FOR WHAT IT´S WORTH                                                                                                                  
by Steven Stills                                                                                                             Manassas       

E7                                A7

Is something happenin' here

            E7                    D7 

What it is aint't exactly clear

                E7                            A7 

There's a man with a gun over there

               E7                     A7

A-telling me - I got to beware.

                                E7                   D 

I think it's time we STOP children what's that sound

A                                  C

Ev'rybody look what's going down.

There's battle lines been drawn

Nobody's right if ev'rybody's wrong

Young people speaking their minds

A-getting so much resistance from behind.

It's time we STOP A - what's that sound

Ev'rybody look what's goin'down.

What a field day for the heat

A thousand people in the street.

Singing songs and a carrying signs

Mostly say:"Hurrey" for our side.

It's time for STOP

There are knowist strike D

Into your life it will creep

It's start when you're always afraid

Step out of line - the men come and take you away.


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