My Magdalene

 Shawn Barton

Shawn Barton - guitar, vocals
Tonya Lamm - guitar, accordian, vocals
Anne Tkach - bass, background vocals
Jeffrey Richards - drums, guitar, banjo
Lem Longmeyer - Slide

She´s been waiting for her father´s mercy
that idol that came stepping from the sky
like those before and those to come
she´s counting all her chickens
she´s setting them and counting
´fore the hatchin´s even done

Heavenly favours cannot end her longing
she´s settled on that honey-coloured hell
tarred and feathered bretheren
try pushing her to glory
they´re pushing her to follow them
and drink from heaven´s well

Well it´s all for one, but none for her
she´s choking on the glamour and the glare
well i picked this orchard
like the gospels only tree
and faced this rich illusion on a dare
she breaks my skin
my magdalene

Her mother is watching while she´s growing
and losing all the color in her face
cherrycoke and applepie won´t make her daughter happy
she´s chasing dragons in her dreams
and sleeping through the weeks

Well it´s all for one, but none for her
she´s drawning in the glamour and the sin
well i picked this orchard till the trees were dry and bare
and watched her die
my lovely magdalene

Lyrics as written down by Shawn Barton
 on September 20th 1997
 Thanks again for the gift, Shawn!
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