Hard times
                    Chris Hillman

capo III

G        A            D                     Bm
Hard times can hold us down forever
G        A                     D              D7
Hard times are gonna fade away.
G        A                 D                       Bm
Hard times we can let them stop us darlin'
G              A                D
There will be a better day.

D                                                                           G
Tell me: Love me! Thes days I need you more then ever before
don't give up on me.
Nobody else - could ever love you more - than I - do
We all need someone.
                         A                Bm                   G
Someone to believe in - this life that we are sharing
that all love and trust.
                   A                    Bm                 G
If it takes a lifetime - I will never stop my trying
there's a better life for us.

Hard times ...


High as the wild birds fly - wild and free that's how I dream

I got to keep on dreaming

We can have - what we cannot see tomorrow

On a highest mountain.

On a highest mountain - we can watch those wild bird fly

We can drift away.

Find our own new sky - as long as you are with me

I'll never stop dreaming.

Hard times ...

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