Queen of the world
                    The Bottle Rockets

                G                                            C                          G     G
She was singing Hank Williams when I walked through the door
                                                           A7              D7   D7
Puts a nail through my heart wouldn a hurt me no more
                          G                C              G
She musta been hurt bad to sing it that way
                                                             D7         G
Made me wanna hold her tell her everything be o.k.

    C                                 G
What are you doing in a place like this, girl
                                                 D7              G
Any fool could see you're the queen of the world.

There's a woman who loves me waitin' back home

We had us a fight I left there all alone

Then I heard this sweet angel sing: "You win again"

Made me realize what a bastard I've been.

What are you doing ...


I put down my drink and I ran out the door

Found her home crying just like before

My head in my hand I bowed my head

I begged her forgiveness here's what I said:

What are you doing ....

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