Kevin Bowe
& the Okemah Prophets

Kevin Bowe

Kevin Bowe is a singerlsongwriter born and raised in the wilds of Minnesota. Growing up half Irish and half Slav in the land of 10,000 Scandinavians turned young Kevin into your typical outcast songwriter, stuck playing in the rank beer halls of the Midwest in a succession of bands that almost made it. The last band (The Revelators) managed to stay together long enough to release a CD of Kevin's songs called BLACKIE FORD'S REVENGE and that's when things got interesting.

The CD attracted attention from the press and created a lot of interest from publishers and producers. Kevin signed a deal with Bug Music and producer David Z placed "Riverside" on Kenny Wayne Shepherd's debut, LEDBETTER HEIGHTS; that's when things got realty interesting. 
The album went gold and after someone played a couple of Kevin's songs  for Jerry Let ber andMlke Stoller; they decided to sign him.

Since signing with Leiber & Stoller, Kevin has had "Still Wonder" placed onjonny Lang'sA&M debut LIE TO ME (platinum); four songs included on Lang's follow-up release WANDER THIS WORLD (gotd), including the single "Breakin' Me"; he has co-written with Leo Kottke, Jonny Lang, Phil Solem (Rembrandts),PeterCase, Chuck Prophet (Green On Red), Gwil Owen (Grammy nominee), Duane Jarvis (Lucinda Williams) and Delbert McCltnton. The latest project is newcomer Shannon Curfman (Arista); Kevin wrote and co-produced seven songs on her debut release, LOUD GUITARS, BIG SUSPICIONS. In Nashville, Kevin works with such legendary songwriters as Kostas and Dennis Morgan who have taken him under their wings and introduced him to the rest of Nashville's writing community. Producers such as Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones) and David Z are championing Kevin's songs to labels and artists around the world. BMI has taken a special interest as well, sponsoring Kevin for sought-after showcase slots at the Folk Alliance and SXSW. He was selected to head "in-the-round" shows at Tin Pan South for the last two years.

Kevin's writing is all roots oriented; whether one of many blues styles, country, Americana roots rock, folky singer/songwriter, pop or all-out rock and roll. There is a continual theme of heartfelt lyrics over music with a strong melodic sense and irresistible hooks. His strong work ethic and sense of humor have made him a sought-after co-writer while his own inspired performances with his band The Okemah Prophets (who just released a debut album, RESTORATION) have earned rave reviews. Kevin has also contributed guitar tracks to his major label cuts due to his unique style of playing (and the fact that he won't tell anyone what tuning he's in).

contact: Randy Poe at 310-273-6401 (publishing)
Alan Mintz 310-394-2828 (legal)
Taco Martini E Company 61 2~79-0500 (mgmt)

-The Okemah Prophets

Bowe-songs, guitar, vocal
Andy Dee-steel, guitar, tic tac
Marv Gohman-fiddle, mandolIn, 12 string
John Wright-bass
John "Bongo" Haga-drums

The Okemah Prophets (Oh-kee-mah) are a new band out of Minneapolis, led by singer/songwriter Kevin Bowe. After taking two years off to pursue writing and solo performing, Kevin decided to put a group together to showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas. It came together so well that the band started doing shows in Minneapolis (including bookings with BR549, Jonny Lang, Peter Case, Semisonic, Jayhawks, Los Lobos and Bob Mould), and just now finished a debut CD, "RESTORATION". The album includes songs Kevin has written with Leo Kottke and Duane Jarvls along with guest shots by Jonny Lang and Shannon Curfman. The band returned to perform at SXSW '99.

Mixing influences like Steve Earle, The Replacements and The Byrds, the Okemah Prophets have their hearts in what some call Americana music. But their high energy level, their complete disregard for "music politics", their original playing style, gut-wrenching songwriting and diversity of roots influences make this band impossible to pin down.

Andy is Kevin's partner in musical crime; well known for his tenure with Molly and the Heymakers (Warner Bros.) and many major session credits. John Wright is a stalwart of the national Celtic scene. Bongo is a local legend for his contributions to The Hypstrz and Curtiss A during Minneapolis' punk rock heyday. Marv Gohman (ex-Rembrandts) is the Okemah Prophets secret weapon, providing the 12 string guitar, jangling mandolin and plaintive fiddle lines.

After fronting his former band The Revelators, Kevin Bowe became widely recognized in publishing circles as the first staff writer in over twenty years to be signed by legends Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. He has written several gold and platinum cuts for Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

The debut album, "Restoration" has just been released to rave reviews. Minneapolis press and radio has jumped on board, creating a sizable word-of-mouth club following. Unlike most up and comers, the following for the Prophets irreverent live shows is being created by the songs and the album rather than the other way around.

contact: Randy Poe 310-273-6401 (publishing)
Taco Martini E Company 612-37~O500 (booking)
Alan Mintz 310-394-2828 (legal)
www. kevinbowe.simplenet. corn


Kevin Bowe + the Okemah Prophets have just released their debut CD entitled, "RESTORATION". It includes Kevin's best songs ever, some written with Leo Kottke, Duane Jarvis, Bill Deasy and Tom Mason. The band recorded a particlularly stirring version of "Leaving To Stay", which originally appeared on Jonny Lang's "WANDER THIS WORLD" album. Jonny adds some incredibly soulful lead guitar to this track along with a beautiful harmony vocal contributed by
Shannon Curfman. Jonny's ace-in-the-hole Bruce McCabe also throws in some gospel feel with his piano playing.

The tracks range from soulful roots music The Heart Of Everything) to raging modern rock (Sadly Mistaken, Rest Of The World) along with some 60's psychedelia (Little Miss Rain) along the way. Andy Dee's soaring lap steel, sitar and 6-string bass lines give each song its own ethereal twist. The mandolin and fiddle added by Marv Gohman infuse the album with a back porch feel that keeps things honest; this kind of balance is what "Restoration" is all about. Familiar yet unpredictable; inspiring without being candy-coated... alternative in the true sense of the word.

The intial reviews have used words like "magical", "in the tradition of great songwriters", "all that is good about the kind of music this region is known for", "in the spirit of the Jayhawks and Replacements", "Bowe got it right, a roots rock gem, masterful... superb songwriting".

From the evocative cover art to the music itself, "Restoration" is making waves. Radio stations in Minneapolis have picked up on the songs "Sweeter World" and "Leaving To Stay" as early favorites but each listener will find their own. This is not an album with one or two singles followed by a bunch of throwaways, but rather a mission statement from true believers in the great tradition of American songwriting.

contact; Randy Poe 31O-273-6401 (publishing)
Taco Martini E Company 612-37~0500 (booking)
Alan Mintz 310-394-2828 (legal)