Reviews by Jan the Lazyman
Updated July 2002
Mark Olson and the Creekdippers - December's Child
The new album "December's Child" of old Jayhawk Mark Olson and the Creekdippers is a jewel. the first song How Can I Send Tonight (There To Tell You) bring you into a trance and it's over when you hear the last song One Eyed Black Dog Moses. The whole record is relaxed and the haunting voice of Victoia Williams sound like an angel. It is also good that old buddy from the Jayhaws Gary Louris play on the the album too. Say You'll Be Mine bring you back to the Jayhawks album Hollywood Town Hall. December's Child is timeless and it's one of those albums who never lost the power because this one knock's me out. Go to the show and buy this album before you miss it.
Jan the Lazyman
Laura Minor - Salesman's Girl
This is a debut album for Laura Minor but it is a good one. The producer of the album Salesman's Girl is David Lowery of Cracker. When you know Cracker you find it back in the sound but also Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. The music is a combination of the two bands. It rock's and got a twang. Her voice is very nice and I hear Sheryl Crow meets Ricky Lee Jones. I think Laura is one of those who find her way to the top and there are a couple of songs on this album who are hits.American Girl is one of the songs who is good for a big addience. Laura Minor is new but not for so long. I think she is staying with us for the rest of our live if you like it or not. I have to say that I have no problems with that.
Jan the Lazyman
The Domino Kings - The Back Of Your Mind
If you want to hear good old Honky-Tonk music than you find it on this record of the Domino Kings. All the songs are coming from the good old American tradition of country music. You believe that you are in one of those steakhouses in the Lone Stare state and hear a good band playing. The Domino Kings are in the same line as Dwight Yoakam or Dale Watson. When you want to drink beer you have the album who make you drink more and all the songs are making the night complete. I want to see them live because I think this band is a party and you got the same feeling as the time the Texas Tornado's come into town. It is great when you read in their bio that the departure of Brian Capps was a peacefully happening. It was a big fight where the tables flying around in a fight with guitarplaer Stevie Newman. I have a smile on my face when I read later that no one said the a Honky-Tonk live was easy. 
Alejandro Escovedo - By The Hand Of The Father
re-releases with extra tracks Gravitie (1992) & Thirteen Years (1994)
By The Hand Of The Father is the basic for a sountrack for me. Maybe it is an idea for Wim Wenders to make a movie out of this album. I saw the live show of this album in Austin and it is great. The first time I hear from this man was from the album Bourbonitis Blues and that was not my favorite album. The other time of the man I hear from the Hazeldine girls Tonyia and Shawn who played with him on the South By South West festival in 2000. By the Han Of The Father is a big project and you can find names like Ruben Ramos, Cecar Rosas, Rosie Floris and many more. The story of this album is about the journey of the Mexican - American man who lived in the hard years of the depression in the 1900s till now. Alejandro Escovedo take you by the hand and sing what he believ and I believe him. This album is muscal history for sure. The two re-releases Gravitie and Thhirteen Years are a must to have when you go into the world of this man you need this and you can find a lot o! f extra tracks on the albums.
Jan the Lazyman
Jason Ringenberg  - All Over Creation
Jason and the Scorchers -Wildfires and Misfires
Jason is one of the guys who bring the alt country alive. He was there with the Scorches in the 8ties and was importend for that cowpunksound. Sometimes it was pure rock and in those days I was a fan of Jason and the Scorches and the other mad guy Web Wilder. Wildfires and Misfires is a compilation of demo's and live (one song with Link Wray) stuff and believe me it bring you back in time. Bob Dylan 's Absolutely Sweet Marie is the highlight of this album. All Over Creation is the new album of Jason solo is with a lot of guest from the the alt country world. Kristi Rose, Steve Earl, Tommy Womack, BR549, Todd Snider and Lambchop are a few names on the album. All Over Creation is traveling in the Americana music from a to z. Jason with or with the Scorches is maybe the one and only godfather of alt country and with All Over Creation he is back in Bizznizz.
Jan the Lazyman