Ramblin' Records is an independent record company, specializing in Country and American Roots music. When we started Ramblin' in the spring of 1998, a serious effort to build a platform for innovative, high quality Country Music in Scandinavia was long overdue. For decades, Country Music has occupied an unfortunate and rather obscure position on the Scandinavian entertainment scene. Rock fans tended to sneer at Country, confusing it with the syrupy Dansband-music, whereas Country fans were equally hostile to any attempt to develop Country Music along the age-old path common to Country and Rock. Through the emergence of new talents [ike Dwight Yoakam and Steve Earle in the mid-eighties, and even more so with the arrival of Neo-Country acts such as Uncle Tupelo, Wilco and Jayhawks, this situation became both untenable and irrelevant. These artists, and many others, gained considerable popularity and influence, but still music fans in both camps argued over whether they were Country or Rock.

Taking stock of this situation barely six months ago, we saw only one logical course of action:
Forget the difference. Just listen to the music.

We decided to start a label that would be true to the great heritage of traditional Country, while acknowledging the many common roots shared by Country and Rock. That label is Ramblin' Records.

After less than a year as a functioning label, we are convinced that we chose wisely. We have been amazed, and often overwhelmed, by the quantity and quality of Scandinavian Country Music. Since the press first started paying attention to us, demo after excellent demo with original and talented Country and Roots acts have arrived at our office. We'll be recording and releasing a fair share of them in the near future, doing our best to maintain a high standard of quality in every step of the process. And when you - the audience - hear the result, we're pretty sure you will be amazed and overwhelmed, too.

Following artists abailable:

Ben "Like a wheel touching ground"

Deeptone "let Them Be Wrong"

Alimony "Bottomless"

Jake & The Spitfires "Due West"

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