American Roots Music
Nodepression - Torch & Twang - Rockabilly - Cowpunk -  Bluegrass
Newgrass - Cowjazz - Folk - Blues - TexMex - Cajun - Indians
Cosmic Country Music - Progressive Country Music
Singer/Songwriter - Insurgent Country

Musical Director:
Hans Settler

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This selection of records is my very own personally taste.
Not too many people are listening to this kind of music in 
'Good Old Germany'. I will do my best to bring some listeners 
to this kind of American Music and I hope I have the time 
and money in the near future to send my show via Real Audio.

Thanks to all for your interest and your inspiration!

Playlist January 12th '99 08:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Artist(s)  -   CD-Title  -    Song-Title  -   Label 
Big in Iowa - Neon Signs - Twisted (Blue Rose)  Cisco - The Bum you say I am - Wishing You Well From The Pink Motel (Propellant)  Jason Reed - Ghost Town - Highway  Crowd of One - Thanks for the ride - Rubbertramp  RifferBluffClan - Two Quarts Low - 2 Quarts Low (Fat Chance)  Frog Holler - One more - Couldn't get along (Zo Bird)  Drunk Stuntmen - Dead - taking my pee pants off (Chunk Records)  Cracker - Seven Days - Gentleman's Blues (Virgin)  Grievous Angels - Long Gone Lonesome Blues - Miles On The Rail (Bloodshot)  Calexico - The Ride pt II - The Black Light (Quarterstick)  Los Super Seven - Plane Wreck At Los Gatos - Los Super Seven (RCA)  Alejandro Escovedo - Broken Bottle - More Miles Than Money (Bloodshot)  Gourds - Lament - Stadium Blitzer (Watermelon)  Neko Case - Somebody led me away - The Virginian (Bloodshot)  Golden Smog - Looking forward to seeing you - Weird Tales (Rykodisc)  Hazeldine - Drive - digging you up (Polydor)  Freakwater - Loraine - Springtime (Thrill Jockey)  Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Take me back to Tulsa - salute to the majesty of Bob Wills (Bloodshot)  Cheri Knight - Crawling - The Northeast Kingdom (E Squared) 4:02 Lyle Lovett - Flyin' Shoes - Step Inside This House (MCA/Curb)  Dave Alvin - Abeline -Blackjack David (Hightone)  Tim Easton - Troublesome Kind - Special 20 (Blue Rose)  Jerry Douglas - TV Doctor - Restless On The Farm (Sugar Hill) Nanci Griffith - Dress of laces - Other Voices Too (Elektra) 4:58 Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Louise - Friends Of Mine (Hightone)  Farmer Not So John - Paperthin - Receiver (Blue Rose)  Billy Bragg & Wilco - California Stars - Mermaid Avenue (Elektra)  Son Volt - Medicine Hat - Wide Swing Tremolo (Warner Bros)  Lucinda Williams - Can't let go -Car Wheels On A Gravel Road (Mercury)

