"Beautiful Lazy"
Hillbilly-Roots-Rock Music
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"Don't let this band fool you. They aren't hillbillies in the classic sense,
it's just a cool name."

T. Alexander, Pulse. Vol 3, #42. Jan 19,2000.

"What if the Jayhawks traveled back in time and jammed with
The Grateful Dead and Willie Nelson? would have sounded a lot
like The Urban Hillbilly Quartet"

- Darren Tobolt, TheRipsaw. Feb 1999

"The Urban Hillbilly Quartet is exactly what its name implies-an
Appalachian string band that discovered electricity and moved
to the big dty."

- Shepherd Express (Milwaukee) March25, 1999

"Simply put, the UHQ plugs in and rocks! The band's ongoing mix of old-time
country with straight out rock'n'roll is a guaranteed foot-stomper."

Bill Snyder, S~wayNews (Mpls) Vol 29, #46. Nov 10,1999

"With amplified fiddle and accordion in the band, it's plain that
UHQ aren't your run-of-the-mill roots-rock act. Hard enough to please
punkers1 twangy enough to thrill alt-country types, they'll have this modest
room all hot and sweaty in no time."

Mary McAleese, Isthmus (Madison, WI). March17, 2000

"The band blends electric guitars, accordions, fiddle and other
instruments into a sound that fills the space nicely between the Grateful Dead
and Uncle Tupelo."

Rob Thomas, WisconsinStateJournal: Capital Times. March 16.2000

"This band drifts between country, bluegrass, and rock with equal adeptness
[they] take these elements into a blend of styles that is very listenable, and
never what you expected."

Jeff Loudermik, NorthlandReader (Duluth, MN) Nov 25,1999

"U HQ's sound gracefully goes from tender to surly, expanding from their
Appalachian string band roots. Rough and ready gypsy violins, fevered
jamborees and mournful heartache culminate in their most diverse
and satisfying disc to date [Beautiful Lazy]."

John Noyd, Maximum Ink (Madison, WI) Vol 5, #1. April 5,2000

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Erik Brandt
The Urban Hillbilly Quartet
P.O. Box #7896
St. Paul, MN. 55107 USA


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