Woman
11.FBB                            Farther along                      Wild Horses
12.GP                             GP                                 A song for
13.GP                             Sleepless Nights                   Sleepless Nights
14.GP                             GP                                 Streets of Baltimore
15.Fallen Angels                  Live 73                            The new soft shoe (and Interview)
16.Fallen Angels                  Live 73                            Cry one more time
17.Fallen Angels                  Live 73                            Love hurts
18.GP                             Grievous Angel                     In my hour of darkness
19.GP                             Grievous Angel                     Return of the grievous angel
20.FBB                            Sleepless Nights                   Tonight the bottle let me down
21.FBB                            Out of the blue                    Dark end of the street
22.FBB                            Out of the blue                    Hippie Boy
23.FBB                            Farther along                      I shall be released

Playlist May 5th 98
08:15 - 10:15 p.m.

Artists                           Title                        Album                          Label             Track  Time

16 Horsepower                     Harm's way                   Sackcloth 'n' ashes            A&M               6      2:45
Disciples of Agriculture          Didn't me, didn't you        This same fate                 KranelPool        7      3:49
Jason Reed                        Highway                      Highway                        BMI               1      4:10
Jason Reed                        Ghost Town                   Highway                        BMI               2      2:34
Dan Israel and the Cultivators    Before we me                 Before we met                  Hayden's Ferry    2      4:07
Diane Wegner & the BeneJesurits   When the love has died       The BeneJesurits               DM Records        3      2:43
Willard Grant Conspiracy          Split Tender                 Split Tender                   Slow River       11      4:12
Jon Dee Graham                    Airplane                     escape from monster island     Freedom          10      4:26
Bottle Rockets                    Slo Toms                     24 Hours a day                 Atlantic          5      2:36
Honeydogs                         Those things are hers        See a ghost                    debris            5      4:36
Blue Mountain                     Bloody 98                    Homegrown                      Roadrunner        1      2:45
Haynes Boys                       Hell on earth                Guardian Angel                 Slab              4      5:25
Ramblin' Jack Elliot              Friend of the devil          Friends of Mine                Hightone         10      4:15
Ramblin' Jack Elliot              Bleeker Street Blues         Friends of Mine                Hightone         12      3:53
The Gourds                        Raining in Port Arthur       Stadium Blitzer                Munich            9      4:41
The Gourds                        Dyin' Diamond                Stadium Blitzer                Munich           10      3:08
Whiskeytown                       Bottom of the glass          Straight Outta Boone Country   Bloodshot        15      4:20
Hazeldine                         Fuzzy                        how bees fly                   Glitterhouse      7      6:20
The Picketts                      Good good wife               Euphonium                      Rounder           1      3:03
Slobberbone                       Haze of Drink                Barrel Chested                 doolittle        10      4:54
Go To Blazes                      Win again                    Waiting around for the crash   Glitterhouse      4      3:20
Richmond Fontaine                 Watsonville Waltz            Safety                         Cavity           12      5:46
Big Back Forty                    Move it over                 West 40                        PolyGram          3      3:58
Gwil Owen                         Tennessee Hi-way Blues       Hell-Bent                      Bloodshot        10      2:46
Jason & the Scorchers             One last question            Nashville the other side...    Bloodshot         8      2:54
World Famous Blue Jays            Mud Flap Boogie              Hell-Bent                      Bloodshot        17      1:46
Ignitors                          Fun and Games                Jukebox Cantina                Hayden's Ferry    4      4:05
Lonesome Bob                      Do you think about me        things fall apart              Checkered Past    2      6:07
Jon Langford                      Next in line                 Misery Loves Company           Rough Trade      13      3:43
Backsliders                       Hey Sheriff                  Throwin' Rocks at the Moon     Mammoth           8      5:51
Grievous Angels                   Dear John                    Jukebox Cantina                Hayden's Ferry    8      2:37
Andy Tanas                        You gotta love her           Jukebox Cantina                Hayden's Ferry   11      2:45
Norman Collins                    Loving Kind                  Jukebox Cantina                Hayden's Ferry   15      3:06
Lowell George                     Two trains                   thanks I'll eat it here        WB                3      4:35
Bottle Rockets                    Rocket in my pocket          Rock and Roll Doctor           KGCW-24           4      4:02
J.D. Souther                      Roll um easy                 Rock and Roll Doctor           KGCW-24           3      3:04
Geraldine Fibbers                 Hands on the wheel           What part of Get thee...       SFTRI            13      3:15
Geraldine Fibbers                 If drinkin' don't kill me    What part of Get the...        SFTRI            14      3:28
The Ditchdiggers                  Rocket Slide                 Cow Patty Bingo                Go Kat Go         1      4:48
Trailer Bride                     Quit that jelousy            Smelling Salts                 Bloodshot         1      2:53
The Meat Purveyors                Burning love                 Sweet in the pants             Bloodshot         9      5:29

