by C.Hillman/G.Parsons                                                                                 Flying Burrito Brothers, Emmylou Harris

with capo third fret

C7                    F F7      Bb                    F
We´ve all got wheels to take ourselves away,

                   Dm                C                      Bb   C7
We got the telephones to say what we can say.

                       F  F7        Bb             F
We´ve all got higher and higher ev´ryday,

  Bb            F     C                      F
come on wheels take this boy away.

           Dm   C         F
We´re not afraid to ride.

           Dm   C         Bb
We´re not afraid to die.

       Bb          F       Bb                     F
So come on wheels take me home today.

  Bb             F     C           C7     F
Come on wheels take this boy away.

And when I feel my time is almost up,

and destiny is in my right hand.

I´ll turn to him who made my faith so strong,

come on wheels make this boy a man.

We´re not afraid ...

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