Date: april 9th, 1998 
From: Tim Easton (Haynes Boys) 
To: Hans Settler (per snail mail)  

Hans,'s Tim Easton from the HAYNES BOYS here. 
I just spoke with J.P. OLSEN in New York and he suggested 
I write to you and keep you up on the news about HAYNES BOYS 
and BURN BARREL (the new band with the haynes gang backing 
up J.P. and his excellent songs). 

  Well...there's not too much going on with the HAYNES thing 
directly. We're still playing about the state and whatnot 
but no real plans to record. The fact is, we don't have a 
record deal right now. As you may know Jovan (the drummer) 
has another band called GAUNT which is on WARNER BROS. 
so he is pretty busy with that. The last time we were in the 
studio as a band was as BURN BARREL and it seems to be a pretty 
good thing. I'm listening to the mastered CD right now and 
it sounds damn good. J.P. OLSEN is a songwriting machine... 
just last week he was at my place in Columbus and we put 
down 8 more songs on my four track. Apparently he just wrote 
one last night that is also brilliant. I guess it was one of 
those pure moments where you can't sleep because this song is 
in your head so you just have to get out of bed and write it 
down. I more or less live for those moments myself.  

  J.P. may have mentioned to you that I just finished recording 
my first solo record in Nashiville. I have just a little bit 
more mixing to do and it should be ready to print by the end 
of the month. I recorded it with BRAD JONES (same guy on it 
plus SEAN BEAL from BIG BACK 40, AL PERKINS (dobro, pedal steel 
legend who played with the stones and gram parsons) plus 
a couple more great session players. I'll be getting it over to you 
just as soon as it's finished. Any advise about distribution 
in Germany would be greatly appreciated. 

The official release date is July 28th but I should be able to 
get you the record by June at the latest. I'll include my 
manager's address and information plus my address and phone 
number if you have any questions or suggestions. 
Until then...taKE care...  

Timothy Easton