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by Bottle Rockets
from the 24 hrs A day  C.D.
     The  song  use's  just   Four   Chords  for the  whole  song
       C       G      F      G
    Except for the     for the  Chorus    Which goes  like this
          F                                     G
         one more mile    and the road is long
          Am     Am7                           D7
      one more mile and I could be gone
         The fingering    for the chorus   goes like this
              F             G               Am          Am7             D7
   Lyrics:       Dohack  joe  where'd  you go
                    I'm looking for you don't you know
                 and I gotta get that coffee face again
          well don't get caught on  44 cause the cops
             out   there they don't like us no more
           and your rollin papers will surely do you in
           I had a friend he was a friend of a  friend
                and he got thrown in the county pen
              he had a job and he still made it in
       one more mile and the road is long
     one more mile and I  could be gone
   Lyrics:    well lookout joe is a wonderful song
                   but dohack joe  really moves me along
               I gotta get that coffee   face  again
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