Heads up Specialty Shows! SURF, Instrumental, Garage,Bluegrass, Alt.Country
The Sadies
want to share
"Precious Moments"
with you.

 1 Guns Speak
 2 Dying is easy
 3 Glass of wine
 4 Red Cloth
 5 Little Sadie
 6 Cheat
 7 Cowhand
 8 Pretty Polly
 9 Clam chowder
10 Seventy-Six
      (pretend to have the same nterests)
11 Wagonwheel
12 Snow Squadron
13 Same Song
14 Wrap Around
15 Tell her lies & Feed Her Candy
16 Rubber Bat
17 Clear A Path
18 Rabid Monkey
19 Barbarosa
20 Lil Cottontail

 Sssssshhhh... hush, baby! Don't say those words you know I can't bear to hear when you're talking about my sweet SADIES.  Don't dare mention Spaghetti Westerns. Don't even whisper the dreaded word "surf". Instead, speak softly of country tang, rabid monkey swang, and a tick-tight boom-chicka-boom-chicka-BANG. That's right. Be very quiet and mama will talk to you for awhile...

She'll tell you that THE SADIES are the best thing Toronto has ever spit out, period. The twin lead guitars of brothers Dallas Good (of Touch & Go's PHONOCOMB and JAD FAIR's HALF JAPANESE action) and Travis Good (fiddle/mandolin/guitar-slinger for Canada's seminal country legends/icons The GOOD BROTHERS) head up a feral cattle drive -- with drummer Mike Belitsky (PERNICE BROTHERS and ex-JALE) and bassist Sean Dean (ex-PHLEG CAMP) whipping up the relentless galeforce rhythms that drive The Sadies' white-eyed, sweat-flecked stampede from Malibu to the Motor City. And sugarbaby -- these here steers have horns and blood and balls.

"PRECIOUS MOMENTS", The Sadies' gift to you from Bloodshot Records -- Chicago's "Home of Insurgent Country", whose stable shelters the likes of Alejandro Escovedo, The Waco Brothers, Robbie Fulks, Whiskeytown, and the home to Neko Case (look for the recently-released split 7" of murder ballads from Neko and The Sadies on Bloodshot) -- was recorded on pristine 2" tape by STEVE ALBINI and delivers furious instrumental bursts, murder, mayhem, lies and candy, Stanley Brothers picking duets, themes for Leone films that never were, and Stoogerian screams and skronk -- a blistering 20 songs in 40 minutes! Like Mama always said "get in, get out -- and no one gets hurt." Well, unless your name is "Pretty Polly"...

But Mama could go on about her sweet Sadies all day...we're just filthy with guest list action, band interviews, live on-air performances and what-all. Why don't you call on us here at Bloodshot? It's your turn to talk. Tell Mama. Tell Mama everything.

BLOODSHOT RECORDS 912 W.Addison Chicago IL 60613-4339 USA

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