American Roots Music

(Non commercial radio)
"Radio Unerhört" (it' a pun) means:
1 a) Radio never listen to
1 b) Radio never heart of
2 a) Radio unbelievable
2 b) Radio cheeky
See also the Radio RUM 90,1 MHz  (American Roots Music)
Start: July 12, 1997 10.00-12.00 p.m.
Music Director:
Hans Settler
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Playlist July 28th, 1998
08:15 - 10:15 p.m.
Big In Iowa                Neon sign                          Twisted                  Blue Rose   1998
Big In Iowa                Rae Jean                           Twisted                  Blue Rose   1998
Cheri Knight               Dar Glasgow                        The Northeast Kingdom    Squared     1998 
Blood Oranges              The crying tree                    The crying tree          ESD         1994
Cheri Knight               Crawling                           The Northeast Kingdom    Squared     1998 
The Ditchdiggers           You win again                      Cow Patty Bingo          Go Kat Go   1998
Haynes Boys                Hell on earth                      Haynes Boys               Slab       1995
Haynes Boys                The lonesomes                      Haynes Boys               Slab       1995
Tim Easton                 Special 20                         Special 20                Heathen    1998
Tim Easton                 Troublesome kind                   Special 20                Heathen    1998
Tim Easton                 All the pretty girls leave town    Special 20                Heathen    1998
J.P. Olson                 Little Cowboy                      Burn Barrel               Demo Tape  1998
Big Back Forty             Just what I need                   Bested                    PolyGram   1997
Dan Israel and the cultivators  Then you find                 Before we met             Persistent 1998
Disciples of Agriculture   In my town                         This same fate            Kranepool  1997
Mary Lou Lord              Lights are changing                Got no shadow             Columbia   1998
Trailer Bride              Porch Song                         Smelling Salts           Bloodshot   1998
The Meat Purveyors         Go out smokin'                     Sweet in the pants       Bloodshot   1998
The Sadies                 Guns speak                         Precious Moments         Bloodshot   1998
The Sadies                 Dying is easy                      Precious Moments         Bloodshot   1998
Tom Russel with K. Moffatt Manzanar                           The long way around      Hightone    1997
Tom Russel with Dave Alvin Blue Wing                          The long way around      Hightone    1997
Dave Alvin                 Fourth of July                     The long way around      Hightone    1994
Dave Alvin                 Blackjack David                    Blackjack David          Hightone    1998
Dave Alvin                 Abeline                            Blackjack David          Hightone    1998
Billy Bragg & Wilco        At my window sad and lonely        Mermaid Avenue           Elektra     1998
Billy Bragg & Wilco        One by one                         Mermaid Avenue           Elektra     1998
Billy Bragg & Wilco        Hesitating Beauty                  Mermaid Avenue           Elektra     1998
Billy Bragg & Wilco        The unwellcome guest               Mermaid Avenue           Elektra     1998
Playlist August 25th, 1998
08:15-10:30 p.m.
Edgar Broughtan Band "American Boy Soldier"               Wasa Wasa                          BGO           1992
Lucinda Williams        "2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten"            Car wheels on a gravel road        Mercury       1998
Lucinda Williams        "Lake Charles"                    Car wheels on a gravel road        Mercury       1998
Lucinda Williams        "Drunken Angel"                   Car wheels on a gravel road        Mercury       1998
Nanci Griffith          "Deportee"                        Other voices, too                  Electra       1998
Ramblin' Jack Elliot    "Rex's Blues"                     Friends of mine                    Hightone      1998
Townes van Zandt        "At my window"                    At my window                       Edsel         1987
Kimmie Rhodes           "I'm gonna fly"                   West Texas Heaven                  Justice       1996
 Cheri Knight            "Blackeye Susie"                  The Northeast Kingdom              E-Squared     1998 
 Geraldine Fibbers       "Folks like me"                   Butch                              Folks like me 1997 
Steve Earle             "Guitar Town"                     Shut up and die like an aviator    MCA           1991
Hazeldine               "A song for"                      Orphans                            All Swoll     1998
   Neil Young              "Heart of gold"                   Live in Austin, Texas '84          Real Live     1984   
Jesse Colin Young       "Get together"                    No Nukes V.A.                      Electra       1979
Willard Grant Inspiracy "Morning is the end of the day"  3 am Sunday @ Fortune Otto's        dahlia        1998
 Saltgrass               "Sandpaper Wind"                 halfway down                        Puddledock    1998 
 Rebecca Caraveo         "Cattie Town"                    Cattie Ness & the Revenge           Demo Tape     1998 
  Andy Tanas              "You gotta love her"             Jukebox Cantina V.A.                Hayden'sFerry 1998 
  Radio Sweethearts       "New memories"                    New Memories                       Sj.Roch       1996  
the Ditchdiggers        "Rock Star"                       Cow Patty Bingo                    Go Kat        1998
 The Setters             "Let's take some drugs ..."        The Setters                       Blue Million Miles 
   The Silos               "Mom out dancing"                  Heater                            Normal        1998   
Alejandro Escavedo      "Gravity/Galling/Street hassle"    More miles than money             Bloodshot     1998
        Calexico                "The Ride pII"                     The Black Light                   City Slang    1998                
Calexico                "Frontera"                         The Black Light                   City Slang    1998
Old 97'                 "Victoria"                         Wreck your life                   Bloodshot     1995
Blue Mountain           "Blue Canoe"                       Dog Days                          Attic         1995
Big In Iowa             "Neon Signs"                       Twister                           Blue Rose     1998
Playlist Sept 8th, 1998
08:15-10:15 p.m.
