Image of me

Gram Parsons

              A                                 D
Yes I know she's the life of the party
              A                                     E7
And without her things here would die.
               A                               D
Oh but don't be fooled by her laughter
                    A                           E7                 A
She has her said times and she knows how to cry.

          D                                   A
She drinks and she talks just a little to loud
                       B7                                            E7
And with her bright ......she hangs around with any old crowd
            A                                   D
Yes I know I'm to blame and I feel so ashamed
             A              E7            A
That I made her the image of me.


I met her in a little country town
She was simple and old fashioned in some ways
But she loved me till I dragged her down
Then she just gave up and drifted away.

She drink and she talks ....image of me.
Yes I know I'm to blame ......image of me.

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