KING OF THE HILL                                                                                                        
by Roger McGuinn                                                                                               Roger McGuinn & Tom Petty

G                            Bm

L.A.'s asleep - you roll up your window

         C             Am           C             D7

The night air is cold - the freeway is clear.

          G                       Bm  

In a green Gucci bag - are you prized possessions

         C                    Am         C                 D7

The jewels of your mind - to hold back the fear.

                   Em                                            G

And when Monday comes round - there's a high lonesome sound

               Am              C               Em

And she follows you down for the kill.

             Em                                     G 

And a while blinding light - makes it all seem so right

               Am              C            Em

And you feel like the king of the hill.

          G                                Bm

The driveway is long - your princess is lovely

           C              Am                    C                 D7

Your servants all wait - for your knock on the door.

   G                                       Bm            

How many years - will you crawl through this castle

C          Am           C                  D7

So satisfied - and still wanting more.


And when Monday comes...

          G                                 Bm 

The guests have arrived - with all the right faces

        C                Am               C                    D7

But you miss the ball - in that room down the hall.

        G                         Bm

It's sunrise again - the driveway is empty

          C           Am                       C              D7 

The crystal is cracked - there's blood on the wall.


And when Monday comes round...

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