Playlist February 9th '99 08:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Artist(s) -  CD-Title - Song-Title -   Label
Highway Special:
Wilco - Passenger Side - A.M. (Sire 1995) Son Volt - Windfall  - Trace  (WB 1995) Robert Earl Keen - Travellin' Light - Long Distance Neil Young - Where is the highway tonight? - Old Ways  (Geffen 1985) Bob Dylan -  Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan (Columbia 19967) Robert Johnson - Crossroad  -   Rolling Stone - Route 66 - Rolling Stones  (abkco 1964) Bruce Springsteen  -  The Ghost of Tom Joad  -   Byrds  - Wasn't born to follow  -   Mannassas -  Down the road  -   Neil Young - Roll another number for the road   Tonight's the night (Reprise 1975) Hank Williams  -   Lost Highway   -  Lost Highway (PolyGramm 1986) Kieran Kane -  Ramblin' Man   -   Dead Rekoning   (Dead Rekoning 1995) Burns/Williams -   Return of the grievous angels   Townes van Zandt -  Racing in the streets  -  Road Songs (BMG 1993) Whiskeytown - Theme for a trucker -  The End of Violence  (Outpost 1997) The Yayhoos - Highway Junkie - Rig Rock Deluxe   (Diesel 1996) Steve Earle - Six days on the road  -      Geraldine Fibbers - Heads on the wheel - What part ... (SFTRI 1996) Little Feet - Willin' - Live from the Neonpark  (WB 1978) Wayne Hancock - Thunderstorm & Neonsigns  (Arc21 1998) Fred Eaglesmith  -  105 - Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline   (Razor & Tie 1997) Dave Alvin - Long, White Cadillac - Interstate City   (Hightone 1997) Fred Eaglesmith  -  Pontiac  -  Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline Lyle Lovett - West Texas Highway  -  Step inside this house (Curb 1998) Robert Earl Keen  -   Rollin' by  - #2 Live Dinner (Sugar Hill ) Steve Earle -  Guitar Town - Steve Earle & the Dukes  (MCA 1986) Howlin' Wolf - Highway 49 Mary Cutrufello - Highway 59 - When the night is through  (Mercury 1998) John Lee Hooker - Highway 13 - Mr. Lucky Lucinda Williams - Jackson - Car wheels on a gravel road  (Mercury 1998) Ramblin'JackElliott - Bobby McGhee - Banjo Man  (Sire 1997) Rolling Stones - Faraway eyes - Some girls   (Virgin 1978)
Playlist March 9th '99 08:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Artist(s)                                   CD-Title                                    Song-Title                           Label        Year
Waco Brothers                         Hello to everybody                 "Waco Brothers"                    Bloodshot  1999                   Bap Kennedy                          Dirty Old Town                       "domestic blues"                   E-squared 1998 Bap Kennedy                          The Ghost of Belfast               "domestic blues"                   E-squared 1998 Bap Kennedy                          The Shankill and the Falls      "domestic blues"                   E-squared 1998 Steve Earle                             CCKMP                                    "I feel alright"                       WB 1996 Steve Earle/Lucinda               You're still standing there         "I feel alright"                       WB 1996 Earle/McCoury Band              the Mountain                             "the Mountain"                   Glitterhouse 1999 Earle/McCoury Band              Pilgrim                                       "Pilgrim"                            Glitterhouse 1999 Peter Rowan                          Freedom Walkabout                    "All on a rising day"           Sugar Hill 1991 Peter Rowan                          On the Blue Horizon                   "Texas Badman"                 Appaloosa 1981 Peter Rowan                          Texican Badman/W.of Alicia       "Texas Badman"                Appaloosa 1981 Los Super Seven                    La Morena                                  "Los Super Seven"             RCA 1998    Markus Rill&the Gunslingers  I can't get over you                      "Gunslinger's Tale"             2wlbf 1998    The Dead Flowers                 Fire                                               "A little too late"                Promo 1999 The New Riders                     Dead Flowers                                "New Riders"                      MCA 1976 Colin Jesse Spring                Scraps, Patches, Spot, & Bones    "Dashboard Tallies..."         Promo  Colin Leyden                         Interstate                                       "For the wicked"                 Rosemary 1998 Frog Holler                            Just ahead                                     "couldn't get along"            ZoBird 1998 Hogwaller Ramblers              Drowning in the Danube                "Hogwaller Ramblers"        MeaCuba 1999 the Band                               Last train to Memphis                    "Jubilation"                        River North 1998 the Band                               not fade away                                "remembering B. Holly      MCA 1996             Kelly Willis                            got a feelin' for ya                          "what I deserve"                 Ryko 1999 Countrypolitans                     Come Rollin' In                              "Tired of drowning"            Ultrapolitan 1999 Mary Stuart/Steve Earle        Crying, waiting, hoping                  "remembering B. Holly       MCA 1996 Wayne Hancock                     87 Southbound                             "That's what Daddy wants    ARK21 1997 Countrypolitans                     Tired of drowning                          "Tired of drowning"             Ultrapolitan 1999 the RipTones                         Barbedwire Scars                          "Cowboy's Inn"                    Bloodshot 1999 Wilco                                     Can't stand it / She's a jar              "summerteeth"                                   
Playlist April 6th, 1999 08:00 p.m - 10:00 p.m.
Playlist Radio RUM 90,10 MHz, April 6th, 1999 The Gram Parsons Story:
*   Close up the Honky Tonks        Gram Parsons                       Sleepless Nights               WB 1976 * 1.  A song for                                Peter Holsapple                   Commemorativo               Polydor 1993 *   Blue eyes                                 Uncle Tupelo                      Commemorativo                Polydor 1993 * 2.  One hundred years from now - Byrds                                   Sweetheart of the Rodeo   Columbia 1997 *    Millers Cave                             International S. Band         Safe at home                     Sundown 1987 * 3.  I must have been somebody ...International S. Band          Safe at home                     Sundown 1987 4.  Do you know how it feels ...      International S. Band          Safe at home                     Sundown 1987 *   The Christian Life                     Byrds                                   Sweetheart of the Rodeo    Columbia 1997 * 5.  You're still on my mind            Byrds                                    Sweetheart of the Rodeo   Columbia 1997 6.  Hickory Wind                            Byrds                                    Sweetheart of the Rodeo   Columbia 1997 *    Dim Lights                               Flying Burrito Brothers          Farther along                     A & M 1988 * 7.  Wheels                                     Flying Burrito Brothers          Farther along                     A & M 1988 8.  Sin City                                    Flying Burrito Brothers          Out of the Blue                  A & M 1996 *    The new soft shoe                   GP & the Fallen Angels        Live 1973                           Rhino 1994 *  9.   A song for                               Gram Parsons                       GP                                      Reprise 1990 10. Streets of Baltimore                Gram Parsons                       GP                                      Reprise 1990 *     We'll sweep out the ashes       GP & the Fallen Angels        Live 1973                           Rhino 1994 * 11. The new soft shoe                   GP & the Fallen Angels        Live 1973                           Rhino 1994 12. Love hurts                               GP & the Fallen Angels         Live 1973                           Rhino 1994 *     Hearts on fire                          Gram Parsons                       Grievous Angel                    Reprise 1990 * 13. In my hour of darkness             Gram Parsons                      Grievous Angel                     Reprise 1990 *    Juanita                                     Flying Burrito Brothers         Farther along                        A & M 1988 * 14. Wild horses                              Flying Burrito Brothers          Farther along                        A & M 1988 *     Sweet Chariot                         Emmylou Harris                    The Ballad of Sally Rose      WB 1985 * 15. I shall be released                   Flying Burrito Brothers          Out of the Blue                     A & M 1996 16. Boulder to Birmingham           Emmylou Harris                    Spyboy                                                                    End of 1 hour an 15 minutes *  background music behind the spoken story
Neil Casal / Hazeldine                           A song for      Glitterhouse Festival 1998                                                                  
Shawn &Tonya (Hazeldine) & me         Sin City          Backstage KFZ, Marburg 1998                                                            
Uncle Tupelo                                        Sin City          I got drunk 7                                                                                        