All "Absolutely Live"
Grateful Dead            "Scrowd Sculpture"                 Infrared Roses               GDM            1991
Grateful Dead            "Parallelogramm"                   Infrared Roses               GDM            1991
 Little Feat              "Don't bogart"                     Waitin' for Columbus          WB            1978 
 Little Feat              "Willin'"                          Waitin' for Columbus          WB            1978 
Little Feat              "Willin'"                          Live from Neon Park           BMG           1996
          Allman Brother Band      "Stormy Monday"                    Live at Filmore East          Poygram       1988                 
Cowboy Junkies           "Misguided Angel"                  200 more miles                BMG           1995
CStN&Y                   "Ohio"                             Four Way Street               Atlantic      1971
Golden Smog              "Glad & Sorry"                     American Songbook V.A.        Volume        1996
Grateful Dead            "She's mine"                       Wooden Set                    Teddy Bear    1970
Jackson Browne           "The Crow on the Cradle"           No Nukes V.A.                 Electra       1997
Jesse Colin Young        "Get together"                     No Nukes V.A.                 Electra       1997
Marshall Tucker Band     "Can't you see"                    Searchin' for a Rainbow       Mainline      1989
Go to Blazes             "Out on the weekend"               Almost a decade               Glitterhouse  1997
Neil Young               "Mother Earth"                     Are there any more real Cowb. Prime Cuts    1993
Neil Young               "Roll another number for the road" Live in Austin, Texas         Real Live     1984
New Riders               "Portland Woman"                   Live in Japan                 Relix         1994
Steve Earle              "Copperhead Road"                  American Songbook V.A.        Volume        1996
Sweet Honey in the Rocks "A woman"                          No Nukes                      Electra       1997
Kate Wolf                "Pacheco / Red Tail Hawk"          An evening in Austin          Rhino         1989
Tony Price               "Run, run, run"                    Sol Power                     Antone's Eur. 1997
Geraldine Fibbers        "If drinking don't kill me"        What part of get thee...      SFTRI         1996
Cowboy Junkies           "Sweet Jane"                       200 more miles                BMG           1995
Go To Blazes             "There she goes again"             Almost a decade               Glitterhouse  1997
Velvet Underground       "Waitin' for my man"               Live at Max's Kansas City     Atlantic      1972
Youngbloods              "Hippie from Olema"
Playlist Sept 22th, 1998
08:15 - 10:30 p.m.
Supersuckers                   Hangliders                      Must've been high                       Sub Pop 1996
Gram Parsons                   Brass Buttons                   Grievious Angel                         Reprise 1990
Emmylou Harris                 Boulder to Birmingham           Spyboy                                  Grapevine 1998
Whiskeytown                    Drank like a river              Faithless Street                        MoodFood 1995
Whiskeytown                    Dancing with the women..        Strangers Almanac                       Outpost 1997
Alejandro Escovedo             Broken Bottle                   More miles than money                   Bloodshot 1998
Neko Case & her Boyfriends     Karoline                        The Virginian                           Bloodshot 1998
Hank Williams                  Lost Highway                    Lost Highway                            Polydor 1986
Townes van Zandt               Lost Highway                    I'll never get out of this world alive  Trikont 1998
Tim Easton                     Brand New Companion             Unsreleased                             Unreleased 1998
Tim Easton                     All the pretty girls            Special 20                              Heathen 1998
Farmer Not So John             Paperthin                       Receiver                                Blue Rose 1998
Farmer Not So John             Grand Bouquet                   Receiver                                Blue Rose 1998
Emmylou Harris                 Deeper Will                     Spy Boy                                 Grapevine 1998
Nanci Griffith                 Deportee                        Other voicec, too                       Elektra 1998
Lucinda Williams               You don't have v.f.t.g.         Tulare Dust                             Hightone 1994
Slobberbone                    I'll be damned                  Barrel Chested                          doolittle 1997
The Gourds                     Pushed her down                 Stadium Blitzer                         Munich 1998
The Bad Livers                 Shufflin' to Memphis            Hogs on the highway                     Sugar Hill 1997
Son Volt                       Windfall                        Trace                                   WB 1996
Markus Rill & the Gunslingers  A girl called Jo                Gunslinger's Tales                      2wlbf 1997
Borrowed Tunes                 Trouble                         Broken Radio (Unreleased yet)           Unreleased
Whitey Ray Huitt               Austex Blues '95                Austex Blues                            Chewahwah Chase 1995
Jimmie Rodgers                 Any old time                    Ry Cooder Classics                      Jasrac 1991
Bono                           Dreaming with tears in my eyes  The songs of Jimmie Rodgers             Columbia 1997
Dickey Betts                   Waitin' for a train             The songs of Jimmie Rodgers             Columbia 1997
Garcia,Grisman&Kahn            Blue Yodel No.9                 The songs of Jimmie Rodgers             Columbia 1997
Van Morrison                   Mule Skinner Blues              The songs of Jimmie Rodgers             Columbia 1997
Allison Moorer                 A soft place to fall            The Horse Whisperer                     MCA 1998
The Flatlanders                South wind of summer            The Horse Whisperer                     MCA 1998
Playlist Oct 20th, 1998
08:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Son Volt                         Hanging Blue Side                         Wide Swing Tremolo                 WB                     
Hazeldine                        Right to Fred                             digging you up                     Polydor                
Farmer Not So John               For you I will pretend                    Receiver                           Blue Rose            
