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"Rest of our days"
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Mark McKinney - vocals, guitar, mandolin and harp
Andy Grooms - vocals, acoustic guitar, and keys
Mark Stuart - bass and background vocals
Kevin Cubbins - guitar and background vocals
Meyer Horn - drums, percussion, washboard and background vocals
Richard Ford - banjo on Song for Emily

All songs written and performed by Pawtuckets
Hard Corn Music (BMI), exept Shovel Goes Down written by kenny Hays.



you know this world's
in a blackberry winter
everytime i think it's
warmin' up it turns cold on me
i've spent my time
lookin' for a fire
but I just can't find
anyone to warm up with ma

on the back of the farm there's
an old fence runnin'
down along the woods
and across the field
but to the fruit on the vine
the cold has put a hurtin'
and i don't think there will
be a good turnout this year

remember that time
you end I went pickin'
laughin' and singin'
in the summer rain
it's just a memory now
since you went leavin'
this blackberry winter
is gonna drive me insane


I'm set up shot down
I'm tired of this here town
I'm done in fed up
drinkin' whiskey from a lovin' cup
i'm goona ride into the sun

over the water over the sea
feelin' the fire its carryin' me
thru the black waters the
breakers the beach
It's shinin' on down
It's just out of reach
It's over the hills where
there's a silent spring
that speaks no tales about
what it's going to be today

I'm a.w.o.l. just found
but there's no use for me to hang around
I shoot straight I leave fast
the longer I stay the longer it lasts

I want to ride into the sun
don't wanna hear from no one
just me and the open air
the rest i don't give a care
gonna ride into the sun

fire in the hills wind in the trees
blowim' the rage inside of me
bare lonely night dark even road

which one's gonna carry my load
a load so heavy I could never see
that it was newer ever goin'
to be this way


down in hatchie bottom
there's a place he likes to go
gets back to the roots there
it's the only thing he knows
ridin' down that river
sun comes through the trees
sound of muddy water
ridin' underneath
tennessee backs are bleedin'
brown tears of rain
river's gettin' wider
he can feel it start to strain

down in desoto county
meet you by a lake
watch time pass together
you're the one i wanna take
1-55 kept us alive
like a vein between our hearts
broken now at least for us
gotta make another start
watchin' time pass alone now
river keeps on rollin' by
not sure what the point is
but i never wanna die

takin' shortcuts that we know
cut clear across the state line
lookin' for somethin' to turn to
nothin's right and we're out of time
two dogs out in the front yard
one's deaf and the other can't see
try to give them equal attention
but they can't get enough of ma
lookin' harder than I used to
older I get the less I say
I understand what brought me here
but why did you have to go away
lookin' harder than i used to
older I get the less I say
understand what brought me here
but my love will never stay


burn on a monday he came out backwards
balls a bit bigger than his head
became a legend that few have ever heard
never gave a damn about what people said

here he comes a whistlin' is anybody
listenin' it's a tune no one knows
it's stuck there in his head
sometimes he wants another instead
but hers's how it always goes

everybody says he was lookin'
for some trouble he always said he
was just havin' some fun
one man's trouble is another
man's punchline
we always knew he'd never hurt no one

liked his mickey's malt liquor
and his cheap red wine
sat around the house and listened to john prine

an illegal smile was never a crime
said he was lazy he was takin'
his own damn time

we know he's comin'
cause me can hear him hummin'
it's a song no one's heard
a verse and a chorus and it
would never bore us he kept
on changin' the words
everybody said he was lookin' for some trouble
he always said he was just havin' a good time
all is well when the world laughs with you
trouble is when it don't get the punchline

got into some down in benton county
told a sheriff he could go to hell
sheriff didn't smile when he took out a bounty
that's why he got his ass still stuck in jail


hearts, beat, fast
and did those brown eyes
wait for the lies
they might be suprised
in the mornin'

warm, night, alone
outside the thick air
flyin' through your dark hair
goin' down the road
and now that you are young
eighteen, champagne
now it's swallowin' you whole
life, lord bless my soul
take it now or give it back
right here by the wanderin' tracks

i know what you're goin' through
and i know what you're gonna do
i once had a love like you
in a time that's all for not
in a mississippi parking lot

hesitation, oh no, not now
complications arise knowin'
that there might be ties
really tryin' to he so good
and now there's the boyfriend
strong and proud

another thing he's a real nice guy
makes me kind of wonder why
why that i'm just sittin' here
lookin' at you you're sippin' my beer

i know what you're goin' through
and i know what you're gonna do
i could feel the same thing too
it's an unbearable hot
in a mississippi parking lot

beauty lies down

and as two bodies rise
just like the fire-flies
and she tightly grips my hand
and says that i don't understand
i remember when this was mine
all these things for the first time

regrets, none, maybe
and if i were younger
i'd take all your hunger
write it on the bathroom wall
and it would he my favorite stall
and all my friends too

i know what you're goin' through
and i know what you're gonna do
and i once could love like you
in a time the south forgot
in a mississippi parking lot


