WHICH WILL (by Nick Drake; recorded by Lucinda Williams)
[Key of E; capo up two frets]

CHORDS [each chord is one measure]:

G   D
G                 D      G                D
  Which will you go for,   which will you love
G                 D           Em                 A
  Which will you choose from,    from the stars above
G                 D      G                 D
  Which will you answer,   which will you call
G                 D        Em         A
  Which will you take for,    for your one and all
G              G               [2/4] G     [4/4]
  Tell me now,   which will you love   the

D           G   D   G   Em   A   G   G    D
best [solo]

Which do you dance for, which makes you shine
Which will you choose now if you won't choose mine
Which will you hope for, which can it be
Which will you take now if you won't take me
G              G                G        D    G    D    G    D    G    D.
  Tell me now,   which will you love the best


  D                G                D                G
E ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B 3---2---0-------|----------------|3---2---0-------|----------------|
G ------------2---|0---------------|------------2---|0---------------|
D ----------------|-40-------------|----------------|-40-------------|
A ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
E +---+---+---+---|+---+---+---+---|+---+---+---+---|+---+---+---+---|

  Em               A                G                G
E ----------------|----------------|----------------|--------------0-|
B ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------0-2---|
G 0---------------|--------4---2---|----------------|----02----------|
D ---42---------0-|--2-----2---2---|----------------|02--------------|
A ----------------|4-------4---4---|--------02------|----------------|
E +---+---+---+---|+---+---+---+---|3---+---+---+---|+---+---+---+---|

  D                G                D                G
E ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B 3---------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
G 2---------242---|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D 0---------------|--------0-------|0-------------0-|----------------|
A ----------------|--2-------------|------------02--|----------------|
E +---+---+---+---|3---+---+---+---|+---+---+---+---|3---+---+---+---|
                           "Which do you...

                   [Actually, I think the notes I put down here (from this
                   point on) are being played by two separate guitars.  Strum
                   on the offbeats.  It should be pretty easy to figure out.]

- Adam Schneider, schneider@pobox.com