Continental Drifters             The Rain Song                             Vermillion                         Blue Rose            
Big in Iowa                      Nobody's fool                             Twisted                            Blue Rose           
Cracker                          Been around the world                     Gentleman's Blues                  Virgin                  
Mary Cutrufello                  Sworn To Pride                            Jukebox Cowboy V.A.                VJ                       
Lucinda Williams                 Like a rose                               Lucinda Williams                   Rough Trade        
Nanci Griffith                   Desperados Waiting for a train            Other voices, too                  Elektra                
Gillian Welch                    Leaving Train                             The Horse Whisperer                MCA                    
Trailer Bride                    Bruises for Pearls                        Smelling Salts                     Bloodshot           
The Blacks                       Dear Little Girl                          Dolly Horrorshow                   Bloodshot           
The Blacks                       Horrorshow                                Dolly Horrorshow                   Bloodshot            
Neko Case                        The Virginian                             The Virginian                      Bloodshot           
The Sadies                       Cowhand                                   Precious Moments                   Bloodshot           
Pine Valley Cosmonauts           San Antonio Rose                          Salute the majesty of Bob Wills    Bloodshot           
Pine Valley Cosmonauts           Take me back to Tulsa                     same                               Bloodshot           
Grievous Angels                  Long Gone Lonesome Blues                  Miles on the rail                  Bloodshot           
Freakwater                       Binding Twine                             Springtime                         thrill                    
Geraldine Fibbers                Fancy                                     What part of get thee gone...      SFRI                   
Crowd Of One                     Been there before                         Rubbertramp                        BHR                  
Cisco                            The Bum You Say I Am                      Wishing you well from the P.M.     PRPLLNT           
RiverBluff Clan                  Two Quarts Low                            Two Quarts Low                     FAT Change       
Electric Range                   Riding down the Canyon                    Electric Range                     Smokehouse      
Old Cowhands                     Detour                                    A Tribute to Wesley Tuttle         Wild West          
Ruthie and the Wranglers         I'm satisfied                             Life's savings                     Lasso                
Ronny Elliott                     Tell The Killer The King Is Dead         ...a postcard from jack            Blue Heart         
Sherwood Lumsden                  Elvis and Jesus                          Hey, hey                           Wonderstar        
Slobberbone                       One Rung                                 Barrel Chested                     doolittle             
Dan Israel and the Cultivators    Then you find                            Before we me                       Persistent         
Disciples of Agriculture          Play the fool                            This same fate                     KranePool         
Playlist Nov 17th 1998
08:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Artists             Song                  Title                    Label       Year
Richard Buckner           Rainsqual                     bloomed                          Glitterhouse     1994 
Richard Buckner           Pull                          devotion doub                    MCA              1996
Richard Buckner           Blue and wonder               bloomed                          Glitterhouse     1994
Richard Buckner           Lil wallet picture            devotion doubt                   MCA              1996
Richard Buckner           Mud                           bloomed                          Glitterhouse     1994
Richard Buckner           A goodbye rye                 devotion doubt                   MCA              1996
Richard Buckner           Gauzy dress in the sun        bloomed                          Glitterhouse     1994
Richard Buckner           Song of 27                    devotion doubt                   MCA              1996
Richard Buckner           Surprise, AZ                  bloomed                          Gliterhouse      1994
Richard Buckner           Ariel Ramirez                 Since                            MCA              1996
Lyle Lovett               Flyin' Shoes                  Step inside this house           Curb             1998
Lyle Lovett               Step inside this house        Step inside this house           Curb             1998 
Lyle Lovett               If I needed you               Step inside this house           Curb             1998
Townes van Zandt          At my window                  At my window                     Sugar Hill       1987
Alejandro Escovedo        Nickel and a spoon            With these hands                 Watermelon       19
Alejandro Escovedo        Sway                          More miles than money            Bloodshot        1998
Alejandro Escovedo        Tugboat                       With these hands                 Watermelon       19
Kate Wolf                 Carolina Pines                An evening in Austin             Rhino            1989
Nanci Griffith            Across the great divide       Other voices, other rooms        Elektra          1993 
Dave Alvin                These times we're living in   remembering Kate Wolf            Red House        1998 
Nanci Griffith            Friend of mine                remembering Kate Wolf            Red House        1998
John Gorka                Sweet love                    remembering Kate Wolf            Red House        1998
Lucinda Williams          Here in California            remembering Kate Wolf            Red House        1998
Shawn Colvin              Killing the Blues             Cover Girl                       Columbia         1994
Shawn Colvin              One cool remove               Cover Girl                       Columbia         1994
Lucinda Williams          Little Angel, Little Brother  Sweet old world                  Chameleon        1992 
Gillian Welch             Paper Wings                   Revival                          Almo             1996

Playlist Dec 15th, 1998
08:00 - 10:00 p.m.
