Subject: Bottle Rockets
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 22:22:08 -0600
From: Scott.Belew@decisionone.COM


Great website, my friend! I noticed that you were missing some details on
the Bottle Rockets song, "Get Down" so I put in the missing pieces and the
chords. Great Song! These guys are from a small town in Missouri near the
Mississippi river that has the tendency to flood. One man's take on a
battle with Mother Nature.

Get Down
The Bottle Rockets

On the intros and breaks, repeat the G9 and C9 quite liberally - It's fun!

Intro: G9  C9  G9  C9  G9  D  G9  C9  G9 - Twice

Live in a river town, it's pretty little.
      D                        C            G
It's high on the sides and it sinks in the middle.
If it rains too much, the river comes down.
    D                      C        G     
It fills up the low spots all over town.

      C           G        
Get down river, river get down.
           D               C         G
Won't you get down river, river get down.
       C                       G         Em
Once again you have messed up this old town,
    C        D          G
So get down river, get down.

Break:  G9  C9  G9  C9  G9  D  G9  C9  G9 

Now over 'cross town is where I want to go.
To see my honey, but I don't know.
Guess I'm gonna have to row.  
Looks like the Gulf of Mexico down by the Texaco.


Break:  Em  G  Em  G  Em  G  C  D  G9  C9  G9  C9  G9  D  G9  C9  G9  
Well you can drown downtown when the  river runs wild.
It's been happening here ever since I was a child.
There ain't nothing you can do to stop it.
Just hope for the best and mop up the rest.


Em  C  D  G  Repeat…

Thanks Scott!!!