Thema:	Re: Insurgent Home Page
Datum:	11.04.97 01:22:02
From: (Justin Bradley Showah)

Dear Hans, I saw your request for more lyrics/chords of insurgent acts.
Here are a couple of Blue Mountain songs.

Soul Sister written by Cary Hudson, from the album Dog Days
played in standard tuning

This is how Cary plays the song. Use a little distortion.

(G) (D) (Em) (C) (G) (D) (C9)

          (G)     (D)           (Em)             (C)
She used to be my soul sister best friend I ever had

(G)             (D)         (C9)    
til my mind got twisted all around.

    (G)           (D)          (Em)       (C)
Now she's gone and I miss her, some nights so bad

        (G)         (D)             (C9)  
and I'm hoping that she'll come back around.

Well the first time that I saw her, it was the summer I turned fourteen
Sitting on the hood of a car at the drive in show.
I saw a tear roll down her face as she stared up at the screen
And her black hair in the wind began to blow.

(F)  (C)   (G)
Shine on soul sister

(F)           (C)                  (G)
She loved the bright lights in this town

(F)  (C) (G)
She's my soul sister 

       (C)         (D/F#)           (C9)
And I'm hoping that she'll come back around.

Well the last time that I saw her was through the bottom of a glass
I was struggling to hold my head up off the floor
I called her name out once or twice but she moved just a little too fast
And then she walked out of my life and slammed the door.




Chord define D/F# 

E 0
A 2
D 0
G 2
B 3
E 3

LET'S GO RUNNING by Cary Hudson, as appears on the album Dog Days

(G)  (C)            (G)           (C)                (G)
Your mother's dead, they lined the flowers round her head

(G)      (C)        (G)      (C)             (G)
And your inheritance left you nuthin but her desk.

(D)      (C)                 (G)    (C)              (G)
Let's go runnin through open fields aww in the summer rain

(D)      (C)                (G)     (C)
Let's go runnin to a better place.

Now I sleep on dirty matresses just like a dog on the run.
See my world through dirty glasses staring up at the sun.


Have you have ever met a stranger on the corner of your bed?
Tried to rearrange her and just got (?) headspun instead.


MARY JANE as appears on the Hilltops "Big Black River" by Cary Hudson
standard tuning

(D)                  (Am)     (G)
Well Mary Jane you're slow in dying

(D)               (Am)  (G)
When I breathe you into me

(D)            (Am)        (G)  
I could dry my eyes red from crying

(D)               (Am)     (G)  
But I'm smiling in sweet relief

One taste of you is all I needed
Cut me loose and set me free
Upon this world I'm bent and mistreated
Breakfast chills your memory

(D)       (Am) (G)
Mary Jane, Mary Jane

(D)          (Am)    (G)
I need you to keep me sane

(D)                (Am)       (G)
When I'm down Lord sinking in pain

(D)       (Am)  (G)
Mary Jane, Mary Jane

Harmonica break

Shining eyes, crazy laughter
You take me higher than I've ever been
But the bottomless hole that comes after
What can I do but hold you again?


Harmonica break


Hans, I hope these songs can help you with your web page. There is a guy
who has a web page for Blue Mountain (use yahoo search engine) which has
their story and also the tunings that Cary uses. Mail if you've got any
questions about anything. Thanks
yours in music,
Justin Showah