Avett Brothers
Another Is Waiting

          G               Em
It's a fake, it's a hoax
           Hm                             D
It's a nowhere road where no one goes
          G            Em
Anywhere, anyhow
                     D                                         C
Well you're following your heart rate down

She's a rose, she's a queen
But she's staring at a magazine
In the dark, on that path
Where they doctor every photograph

C                  G
 Another is waiting
C                G                 D             C
 She isn't saying anything

If you care, if you like
Well, I'm standing in the lantern light
With our weapons and our love
And I use them both to cover up


But I love you and I care
So you've got to get off that conveyor belt
If I could
I would come right in and take you off myself

It's a fake, it's a con
The nature of the road you're on
Let me see your skeleton
Well before your life is done

[Chorus x2]