Reviews by Jan the Lazyman
August 25, 2002
Kerri Powers - You, Me and a Redhead
Kerri Powers another good debut album from a woman with a good voice with good song material. She got the kind of humor and darkness I like. In Self Made Man the first line is You like to talk a lot, You don't say much is great and very funny. There are also tearjerkers who made you feel blue and that is her power. Crit Harmon is the producer of this album. He is also the producer of Mary Gaultier's album's Dixie Chicken and Drag Queens in Limousines. You can find this sound also on this album and I like it very much. Kerri Powers music is a little bit a mix between Tom Petty and May Gaultier. This album is growing every time when I lissen to it. When there is a new Thelma and Louise movie they have to ask Kerri for the soundtrack because you only have to lissen to f-150.
Jan the Lazyman
The Yearlings -the Yearlings
Alt Country from the Lowlands. I like debut albums because they are always sounding good to me. When you put this album in your player you are keeping your ears open. The first time I put it on I thought this is the new Flying Burrito Brothers and I was singing a long with the songs. The album is produced by Wouter Planteijdt (Sjako) and the band self. It a good piece of work and I think this band is ready to go around the world. I hope to play with this guys because I like the band very much and this kinda music is a good inspiration on my own songwriting. How Can I Miss Someone I Never Had  is one of the wonderful songs and I like this title because it make me laugh. A good band don't need to many words the only thing what I can say buy this album and be happy.
Jan the Lazyman
Blaze Foley - In Tribute and Loving Memory  vol 1 - Blaze A Blaze vol 2  - Blaze Foley inside BF 1 Three
Who is Blaze Foley is the first question you ask when you hear his music. The beauty and this voice make make you laugh and cry in one time. The history around Blaze is good for many books and movies but his music is high class songwriting. He don't had the fame like Townes van Zandt (A good friend of Blaze), Fred Neil or John Prine but Blaze Foley is the same level like those guys. The tragedy around this homeless guy was that he was shot dead in 1989. The real stuff is off course Live In the Austin Outhouse and it is the only album who is out on CD but it got that lonesome beauty of the man himself. Blaze is a van Gogh in his own way and his work is coming to Europe and that is good for us. There are 3 tribute album out and you can order them by Sonic Rendezvous in the Netherlands. The album are very very nice and they are made with the love for the music of Blaze. You can hear his friends singing the songs. Townes van Zandt, Calvin Russel, Ponty Bone.

Texana Dam! es, Timbuk3, Sheri Frushai, Merle Haggard and Willy Nelson and many more. The sound of the albums are really good and you can feel the love and that make it special. This is work for all the Alt Country music lovers. You have to hear one of songs of Blaze Foley in your live. 
Jan the Lazyman

Clocker Redbury & Dusty Slosinger - Cold War's Hot Water Showers: Featuring Dr B
The second solo album of Gourd Jimmy Smith is out now. When you like roots music with humor and from the heard you have to lissen to this. Jimmy Smith is a songwriter who playing with words and find his inspiration all over the world. You can hear Ska, rock a billy, bluesy and sixties stuff in his music. The other thing is the driving power of the songs. This album bring you back to the city where good music is coming from. Austin Texas.
Jan the Lazyman