The Hazeldine Nodepression Tour Diary 1997

with music by
Hazeldine        - digging you up                         - digging you up                    PolyGram 1998
Son Volt         - Windfall                               - Trace                             WB 1996
Hazeldine        - Apethocary                             - How bees fly                      PolyGram 1998
Neil Young       - Don't cry no tears                     - Zuma                              Reprise 1975
Hazeldine        - Dead love                              - digging you up                    PolyGram 1998
Hazeldine        - A song for                             - Orphans                           All Swoll Music 1998
Neil Casal       - Day in the sun                         - fade away diamond time            Glitterhouse 1996
Whiskeytown      - Desperate ain't lonely                 - unreleased live
Old 97's         - Over the cliff                         - Wreck your life                   Bloodshot 1995
The Picketts     - Good Good Wife                         - Euphonium                         Rounder 1996
Whiskeytown      - Dream                                  - unreleased live
Neil Young       - Albuquerque                            - Tonight's the night"              Reprise 1975
Old 97's         - Victoria                               - Wreck your life                   Bloodshot 1995
Old 97's         - Doreen                                 - Wreck your life                   Bloodshot 1995
Richard Buckner  - Mud                                    - Bloomed                           Glitterhouse 1994 
Hazeldine        - Drive                                  - digging you up                    PolyGram 1998
Whiskeytown      - Easy Heart                             - unreleased live
The Supersuckers - One Cigarette away                     - Must've been high                 SupPop 1997
Old 97's         - Big Brown Eyes                         - Wreck your life                   Bloodshot 1995
Hazeldine        - I'm lonesome without you               - Orphans                           Bloodshot 1995
Hazeldine        - Rosemary                               - How bees fly                      Glitterhouse 1997
Hazeldine        - Tarmac                                 - digging you up                    PolyGram 1998
Hazeldine        - Allergic to love                       - How bees fly                      Glitterhouse 1997
Musical Background (to the spoken tour diary)

Calexico                     "The Ride pt II"              from "The Black Light"             City Slang 1998
Calexico                     "Frontera"                    from "The Black Light"             City Slang 1998
The Shakin' Apostles         "Tucson"                      from "Austin, Texas"               Blue Rose 1996
Ry Cooder                    "Arichie's Funeral"           from "The Long Riders"             WB 1980
Ry Cooder                    "Leaving Missouri"            from "The Long Riders"             WB 1980
Bob Dylan                    "Main Theme"                  from "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid" Columbia 1973
Bob Dylan                    "Bunkhouse Theme"             from "Pat Garret & Billy the Kid"  Columbia 1973
The Sadies                   "Clear A Path"                from "Precious Moments"            Bloodshot 1998
The Sadies                   "Lil Cottontail"              from "Pecious Moments"             Bloodshot 1998
The Friends of Dean Martinez "Fresca"                      from "Retregade"                   Sub Pop 1997
The Friends of Dean Martinez "Cabeza De Mojado"            from "Retregade"                   Sub Pop 1997
The Friend of Dean Martinez  "Ask the dust"                from "Retregade"                   Sub Pop 1997
Lucinda Williams             "Car wheels on a gravel road" from "Car wheels on a gravel road" Mercury 1998
Tom Petty                    "Heart so big"                from "She's the one" 
Little Feat                  "Don't bogart the joint"      from "Waiting for Columbus"        WB 1978
Whiskeytown                  "Houses on the hill"          unreleased live