Turst the whole world  

Andy van Dyke

The Rainravens

G The clock curses and the calendar sings the pendulum of your emotions swings D G those dark days of youth you thought were gone threw you a surprise party so you stood on the mountaintop and never worried about the drop D G but all you came away with was a real bad nosebleed. G Lightening strikes in the middle of the night you sit straight up and turn on the light D G you had a dream you were dying and nothing flashed before your eyes sometimes you can never win sometimes you have to be your own best friend D G and sometimes that's one more friend than you've got. C G Is it so hard to believe Bm C G will you trust the whole world more than you trust you C G you can question everything you know Bm D but some things will always remain true. Instrumental I know people who like to spend the day taking everything the wrong way just think of all the girls named Gloria who must've thought that song was about them you can get mad, you can apologize but you'll face yourself when you realize that you've got no clothes and you're not even the emperor. Is it so hard to believe .... Today the firehouse burned down the doctor's dying in this town and every real estate office on Main Street is up for sale but there's plenty of roads and plenty of white lines no exit ramps, no speed limit signs but on every road there's three lanes out of town and only one lane in. Is it so hard to believe ...