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Crowd Of One
- Rubbertramp -

Crowd Of One are a member of the endangered species known as 
"hardworking-four-piece-no-shit-rock'n'roll-bands." Hearing their 
record "Rubbertramp", you'll wonder why a band with such a 
plentitude of talent is still unsigned but hearing that 
they're from Nashville, Tn. will give you the answer. They're way too 
fresh and alive and ass-kicking to get signed in Music City, USA. And 
somehow I doubt that they don Stetson hats. 
Their press kit contains various comparisons to better-known bands 
such as the The Bo-Deans and Gin Blossoms and as far apart as those 
two bands may seem, Crowd Of One indeed manage to remind me of both.
Hook-laden power-pop songs, perfect vocal harmonies and good 
musicianship is what they all have in common. Add to that the 
energy and obvious enthusiasm unique to a debut album and you know 
the cornerstones of the "Rubbertramp"-sound. These songs are so 
infectious and the production is so authentic that there's no doubt 
that Dutch, Jon, Tod & Fred must be a real fun band to witness live 
on stage. 
What's even better when you see them live is that some of the more 
simplistic lyrics will not quite spoil your fun as much as they do on 
the record. Here's an example of what I mean: 
Lead singer: "Broken hearted" - Band: "What can I do?"
Singer: "Broken hearted" - Band: "Without you."
Singer: "Broken hearted" - Band "Yes, it's true." 

Too bad that I can't give you a sample of their truly enjoyable 
roots-rock with nice guitar-work, a steady backbeat and strong 
melodies; it's well-worth checking out even if the lyrics aren't of 
quite the same quality as the music is.
For info on how to purchase the CD, send an email to

copyright 1999 by Markus Rill


 I've been there before

 Jerry is a friend at best, you could say
 he likes to get loud and drunk, that's his way
 every time he goes out, like to really throw down
 finds himself a filly and has himself a hoedown
 what can you say it's just his way

 I've been there before
 knocking at that door
 I've been there before
 need I say more

 Janie is his savior that's what she thinks
 likes to really hound him about the way he drinks
 every time she comes around, tells him that he's hellbound
 says his soul's the reason it sounds just like shakedown
 what can you say that's ways she thinks


 Janie and Jerry got married today
 Jerry was drunk and Janie got her way
 it was a knockdown drag'em out, wedding at the roadhouse
 sober up the preacher grab the rings from the lost and found
 what can you say it's just their way

 I've been there before
 knocked at that door
 They've been there before
 but who's keeping score

 c 1997 Douglas J. Noss

Broken Hearted

 Twelve dead roses
 line this lonely street of dreams
 one promise broken
 brings this grown man to his knees

 Broken Hearted
  What will I do
 Broken Hearted
  Without you
 Broken Hearted
 Broken Hearted
  Yes it's true

 The radio plays
 such a haunting melody
 not a word spoken
 sounds like you and me


 Sometimes love's not enough
 that much she said was true
 but if you just give up
 you will never even know if it's true


 c 1997
 Words and Music by Douglas J. Noss

I fall through (album)

shadows paint the ground
 from a row of street light fears
 Strangers of stone
 Down on my luck
 angels bear to watch
 but seldom do they touch
 someone like me
 I fall through
 will you walk with me?
 I fall through
 Do you see right through me?
 A web, itís past
 headlights pierce the rain
 and cut like broken glass
 I bleed alone
 A mirror shows now
 does the reflection care
 or ever offer how
 for what it sees
 through to the source
 what blew me off course
 past what you see
 only angels can be
 caught at last
 bound by a string
 of cold and sightless traps
 end of the scene
 words and music by Douglas J. Noss

10/14 AGAIN

 Late on a Thursday evening
 down at Nick's on 23rd & Beaman
 just me and my bottle of Cragenmore
 thinking about my dead end job
 trouble with the law
 if life is just a circle then where does it stop?
 everyday is like the one before
 sometimes fate she walks right through the door

 hey, how 'bout you, are you lost?
 or can you lead me to the light from the darkness
 or will you pull me through at any cost
 hey, how 'bout you, are you lost?

 she walked right in, ordered a red eye and gin
 threw down a twenty said keep ten
 brushed the snow from her sleeve onto the floor
 she turned and leaned to survey the scene
 after a moment she smiled back at me
 with a smile that I couldn't ignore
 sometimes fate walks right through the door


 are you lost just like me?
 or can you help me make a new start
 are you lost just like me?
 will you help me walk out that door?

 with every sip from that glass
 she was one step closer to being a memory from my past
 how that glass was way too short
 the look in her eye as she dropped that dime 
 called a taxi, waved goodbye
 and wondered right back into the storm
 sometimes fate walks right out the door


 c 1997
 words and music by Douglas J. Noss


 I've always wondered would we have been married
 I've always wondered if things might have changed
 If I'd been a little wiser
 Or if you'd held on just a little tighter
 Could I have made it through the thunder?
 Would we have made it through the rain?

 I've always wondered have you found love again
 I've always wondered would you call if you needed a friend
 What if I'd been a better listener?
 Or you talked just a little louder
 I would I have heard you through the thunder
 Would we have made it through the rain?

 I've always wondered what has happened to you
 I've always wondered if you wonder what has
 Ever gone and happened to me

 I've always wondered and had these crazy dreams
 I've always wondered would we have been married
 If I'd been a little stronger
 Or you'd forgiven me just a little sooner
 Could I have held off the thunder?
 Would we have made it through the rain?

 c 1997
 words and music by Douglas J. Noss


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