Various Artists
"The Fine Art Of Music"
by Johanna J. Bodde




"The Fine Art Of Music"
(CoraZong Records)

Some compilations seem to be thrown together rather randomly. Some compilations are gathered with love and care. The Dutch CoraZong label ("People with a taste for beautiful music" according to Rolling Stone Germany) has a reputation to live up to... And double-CD "The Fine Art Of Music" doesn't disappoint us for one minute!
There's a collection of songs featured, that was taken from the regular new releases by CoraZong artists. Songs by great singer-songwriters like Jeff Talmadge (his prize track "Wrong Train"), John Coinman (see the images listening to "Down In Nogales"), Kim Carnes (gorgeous "Goodnight Angel"), Alastair Moock ("God Saw Fit To Make Tears"), Krista Detor ("Go Ahead & Wait") and JP Den Tex from Amsterdam ("The Lights Of Phoenix"). Patricia Vonne adds some fire with her "Joe's Gone Ridin'" and we also find here The Mercy Brothers and Last Train Home.
What makes this compilation so special are the "rare" tracks! Live-recordings. Alastair Moock plays Mississippi John Hurt's "My Creole Belle". "Still Warmed By The Thrill" by Kim Carnes and "Wild And Precious Thing" by Jeff Talmadge are flawless recordings from Dutch national radio. Patricia Vonne plays "Rebel Bride" live in New York City and Last Train Home tackles Carter Stanley's "(Say) Won't You Be Mine" in Arlington, Virginia. Krista Detor's "More Than I Dare Say" only appeared on a U.S. release. "Gospel Song" by Peter Cooper dates back to an out-of-print EP. JP Den Tex recorded a long time ago an English version of the song that became most popular during his recent theatre tour. Jean Paul Rena & Terrawheel came up with an impressive acoustic demo of "Blue Son".

And there's so much more... Including two bonus videos (to be played on the computer) by Patricia Vonne and by Teye with Joe Ely and Jessie Taylor. The double-CD, featuring a booklet with lots of info on the artists, is available for a very affordable price. It comes highly recommended, for fans of these singer-songwriters hunting for rare recordings and for lovers of beautiful music! So uhm..., what can possibly keep you from ordering? 
Written by Johanna J. Bodde, April 2008.