Playlist June 2th
08:15 - 10:15 p.m

"Orange Blossom Special" Glitterhouse Records Festival June 12/13th 1998
Hugo Race & the True Spirits       Stranger in my eyes
The Good Sons                      Riding the range
Markus Rill & the Gunslingers      A girl called Jo
Fink                               Vogelbeobachtungen im Winter
Fink                               Schlaf gut ein
Neil Casal                         Day in the sun
Neil Casal                         Maybe California
Neil Casal                         Reason
Hazeldine                          Allergic to love
Hazeldine                          Rosemary cries
Hazeldine                          Misc. "Live 10-04-97"  30 min.

Ramblin' Jack Elliott              Louise
Ramblin' Jack Elliott              Rex's Blues
Ramblin' Jack Elliott              Walls of Red Wings
J.D. Souther                       Roll um easy
Lowell George                      Find a river
Inara George                       Trouble
Geraldine Fibbers                  Hand on the wheel
J.P. Olson & Haynes Boyes          Reviled
J.P. Olson & Haynes Boyes          Today is champagne
The Borrowed Tunes                 Familiar Faces
Trailhead                          Actions
Trailhead                          Walk away

Playlist June 30th 
08:15 - 10:15 p.m.

Indians, Chicanos, Cajuns, Creoles - Special
Willie Dunn                        Crazy Horse
Jerry Saddleback                   Cree Chief's Song
Peter LaFarge                      Ballad of Irah Hayes
Peter La Farge                     As long as the grass shall grow
Buffy Sainte-Marie                 Bury my heart at wounded knee
Buffy Sainte-Marie                 Qu'apelle Valley, Saskatchewan
Buffy Sainte-Marie                 Honey can you hang around
Buffy Sainte-Marie                 I've been down
Buffry Sainte-Marie                Starwalker
Floyd Westerman                    Custer died for your sins
Floyd Westerman                    Wounded Knee

Los Lobos                          La pistola y el corazon
Los Lobos                          One time, one night
The Blazers                        Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
The Blazers                        El Ano Viejo
Flaco Jimenez featuring Los Lobos  Don't worry Baby
Steve Jordan                       La Mucara
Flaco Jimenez                      El padre de un soldado
Santiago Jimenez Jr.               Asi lo crees asi que sea
Texas Tornados                     He is a Tejano
Texas Tornados                     Volver
Mingo Salvidar y su Tremendos Cuatro Espadas - Ruedo de Fuego 
Tish Hinojosa                      Corazon Viajero

Le Trio Cadien                     Flammes D'Enfer
Beausoleil                         Quel Espoir
John Delafose & The Enice Playboys Blues stay away from me
Geno Delafose                      Je ne apprecie pas ca
Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys   Je M'en fous pas mal
Rockin' Dopsie                     Dopsie's Cajun Stomp
Buckwheat Zydeco                   Route 66
Boozoo Chavis                      Do it all night long