I saw the moon in my rear view
ridin' out on east lakeview
highway's harder to see this time of year
down by the lake there is an old chair
and the mosquitoes hummin'
are singin' our song

i'm gettin' ready for real life
i'm gettin' ready to make my wife
think i'm ready to take it on
but it don't matter cause i'm too far gone

i don't stay up late at night
i toss and turn on saturday night
wonderin' if my friends are hangin' out
i don't know the reason
other than this feelin'
that i get when i stay up late with you

i'm gettin' ready for somethin'
know it's not for nothin'
i've been lookin' for way too long
but it's all right cause i'm too far gone

movin' out to the country
over half an hour from the city
still drive downtown and back home
from work each day
i heard everythin' fades away
from dawn to dusk and back to the day
but all i know is
it's been pretty good so far


i've been thinkin'
about this town
you've been drinkin'
cause it's got you down
in the mornin'
i'll be gone
without warnin'
don't know what went wrong

every night you're spinnin' through my head
i wake up alone and my eyes are burnin' red
you know i never meant to bring you down
guess we just can't ever leave this town

4 years ago
i was knockin' on your door
baby where did you go
was the question i asked before

who was hidin' inside your room
you wouldn't say nothin'
but I knew I'd find out soon
now it's all a part of our past
now we're drinkin' from the same glass


true love come and gone,
settle down and carry on
like a flag in the breeze
blown away blowin' free
take it back back to where
but somethin's gone

what i need is a little sweetness
like them georgia peaches
to show me some weakness
what i need's a little sweetness

boverin' above with silver beads
lay me down do as you please
open book with a heart
add suspicion it falls apart
here she comes over there
but somethin's gone

what i need is a little sweetness
like them georgia peaches
so show me some weakness
what i need's a little sweetness

so tired of workin'
my life my love and it all
i wish it would come easy
like i knew it would when i was a boy
shut it up, stop the whine, not now
it's not the time, when to yell, you
can't tell, when you're gonna have to
lay it down, "in her arms"
don't need more than this
a lastin' look a longin' kiss
take it slow and be kind
ebb and flow your finest wine


i've been thinkin'
about what's goin' on
thought i had it figured out
but i was wrong
sometimes second guessin'
will leave you in second place
in a race that only has room for one

you were my certain reason
softness in your eyes
is givin' me that feelin'
now that my age is changin' season
tryin' to find a way
to make it come out even

hung my hat on the mirror
listenin' to a song
headin' back to where i'm fros
but i can't stay very long

it ain't easy when you ain't got nothin'
but you know it's just as hard
to give up your lovin'
stuck in my head now
like a day to the evenin'
thoughts runnin' through my head
been thinkin' about leavin'
when it all comes down


there's a mist in the meadow
dew upon the stone weeds up in the fields
a grey barn that stands alone
when i sit back and rest and all
of my troubles seem to fade
under an old hickory that's when i'm
in my spot of shade

there's a tree holdin' up a fence
and gravel poppin' under tires the
dust spewin' hind the wheels risin'
up to the telephone wires
the sun beats down
and it burns my brow
as the red begins to fade
that's when i'm in my spot of shade

skippin' stones up over the road
blackberry patch along the fence line
goin' over all i've known
all alone this shade is mine

whenever i'm worn and tired
standin' all alone
feelin' hell's hot fires and
i have no earthly home
that's when i sit back and rest
and all my troubles seem to fade
under an old hickory that's
when i'm in my spot of shade
rain on my brow

written by Kenny Hays


she was born in a small town in 1973
spent a big past of her life in middle tennessee
she grew up acting stronger than a superhuman can
but emily was privately just trying to understand
it wasn't long ago when she'd come to all the shows
but now all i can do is sing
a song for emily

i met her in memphis on a night i won't forget
she stood next to me, you could hardly see that we only had just met
we spent the night with the moonlight shining through my room window
and i held her hand trying to understand where she'd been all the years before
the summer night is coloring the sky so blonde just like her hair
while i sit on my back porch and sing
a song for emily

she had friends all around her, though sometimes she left alone
so we built our dreams wearing old blue jeans and working on our home
we'd watch the sun go down at night, knowing we'd done our best
and when i'd lie down, she'd turn out the light and say, "baby, it's time to rest."
now I'm waking up without her lying next to me
but when I want to see her i just sing
a song for emily


you bring the wine and i'll
bring the glass it wasn't
too long we were runnin' out fast
reminiscin' bout the days gone
past i'm sure we'll have some more

remember that time we ran out of
luck put a big dent in the hack of your
truck, ran of f the drive and
we were stuck had to wait until morn.

that was a night we'll remember
in a most unusual way
that was a night we'll resaber
for the rest of our days

four in the sornin' knocked on the door
are they in there well we're not sure
sat outside and tried to ignore
skeaters as large as our thumbs
they had us for dinner they had us
for tea there was a few on you
and a lot on me end they buzasd
around bussed just as we and we all were numb.

that was a night we'll remember
in a most unusual way
that was a night we'll remember
for the rest of our days

lord i feel it comin' down like a
whiskey brown river buttin' heads
with a mighty dam,
tonight's open air is for all of us to share
slice it up like a piece of pie
under the open sky i was there!

we never had a map never followed
a chart couldn't ever tell when
and where it would stert
but we made f---in' up a whole new art
an art we called our own

See its the spring in your step
its the wink in your eye
tired of bein' tired and sick of
knowin' why i made a mistake
could i have another try
tonight would be alright