Caitlin Canty
Cold Habit

Capo III

A                          E                A                       D
Wind’s blowing notes off the empty beer bottles
A                                                  E
You’re making a small ember glow
A                                             E         D
Summer can’t hold off the cold forever
                  A                     E                          A
Soon our hands will be burning from the snow
     H                                D
A cold habit          cold habit

           A         E            A                                        D
Lazy smile shining at me every time I think of leaving
 A                                                                       E
Leaning back below the porch light talking low
                   A                                                     E         D
You could say the sun sets in the east and I’d believe it
All I know
         E                         A
I will miss you when I go
And your cold habit
Cold, cold habit