Elephant Revival
Birds And Stars

 Loving you it runs so deep.
 Upon the surface here I sleep,
F                                  G
walking in dark and light,
C                        Am
 walking all the day and night

 Rivers fall the ocean's side.
 Fall for you every time,
like a bee to the flowers buzz.
C                                       Am
 Does a flower question love?

On our best, the quest is primed,
beating chest and open minds.
I stand here in your midst,
see you through the smoke and mist.

Once again for you I fall
underneath the tree so tall,
upon the limbs a nesting dove.
Does a birdie question love?

In the backdrop of the night
I melt into the starry light.
The moon pushes and pulls the tides,
tempts the soul to stay alive.

Once again for you I fall
Underneath a million stars.
How could you ever have enough?
Oh this must be.
Oh this must be.

4 x
So out from your slumber
Into the wonder
under the starlight
days, days. . .