Ramblin' Gal
Hurray for the Riff Raff

                 C                    G
I used to be a ramblin' gal
                     Am                             C                  G
Oh but I got tired, and I settled down.
                     C                          G
A long long way, my feet did try
                          Am                                    C           G
Till the life got heavy and the times got hard.
                         C                                       G
I've been out east, and I've been out west
                                Am                                             C         G
But the southern states are the ones I love the best.
        C                              G
Alabam, Mississip, Louisan
                  Am                                   C             G
The Carolines, Tennessee, and Georgia's kind.

Well in California I nearly lost my head
I wound up wishing that I was dead.
But when I reached Cheyenne
I was feeling clear wanted to live again.
Well I shed a tear in nearly every state
Just wandering down that lost highway.
Now the open road, starts to calling me
But there ain't no place that I want to be.

Yes I used to be a ramblin' gal
Oh but i got tired and I settled down.