So far gone  

Andy van Dyke


G G7 C We used to walk arm in arm down the drag just to do it D C G D there were so many sparks in her eyes she could've owned this whole town G G7 C I ran into her yesterday and my heart started breaking D how could this be the same girl C G all grown up and all settled down. C She's so far gone G I could not recognize her D C G the words that she spoke or the clothes she had on C G I looked deep in her eyes for the person I once knew D C but there wasn't a trace of that child in her face G she's so far gone. Most people find something they love, first thing they want to own it hold on too tight, afraid that it might get free and her family never approved of the life she was living they must be happy now she's with him because they sure never cared much for me She's so far gone ... I guess she went back to her big house, her new friends, her new life she's probably forgotten about it now, it's been so long but I drove back to the place where we lived our lives in that apartment I sat in my car in the driveway and when the sun came up I had this song She's so far gone ...