Cultivators                                              Behind the curtain              Mama's kitchen             Hayden's Ferry 1999  
Frog Holler                                             Words like this                     Couldn't get along         ZoBird 1999              

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise     don't bogart me                    Hempilation II              Capricorn 1998          
Hank Flamingo                                       the dope smokin' song         Hempilation II              Capricorn 1998          
Calexico                                               Tulsa Telephone Book          Real                             delmore 1998              
Whiskeytown                                          I hope it rains at my funeral  Real...                          delmore 1998

laylist May 04th, 1999 08:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
08:00 p.m - 09:00 p.m.: Guest DJ: Nobby Knape (The Mekon Homepage)
Mekons                         Last Dance                          Original Sin                           Rough Trade      1989 Waco Brothers              Arizona Rose                       Do you think about me           Bloodshot           1997 Handsome Family        King who wouldn't smile      Milk and scissors                     Scout records      1995 Carter Family               Jimmy Brown the newsboy   When the roses bloom...         Rounder records 1995 Sally Timms                 Long black veil                   Cowboy Sally                          Bloodshot           1997 Bukka White                 Parchman Farm                  The complete Bukka White      Columbia           1994 Waco Brothers              Revolution Blues                Do you think about me             Bloodshot           1997 Hank Williams               Alone and forsaken            Complete Hank Williams          Mercury              1998 Mekons                         Alone and forsaken             Edge of the world                    Sin                     1984 Texas Rubies               Texas Jalapenos                 Working girl blues                    Monsterdisc         1993 Alejandro Escovedo     With these hands                With these hands                      Ryko disc             1996 Jerry Douglas               Takarasaka                          Restless on the farm                 Sugar hill            1998 Waco Brothers              Death of country music       Cowboys in flames                    Bloodshot           1997 Rico Bell                      Burn world burn                  The Return of Rico Bell            Bloodshot           1996 Mekons                         Last dance - United                                                             Quarterstick         1996 09:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.: DJ: It's me Waco Brothers                             Hello everybody                              Waco World                 Bloodshot Alejandro Escovedo                    I was drunk                                       Bourbonitis Blues         Bloodshot Alejandro Escovedo/K. Hogan    Pale Blue Eyes                                Bourbonitis Blues         Bloodshot Tim Easton                                 Special 20                                       Special 20                    Heathen Burn Barrel                                 Far Rockaway                                   Reviled                         Heathen Burn Barrel                                 Reviled                                             Reviled                         Heathen The Swindles                             La Vida Es Muerte                            Drunk for your amusement -  L. Williams & D. Rodriguez        Deportee                                           The True Cross Uncle Tupelo with Joe Ely        Are you sure Hank done it that way    rademarks of quality, Vol 2 Cultivators                                 Behind the curtain                             Mama's Kitchen               Hayden's Ferry Howard Iceberg & the Titanics  Leaving Kansas City                           Hindu Equalions - One World Productions Sixty Acres                                All those nights                                   Banjos and sunshine      dren Records Cowboy Junkies                         Ooh Las Vegas -  Sheryl Crowe / Emmylou           Juanita -  Whiskeytown                             The rain won't help you when it's over Betty Dillon - Don't tell me what to do - Demo