File: Audrey Auld - Fred Eaglesmith - He-s a good dog
File: Bill and Kasey Chambers - Fred Eaglesmith-Carter
File: Blackie and the Rodeo Kings - Barks - Lyrics
File: Calexico - Alone again or
File: Calexico - Bloodflow
File: Calexico - Feast of wire - Lyrics
File: Calexico - Low expectations
File: Calexico - Missing
File: Calexico - Point Vicente
File: Calexico - Removed
File: Calexico - Sanchez
File: Calexico - Spokes
File: Calexico - Sundown
File: Calexico - The black light
File: Calexico - Trigger
File: Calexico - Wash
File: Carla Bozulich - Blue eyes crying in the rain
File: Carla Bozulich - Blue rock montana
File: Carla Bozulich - Can i sleep in your arms
File: Carla Bozulich - Denver
File: Carla Bozulich - Hands on the wheel
File: Carla Bozulich - I couldn-t believe it was true
File: Carla Bozulich - Red headed stranger
File: Carla Bozulich - Remember me
File: Carla Bozulich - Time of the preacher theme
File: Chris Knight - A train not running
File: Chris Knight - Banging way
File: Chris Knight - Broken plow
File: Chris Knight - Carla came home
File: Chris Knight - Devil behind the wheel
File: Chris Knight - Hello old man
File: Chris Knight - Long black highway
File: Chris Knight - Me and this road
File: Chris Knight - Staying up all night long
File: Chris Knight - The border
File: Chris Knight - The jealous kind
File: Clem Snide - Action
File: Clem Snide - All green
File: Clem Snide - Ancient chinese secret blues
File: Clem Snide - Chinese baby
File: Clem Snide - Close the door
File: Clem Snide - Don-t be afraid of your anger
File: Clem Snide - Every moment
File: Clem Snide - Evil vs good
File: Clem Snide - Find love
File: Clem Snide - Fontanelle
File: Clem Snide - Forever now and then
File: Clem Snide - Happy birthday
File: Clem Snide - Ice cube
File: Clem Snide - Joan Jett of Arc
File: Clem Snide - Let-s explode
File: Clem Snide - Long lost twin
File: Clem Snide - No one-s more happy than you
File: Clem Snide - Strong enough
File: Clem Snide - The Ballad of Unzer Charlie
File: Clem Snide - The curse of great beauty
File: Clem Snide - The junky jews
File: Clem Snide - There is nothing
File: Clem Snide - Tuesday October 24th
File: David Childers - Lyrics-1
File: Ddavid Childers - Lyrics-2
File: Del McCoury Band -1952 Vincent Black Lightening
File: Drive by Truckers - Lyrics-Decoration day
File: Emmylou Harris - Can you hear me now
File: Emmylou Harris - Jupiters risin
File: Guy Clark - The last gunfighter ballad
File: Guy-Clark-Cold-dog-soup
File: Jeff Black - Honey and salt - Lyrics
File: Jeff Black -B-sides and confessions - Lyrics
File: Joe Ely - 95 South
File: Joe Ely - Fightin for my life
File: Joe Ely - Flood on our hands
File: Joe Ely - Run little pony
File: Joe Ely - Streets of sin lyrics
File: Joe Ely - Winds gonna blow you away
File: Johnny Cash - 25 minutes to go
File: Johnny Cash - Apache tears
File: Johnny Cash - Hurt
File: Johnny Cash - Like a soldier
File: Johnny Cash - The beast in me
File: Josh Ritter-Wings
File: Mary Gauthier - Fred Eaglesmith - Your sister cried
File: My Morning Jacket - It still moves -Lyrics
File: Peter Rowan -That I love you
File: Ramsay Midwood - Alligators lament
File: Ramsay Midwood -Fishermans friend
File: Ramsay Midwood -Grass'll grow
File: Ramsay Midwood -Monster truck
File: Ramsay Midwood -Waynesboro
File: Reckless Kelly - Subterranean Homesick Blues
File: Richmond Fontaine - Out of state
File: Richmond Fontaine - Santiam
File: Richmond Fontaine - Five degrees below
File: Richmond Fontaine - Glisan street
File: Richmond Fontaine - Northline
File: Richmond Fontaine - Somewhere near
File: Richmond Fontaine - Western skyline
File: Richmond Fontaine - Winnner-s casino
File: Robert Earl Keen - These years
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - rocknroll
File: Ryan Adams - Anybody wanna take me home
File: Ryan Adams - Do miss america
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell - Afraid not scared
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell1 - Political scientist
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell1 - Shadowland
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell1 - This house is not for sale
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell1 - Wonderwall
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell1 - World war 24
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell1 -Love is hell
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell2 - Chelsea nights
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell2 - City rain city streets
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell2 - English girl_can be so mean
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell2 - I see monsters
File: Ryan Adams - Loveishell2 - Thank you Louise
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - 1974
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - Boys
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - Burning photographs
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - Luminol
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - Note to self
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - Shallow
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - So alive
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - The drugs not working
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - This it is
File: Ryan Adams - Rocknroll - Wish you were here
File: Scott Gibson - Ballad of the balladeer
File: Scott Gibson - Hand it over
File: Scott Gibson - I believe
File: Scott Gibson - I cant tarry long
File: Scott Gibson - Kripalu
File: Scott Gibson - Make ready
File: Scott Gibson - Put away the blues
File: Scott Gibson - Robin on Hudson
File: Scott Gibson - Sunday social
File: Scott Gibson - The hardest part of hurtin
File: Silver Shoes - Cowboy angel
File: Silver Shoes - How much i-ve lied
File: Silver Shoes - I built my own prison
File: Silver Shoes - I-m only sleeping
File: Silver Shoes - Lonesome empty and blue
File: Silver Shoes - Many a mile to freedom
File: Silver Shoes - Nowhere else to go
File: Silver Shoes - Old friend
File: Silver Shoes - Still thinkin bout you
File: Silver Shoes - Straight from the heart
File: Silver Shoes - Tear stained eye
File: Silver Shoes - To see you again
File: Silver Shoes - You can close your eyes
File: Slaid Cleaves - Fred Eaglesmith - White rose
File: Steve Earle - That-s so funny bout peace...
File: Tom Russell - St Olav-s Gate
File: Townes van Zandt - Cocaine Blues
File: Waco Brothers - Better everday
File: Waco Brothers - New Deal Blues
File: Waco Brothers - New Moon
File: Waco Brothers - No heart
File: Waco Brothers - The lie
File: Warren Zevon - Dirty life and times
File: Warren Zevon - Disorder in the house
File: Warren Zevon - El amor de mi vida
File: Warren Zevon - Keep me in your heart
File: Warren Zevon - Numb as a statue
File: Warren Zevon - Please stay
File: Warren Zevon - Prison grove
File: Warren Zevon - Rub me raw
File: Warren Zevon - She-s good for me
File: Warren Zevon - The rest of the night