The War River Club
"The Bad Side of Otis Ave."

The Ware River Club has a spinning kind of sound that's influenced by rockabilly, country, pop and roots music These guys could very well be the backup band for gritty country rock star Steve Earle. Like a fine wine, this album gets better with each listen. The songs and the band's delivery grows on you in an unassuming fashion until you find yourself bumming the tunes during the course of your day. A fine outing by a solid group of players."

- Metronome Magazine

"The Ware River Club writes about small town working class lives, painting pictures of real people trying to get by; the father who can't talk after 50 years of smoking... it's one of the more poignant moments I've heard on record in awhile."

- No Depression Magazine

" Hebert's torn, mournful crooning on The Bad Side of Otis Ave. doesn't sound like the slurred drawling of a tanked up hick. His songs sound humble and unassuming, but they're sly little buggers, plotting to suck you into their moods, even against your wlll.

- ValleyAdvocate

WRSI 95.3/100.7 Picks tracks 6 & 10 for regular rotation
WRNX 100.9 Picks tracks 2 & 6 for regular rotation
 #13 on Country Rock Charts

Iron Horse, Northampton, MA
Mercury Lounge NYC
Lakeside Lounge NYC
Arlene's Grocery, NYC
Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA
Kendall: Cafe, Cambridge, MA
Mole's Eye, Brattleboro, VT
Valentines, Albany, NY
Iota, Arlington, VA
Bay State, Northampton MA
Northampton Brew Fest MA

Matt Hebert
Natural Disaster Records

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