Allan Taylor
"Hotels & Dreamers"
by Johanna J. Bodde


ALLAN TAYLOR  "Hotels & Dreamers"
(Stockfisch Records)

An album in the series produced and recorded by perfectionist Gunter Pauler. How do I imagine that? He brings an extremely talented singer-songwriter into the studio, usually not so young anymore, must be able to play an interesting guitar part too. Allan Taylor, from England, makes already records since 1971. Then he adds a superb playing guitarist, the sadly missed Chris Jones was still around for this recording. A few adequately skilled, perfect playing German musicians plus violinist Siard de Jong and two lady-singers for the extra vocals. The recording takes place, a technical talent starts work on the mastering, a big inlay with tasteful photography, lyrics and liner-notes is printed. And finally a brilliant album is ready for a journey to the home of music lovers who like Tom Russell, Chip Taylor and David Munyon, but want to try this too...
"Hotels & Dreamers" is the concept indeed, opening with a long recitation, sensitively bringing the right feelings across, about "The Beat Hotel" in Paris. Around 1960 guests like Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and even Jack Kerouac spent time in that place. "The Stranger", about Allan's late friend Derroll Adams and his paintings. "Los Companeros" is a highlight: the revolutionaries who landed with Fidel and Che in Cuba ask themselves what happened to their ideals and beliefs. "For Those We Knew", the troubadours who already walked that road 

and followed their Muse. Beautiful and painful memories, too many great dreams and too little time. But then there's the waitress in that Danish hotel, listening behind the kitchen door to musicians, still jamming together late at night: "Her eyes were closed and she was lost in the music." (Allan Taylor also released two earlier albums on this label.)
Written by Johanna J. Bodde, Dutch original of this review previously published on Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands.