You ain´t going nowhere                                                                                                                  
by Bob Dylan                                                                                                           The Byrds, Bob Dylan

    G                    Am

Clouds so swift, rain won´t lift

   C                         G

Gate won´t close, railings froze

  G                        Am

Get your mind off wintertime

  C                          G

You ain´t goin´ nowhere.

      G      Am                   C                               G

Whooee ride me high, tomorrow´s the day my bride´s gonna come,

G            Am                 C                        G

oh oh are we gonna fly down in the easy chair.

I don´t care how many letters they send,

the morning came, the morning went.

Pack up your money, pick up your tent,

You ain´t goin´ nowhere.

Whooee ...

Buy me a flute and a gun that shoots,

tailgates and substitutes

Strap yourself to the tree with roots.

You ain´t goin´ nowhere.

Whooee ...

Now Genghis Kahn he could not keep,

All his kings supplied with sleep,

We´ll climb that hill no matter how steep,

When we get up to it.



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