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The Blacks
(until recently known as The Black Family)
Dolly Horrorshow
  1. Dolly
  2. Teresa Leaves Lonesome Town
  3. New New Waltzing Blues
  4. Dear Little Girl
  5. Horrorshow
  6. Tortured Holiday
  7. Crazy
  8. Moan
  9. Take Me Now
10. Never Coming Back
11. I'll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning
12. He's Gone

Strolling the Times Square side of Nashville, and strutting the Hollywood Boulevard side of Austin, TX -- THE BLACKS have as much to do with mainstream country music as a .25 peep show does with the latest LeAnn Rimes video (honestly now,
which would you rather see??). This is twisted, hard-core cowboys_in_lipstick jazz -- with ample flourishes of cabaret sophistication, swaggering Doors-esque rock 'n' roll, ragtime pathos, and primordial country blues. It manages to simultaneously spiral back to the beginnings of American roots music and rocket ahead to a gritty, lurid future.

Dolly Horrowshow, THE BLACKS' debut release on BLOODSHOT RECORDS (where The Waco Brothers, Robbie Fulks, Neko Case, Alejandro Escovedo and a stable-full of other piss and fire folks come home to roost) flaunts a rock-wallop and a upside slap of glitter glamour and jug band doo-dah -- honed to a sharpened-spoon edge by producer Eric "Roscoe" Ambel (known for his knob-twiddling work with the Bottle Rockets, Blue Mountain, and The Cowslingers). Dolly Horrorshow is soaked through with The Blacks' deep-throated three-part harmonies, a growling,  moaning trumpet, the shove and tickle of piano and organ, and a lascivious "LaGrange"-flavored musical leer -- "uh-how-how-how-howww..." -- and HOW.

THE BLACKS are led by Danny Black (vocals/guitar/trumpet) and Gina Black (vocals/upright bass), with Nora O'Connor on vocals, guitar and piano and James Emmenegger on drums. Easily Bloodshot's sauciest band (imagine a visual cross between Squirrel Nut Zippers and Nashville Pussy!), they'll snarl and coo their way into your heart -- and your britches --  with their crazed, gaudy gestalt that has whipped crowds of seekers into an eyeball-plucking frenzy for the past two years.
Now it's your turn to burn.

Bloodshot Records
912 W.Addison Chicago IL 60613-4339