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Led by 27 year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist Dan Israel, Minneapolis' Cultivators (formerly known as Dan Israel and the Cultivators) serve up a simmering, finely crafted mix of bittersweet country, folk, and pop-tinged rock and roll on their 12-song sopomore outing "Mama's Kitchen". From the rollicking kick-off number "All Alone" to the Celtic lilt of "Happy Again", from the haunted country lament of "Wrong Side" to the subdued, naked honesty of the title track, all the way to the thrashy rave-up "Word on the Street". "Mama's Kitchen" is a memorable work encompassing a deep and wide range of emotions and musical excursions.

With such a musically and lyrically strong batch of songs to work with, a rock-solid foundation (anchored by guitarrist/mandolin player Tom Sampson, bassist Jeremy Smith, and drummer Andy Rauh) and guest stars aplenty (including veterans of the Gear Daddies, the Peter Himmelmann Band, and the Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers), "Mama's Kitchen" serves notice to Minneapolis and the world at large that "Graduation Day" isn't far off for Dan Israel and his band the cultivators.


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