Subject: hazeldine lyrics
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 19:17:30 PST
From: "tonya lamm"  (new hazeldine e-mail-address and homepage next time)
To: settler@Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE

dear hans,

feel free to put my mail on your guestbook, but could you please delete
my address for now? we will have a new band e-mail very soon, and i
would prefer to recieve unsolicited mail there, simply because my email
is slow and gets clogged up easily.
here's some news: we just returned from los angeles, where we were
checking out recording studios for our next record. it will be recorded
in january with the illustrious Jim Scott, of tom petty, johnny cash,
etc.etc.etc. fame. we met jim last febuary in nashville, when dropped
in to see the whiskeytowners during the recording of stranger's almanac,
which jim produced. we're all very happy to have him on this project,
cause he's so fantastic, and i'm personally looking forward to spending
january in the warmth of L.A.

lyrics to "Yer Shoes..."

    D                                  G
i looked at your picture today
there's family and flowers and a smile on your face
     A7                   Bm            G                D
like i havn't seen in too many days - what happened?
            D               A7
your smiles gone away

       D                                   G
and i'm leaving  i'm leaving today
i'm going tonight on the very next train
       A7                               Bm              G
i'm taking our baby but i'm leaving your name
             D                             A7                  D                   A7                      D
to linger on here - with your silence - in the rain  (or 'in the silence - what a shame')

          Bm                       G
cause you begged me to go
        Bm                G
your ice, fire and snow
but there's tethers, and tatters,
and ropes to untangle
         G                             A7
i'm drowning in wishes to please

(Guitar Solo)

the river ran over today
the water was churning
and both banks gave way
if i was on the highway i might feel immune
with a false sense of strategy, i look down,
there's your shoes
and you beg me to stay
the ice is melting away
but there's bushes and berries
and reeds to unravel
my heart slipping down to my knees

so i'm leaving today
i'm going tonight if it don't look like rain
i'm taking our baby but i'm leaving you name
to linger on here with you silence
what a shame
but it doesn't matter
i'm still going away

thanks again, hans, and your site is totally awesome!!!

So many thanks Tonya for the lyrics!!!!