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Date:       Mon, 14 May 2001 10:54:22 -0000
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Thanks to Jan !!!

Dear Hans

Do you like our album Soulages I give you on the Blue Highway festival in Utrecht. I hope everything is good in good old Germany I wish I can play there soon again and the rest of the Lazy Sunday Dream got the same feeling about that. The show with Hazeldine in Maloe Melo Amsterdam was  fun forever and it was good to see them again and Neal Casal and John the drummer are good people and very good for my girls. Hans i send you some reviews of albums I don't see on the page.Oh my new email adress is

1 the Gourds "Bolsa de Aqua" Munich Records

The latest album of the Gourds is an older one but it is a great one. It came out in September 2000 and it made my world complete. The songs are jewels for the ear. El Paso is the openingstune and it is like are know this song for years. The lapsteel sound of John Dee Graham is magic. The whole album is taking you on a journey to the musical influence of the boys. their is a little gospelsound in Jesus Crist with sign followings from Max Johnston and Kevin Russel 's Hallelujah Shines. Jimmy Smith having fun with Pickels and he find some poetry in a poem of Fredrico Garcia Lorca's Flamenco Cabaret". Max Johnston wrote O Rings and that is one of the highlights from the album for me. The good atmosfere in that song and the Dylan from his Desire period groove is great. The other highpoints of this supurb album are Tearbox and Turn My Head Around. This album is the pearl of roots music and you can find people like John Dee Graham, Deborah Kelly ! ;(the Damnations tx )and Mike Steward on this CD . I think the Gourds belong in the list of great names but they are here in our time and we are lucky. Go to the shop and buy this album it make you smile and when they around go to one of their shows if you want a party and good music.

Jan the Lazyman

Beaver Nelson "Little Brother"

Another Austin Texas guy Beaver Nelson who made his second album Little Brother is a good one. The Last Hurrah his first one was a good one and I was impressed. I was waiting to see him live and I saw him in Austin at the SXSW. This guy rocks and he got that voice who made you melting a little bit. The songs got that groove what you find in old Stones and Neil Young records but you find also the soul of the atlantic records period in his music. Little Brother Blues got the Basement tapes sound and feel of Orange Juice Blues (Blues for breakfast) and Beaver got even that same great voice of Rick Danko. Scattered and Shadow on the Wall are great rocking songs and that made the album the right feel. This guy have to come over to Europe for sure he is one of those people who can standing on the top of the mountain. 

Jan the Lazyman

Dolly Parton ''Little Sparow" Sugar Hill records

I was a little boy when I hear Dolly Parton with Porter Wagoner. My mother was a big fan for those two Nashville crooners. later Dolly was a little bit a diva and hitmaker is cowgirlland. I don't like it till I hear het album with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstad "Trio". In 1999 Dolly was back to her roots and she came with the blue grass album the Grass is Blue. She said in a interview it was not easy to get goig back from my roots but now I am rich enough I can goin back again. She was right Little Sparow is a great album and Dolly is back were she belong. Now I knew why she is a great singer and I forgive her the hits like 9 to 5 that was to much for me. I'm glad that the blue grass sound of  this album is better than than the Grass is Blue but buy both of the albums they are good. You can also hear Allison kraus on this album of Dolly Parton.

Andre Williams - Bait and Switch

Dirty old man Andre Williams is back. the last time I hear from him was a year ago and hear he was starting to be a crack junkie. Now a year later he is back with a new album full of great music. Detroit Michican is the begining of a great album titled Bait and Switch. Old school soul and bluesmusic with a sound what bring you back to the early days of the music history. Mr rythm got some help from Matt Verta-Ray on guitar but also from Ronnie Spector and other Dirty old man Rudy Ray Moore. Andre Williams was the last couple of years a busy guy, He toured, being a junkie and making albums. Red Dirt with with country rockers the Sadies wasAndre's fasination to country and the Black Godfather was a punkrock album with bands like John Spencer Blues Explosion and the Countdowns. Bait and Switch is going back to his roots and I put it in my top 10.

Jasper Stone - Let 'er Smoke

When I hear the first time Jasper Stone's Bastard out of Texas from their first album Shoot the Moon I thought it was a new song from the Denton boys Slobberbone. That album was for a long time in my CD player. Texas music is special it got that sound of burning Barbeque's, Shiner Bock, Beefjerky and being on the road. You can hear it only by bands like ZZ Top, The Gourds, Damnations, Beaver Nelson and Slobberbone. Let ér Smoke is the new album and Jasper Stone is one of those bands who is got a place in this list. When you hear the songs like Jack Co. Fair, 5 Star Fred's, Me and Billy or I keep My Baby Rockin' and then you know where I talk about. Don't forget to watch into the booklet and see the pictures because you can see Texas on his best or go to their homepage and have fun.

Jan the Lazyman

Fred Eaglesmith - Ralph's Last Show

This album is a accoustic live recording from a nive guy named Fred Eaglesmith. They recorded it in Santa Cruz and I have to tell that the whole album is a rock in the ocean. The songs are strong and Fred voice sounds like he was drinking a bottle of booze the night before. The songs like White trash and Time To Get a Gunmake you sweat and the Humor in Big Hair or He's a Good Dog make you smile. Ralph's Last Show is a must for every roots music lover. I put this one under one of the best Live recording for acoustic alt country music. This record has the same spirit like Blazy Foley's Live in the Austin Outhouse. Go to the shop and buy this album quik and take it with you everywhere you go. I don't think I have write more about this album I give it a 10.

Lucinda Williams - Essence

I'm never was a big fan of Lucinda Williams older albums. I don't know why but it's maybe her voice what make me said I don't know if I like it. It was a suprice when I hear her last album Essence on the Lost Highway label. Lucinda is a special woman in the Alt Country scene and she is a big name. She worked with people like Ryan Adams, Steve Earl and more. with Essence she come into my world and the opening song Lonely girls was I hear a new Lucinda. The whole album is a little in a dream world but it make you gloomy and I never thought it happens I'm a big fan of this masterpiece. The songs like Out of Touch and Broken Butterflies are so lonesome that I took the bottle and drink. Lucinda stole my heard and I want to kiss her maybe I fall in love. What a record.

Awesome - Compilation from Munich Records

Awesome is a sampler from the Dutch record label with American bands. It's very cheap but the music is great. You can find Johnny Dowt, The Gourds, Damon Bramlett, Centro Matic, Jackpot and more on this album. The supurb opening is from the band Centro Matic "Most Everyone Will Find" is a boomer. The end of the album is the best end I ever hear for an compilation and it make me cry. Washington Philips with mothers last words is a song from the 3ties. Other highlight are the Gourds with Hey Little Light (unreleased) and Flamenco Cabaret, Baptist Generals with Past the Rub and Jackpot with Weighless. This compilation is give you the chance to see what's going in the world of Americana on the Munich Records label. 

Jan the Lazyman