WEST TEXAS HEAVEN                                                                                                                  
by  Kimmie Rhodes                                                                                                                   Kimmie Rhodes

   C                         Am                    F                   G

I left West Texas heaven (it was the only one I've ever known.)

C                        Am                     F                      G

I've been on the road down here driving with my blinders on.

F               G                         Am                            F

All life was to me was like a truck stop where you want to stay.

    F                G                    Am                     F

I never even saw it when you built your dream right in my way.

       F                           G                           C

No, I just passed on through it like a lonely town.

Playing in my head I heard this music like a radio

in another town somebody turned on somewhere down the road.

Everywhere I turned I tuned in something that you had to say.

Your signal never cleared I guess it matters that you're so far away.

So, I just passed on through like a lonely town.

I left West Texas heaven. No, I guess I'm never going back that way.

Did your love get lost,Babe,or did your love just get misplaced?

Everywhere I go the ghost of you just follows me.

Everywhere I go I hear you whisper down my empty streets.

Everywhere I go looks like a lonely town.

Words & Music: Kimmie Rhodes

Irving Music/Gracey-Rhodes Music

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