Same Mistakes
The Black Lillies


Em C Em C

Em                             C
If you could see tomorrow
Em                                       C
What difference would it make
Em                      C
Would it be so easy
Em                                  C
To make the same mistakes
Em                              C
If you could see the faces
Em                      C
Of all those you love
Em                       C
Standing in the doorway
Em                         C
Holding back the fight


  C         G             D
What would you say
Em          D          G
Would it be the truth
Em                           C
Could there be forgiveness
Em                                  C
For all you put them through


  C       G       D
Don't walk away
   C        G           D
Reach out and say
NC             Em
I know I've hurt you
    D            G                    
I know I've let you down
C                  G              
When you needed me
I was not around
And I'm sorry
D           G
for my selfish ways
   C       G    D
Please forgive
Em                    D    G    C   G   D
The same mistakes

Have just one moment
Let it all be known
Would you stand silent
And deny your own
Could you feel the longing
Pleading of an eye
Or would you be cold hearted
Dead inside the ?


Is it too late to reach out
And stretch an open hand
How ever did it come to this
I don't understand