by Lowell George                                                                         Little Feet, Byrds, Commander Cody, Linda Ronstadt

                   G                          Bm7/F#   

I´ve been warped by the rain, driven by the snow

    Em7             C

Drunk and dirty, don´t you know,

              G          C

and I´m still   -   willin´.

And I was out on the road late at night

Seen my pretty Alice in ev´ry headlight

Alice   -   Dallas Alice.

                                 C                       D                                    G

And I´ve been from Tucson to Tucumcari, Tahachapi to Tournapaw.

                           Am7    G/h                            C

I´ve driven ev´ry kind of righ that´s ever been made,


driven the backroads so I wouldn´t get weighed.

                                        C       G/h           G

And if you give me   -   weed, whites, and wine,

                                D   C          G       C           G

and you show me a sign, I´ll be willin´  -  to be movin´.

Kicked by the wind, dropped by the sleet

Had my mead stoved in, but I´m still on my feet,

and I´m still   -   (in a whole lot of trouble).

Smuggled some smokes, some folks from Mexico.

Baked by the sun - ev´ry time I go to Mexico.

And I´m still ...

And I´ve been ...

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Hi folks,

Well here it is, thanks to all your various postings, a version, but
certainly NOT the definitive version of Willin' by Little Feat. I've been
playing this song for some time now, the LAZY way (see notes at the end).
Thanks to everyones postings I've got some great ideas for improving on my 
version. The version below is a nice compromise. It's the chord marked
D(*) which causes all the problems. In the notes at the end I've suggested
some variants but I'm still not happy. So, I'll keep plugging away at searching
for that elusive chord. If anyone knows it exactly (ie no approximations)
PLEASE mail me.

Oh, and apologies for the place names which I've probably mis-spelt in my
British ignorance !


Martin Eager
Dept of Geography
Edinburgh University

WILLIN' by Little Feat


G  D(*)(see notes) Em  C  G  C  C+2(see notes)  C  G     (twice)

I've been worked by the rain    (some versions substitute hurt or washed for
Driven by the snow
Em                C
Drunk and dirty - don't you know
        G      C  C+2  C   G
But I'm still..          ..willin

(And I was) Out on the road
Late at night 
Em                      C
Seen my pretty Alice in every headlight
G       C  C+2  C   G
Alice..           ..Dallas Alice


G                C         D
And I been from  Tucson to Tucumcari
D            G
Tehachapi to Tonapa
G                                         C
Driven every kind of rig that's ever been made
C                                       D        D(**)
Driven the back roads so I wouldn't get weighed

(No chords - let previous D resound)
And if you give me

(No chords again but I use a stepping C)
C  step down to  G
Weed, Whites and wine
G                 D
And you show me a sign 
D       G       C C+2 C       G
I'll be willin'         to be movin'

Kicked by the wind
Robbed by the sleet
D(*)   Em                     C
Had my head stoved in but I'm still on my feet
C       G     C C+2 C  G
And I'm still ....     in a whole lot of trouble

G                                   D(*)
Smuggled some smokes and folks from Mexico
Baked by the sun
C                  G
Every time I go to Mexico
C C+2 C           G
          And I'm still....



D(*) -  many different chord variations have been suggested here, 
        including Bm and pure D. I use a hybrid of D with a 6th
        string bass on the second fret since this bass note is
        very important to the flow of the song. If you're lucky 
        your thumb can cover this, but mine won't so I usually 
        take the easy route and play 1st string 2nd fret plus 
        6th string 2nd fret with all the other strings open - not
        such a good sound but FAR easier when you're trying to sing
        as well !

C+2  -  this is simply a slide of C up 2 frets. However, I prefer
        to use normal open D instead as it had a better ring to it.

I've tried to match the words up with the chords but I guess it's
one of those songs you have to know quite well to get the inflections right.
Also, there's so many versions of this around the lyrics and especially
Lowell Georges asides at the end of verses etc change slightly. This version
is transcribed from the live album 'Waiting For Columbus'.