Micky And The Motorcars
Raise My Glass

Am                            F                 C                 
 Down the street a lamp light glows
Am                                           F                  C               
 The only heat through the slow falling snow
Am                                 F           C
 I raise my voice but it rings hallow
G                                    F             Am
 I raise my glass every time you called
G                                      F
 I raise my glass every time

You told me once that all it would take
To let the wind carry the weight
Is a chance to rest another heartache
I raise my glass to every mistake
I raise my glass every time

                   C       G       F               Am
I take the boardwalk down to the bay
C                        F
 I listen to the waves
                  C       G    F               Am          
And its a price that I've had to pay
C                                     F
 For every glass that i raised

I took a job at a factory plant
There are some things I can do some things I can't
I haven't been the same since the accident
I raise my glass in resentment
I raise my glass every time

Ninty miles an hour in the dead of the night
You leaned over and cut out the light
I flipped the z10 I was high as kite
i raise my glass to the dark sick night
I raise my glass every time


I hound these street till the bar rooms close
I only live to become a ghost
You were the one I always loved the most
I raise my glass to for final toast
I raise my glass one last time