Whitey Ray Huitt Review
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Texas Music News

Every once in a while, you run across a singer that really gets your attention. Sometimes, you run across a songwriter whose lyrics really open your eyes. You might even get lucky, and hear a musician that can hit licks you haven't heard before.


When you run across a person who has the voice, the lyrics and the musical talent all in one, it really knocks your socks in the creek.

I heard one of these rare individuals a while back, and my socks ain't dried out yet.

He played first for me in our garage and impressed the heck out of me.

Then I heard and saw him steal the audience away from paid performers, at the Lukenbach World Fair, when he was performing for free.

I've heard him called a second Willie Nelson, an older Kris Kristofferson, and a few other things that I can't repeat in this column.

He ain't pretty, in fact he kinda looks like Willie. But he is one hell of an entertainer. So if you are driving by any town or place in Texas, and see a sign saying "WHITEY HUITT playing here tonight," stop and stay awhile. He'll knock your socks in the creek too.

- Jim Matthews, President, Texas Songwriters Association


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