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Subject: Manassas
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Manassas    It Doesn't Matter  written by Steve Stills/Chris Hillman

F                                       Am
Falling and spinning losing and winning keeping my head
F                                    Am
Watching for signals wearisome vigil was I mislead
I remember you said
That you don't want to forget me
F                 G                      Am
It doesn't matter which of our fantasy's fail
F                                 Am
Every tomorrow looking tomorrow a piece of today
 F                                      Am
Run a bit faster here comes the catcher making his play
You had better not stay
You will soon be surrounded
F                 G                      Am
It doesn't matter which of our fantasy's stay


 F                                      Am
Weary and lonesome calling for someone living right now
Something is shallow ugly and hollow
        Am                G
Doesn't even allow you to want to know how
You might live for the living give for the giving moment by moment

One day at a time
F                      G                    Am
It doesn't matter it's nothing but dreaming anyhow 

Manassas     Both Of Us  by Steve Stills/Chris Hillman

Gm9           C        Gm9            C
Why can't you hear me  why can't you see me
Gm9         C                   G    F C G
How can you be so blind to this feeling
      G  F  C  G
In my heart
Gm9       C        Gm9          C
Time is a wasting  what have I tasted
Gm9                 C
How you turn a deaf ear to my song
G                   Bb9    C
Both of us bound to lose

SOLO over  Gm9  C

G                    G9   G                   Bb9   C
Why do we have to choose  both of us bound to lose
Gm9         C       Gm9         C
Now can you hear me now can you see me
Gm9         C                      G
How do you like the fool when he's down
F       C              G      F      C             G
Is that really how you see me just a statue making sound

G C  C G   G C C G

Manassas         The Fallen Eagle

 Sing to the fallen eagle
 Helicopters fly
 Chase him 'round the mountains
 Chase him 'til he dies

 They say that it's good sportin'
 Shootin' him on the wing

 Above the roar and clatter
 You can hear your rifle sing
 D         A                 E
 his death song it won't be long
 Sing to the western rancher
 The eagle takes his land
 He's got a  thousand  others he don't give a dam
 Get up with  the sunrise everybody gather round
                                                      E    D    A
 Hit him with the first shot he'll turn and bring you down down down
 Crash on the ground
 E                                        A
 Sing to the golden eagle  help is on the way
 A government team of experts  is rushing to your aid
 I know your not excited an eagle is no where

 Fly on up to Canada
                   E        D     A          E  
 This country isn't safe anymore  that's for sure

>From The Manassas LP 1972 Atlantic Records